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The template is located in the Character Creation Template topic.

You will need approval before you may roleplay.

We need people to take these positions.

Emperor of the Phora Empire: Zachary Phillip Fylan III (Taken by Kate)(Black Panther)
Empress of the Phora Empire: (Open)(Age: 66-70)(Married around 18-22)(Cheetah)

His Children:
1. (If Eldest: 43-52)
2. Elora Maren Fylan

1. (Eldest is 43-52.)
2. Fionn Fylan

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Name: Zachary Phillip Fylan III

Age: 70

Gender: Male

Zachery stands at 6'5, the tallest you can get for a jungle cat. He has pure blood, hardly any mixing in it of the other races. He is a tall black panther with muscles the size of a normal person's head. He has no room for fat on his body, just muscle. His face is catlike, just like a panther with striking yellow eyes with slits down the center of them. He is an intimidating figure. He has a long black tail that swishes when he is angry. His hands are human-like, but they are thick and hold claws inside of each digit.

He has a loud commanding voice that shakes the room when he raises it ever so slightly. The man is terrifying to be in the presence of. Even the strongest demon would question going up against him. Even those without souls fear the Emperor of Phora.

Strength. That is the first thing that you notice about this man. It is in body and mind. He has unwavering eyes that strike fear into even the soulless. He holds himself high and is a fighter through and through. He has seen his fair share of battles between the kingdoms. He has killed his fair share as well. He, however, only strives for peace. He may seem like a ruthless killer, but he cares deeply about his subjects. He takes care of his kingdom as if it is his child.

"I love everything and everyone who lives inside of my kingdom. All of my subjects are dear to me."

That doesn't mean that he won't sacrifice people that are a danger to his empire for the better of it. His kingdom is his first priority, as the better the kingdom is, the better off his subjects will be.

He is a very caring father to his children and is a giant teddy bear, so to speak, to all of them. He lets them play around as he works, but will finish his work before joining them. Unlike most emperors, he will make sure his kids are loved by him. He will raise his children. He might be busy, but family is another one of his top priorities. It is the same with his wife.

He treats everyone with respect and is a stoic man. Problems and issues do not phase him. He is always the picture of strength.

Kingdom you belong to?: The Empire of Phora

Species: Jungle Catfolk

Relationship status?: The Queen (Will update when the queen is made.)

Rank: Emperor

Strengths: He is a great leader. A legendary emperor. He loves all and is loved back by many. He has that intimidation from his strength body, mind, and his leadership.

Weaknesses: Sometimes there is a case where you intimidate people too much. It takes quite awhile for people to come to trust that he will not harm them if they upset this man. They believe that he has a short temper because of how he acts, holds himself, and his overall body type. This causes problems when he is trying to get actual feedback from people about his kingdom.

Zachary Phillip Pylan III has been king since he reached the age of 22. He was the second born to the Phora Empire, though, after his eldest brother passed away from battle, he was given the crown. He was given the crown in the world of war. He could no have prepared for this, as he was not born yet.

Beforehand, his grandfather had declared war on the Kingdom of Dantae as the two had been fighting for quite some time and the bad blood soon turned poisonous. The two kingdoms set up a deal for peace. They were to marry the eldest princess and prince of the two kingdoms to one another. Though, that soon changed as the Dantae's king and queen were slain when they visited the Phora kingdom. To this day, it is still unknown who killed the king and queen. Not even the royal family knows. They were not at cause of the murders though, but they were blamed for it.

The marriage was to move forward, the current king's father was the one that was to marry Zandra. His father went out on his normal march around the kingdom to give moral to their soldiers but was murdered along with his mother in the parade, leaving Zachary with the kingdom.

The marriage ended with that, as the second born was already wed. Though, he would be able to take two wives. So, the marriage has been passed down for him. Though, the bad blood has continued to grow with these misunderstandings.

Other: He adopts catfolk that are in need of parents. Usually only when they are just kittens. Too much time on the streets could cause horrible problems inside the castle.

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Dark Angel Name: Clarimond Evangeline Ottilie Sibella Lockwood

Age: Clarimond has recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday.

Gender: What, do you dare doubt the femininity of this famous beauty, a lady whose poise and grace is renowned throughout the land? You are fortunate that she did not hear you. She most certainly would have taken offence.

Appearance: It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one man may percieve to be a vision of loveliness may offend the eyes of another. However, it has been decreed by almost all who meet her that Clarimond is the very personifaction of beauty.
She has a very fragile figure. One particularly ardent admirer once told her that she looked like a porcelain doll brought to life by a sorcerer's enchantment. Many have an irrational fear of handling her too roughly lest she shatter into a thousand tiny pieces.
Her legs are neither too long nor too short, and very slender. Her feet are small and dainty, and her hands mirror them. Her hands are tiny, pale and delicate, with slender fingers of an ideal length. Her arms, like her legs, are neither too long nor too short, and very slender. Her stomach is flat. Men are divided in their opinion of her body. Some find it attractive, while others do not, since they find it to be child-like an underdeveloped. She does not possess the curves that some men find attractive, and her chest is not particularly voluptuous. She is not entirely lacking in that area, but her chest is not her most prominent feature.
Still, even if they do not find her body attractive, they cannot help but be captivated by the loveliness of her face. Her face is an oval shape, and its features are soft and delicate. Her ears are small and nicely shaped. Her nose is small and slants delicately down towards her full pink lips, which part to reveal a set of straight white teeth.
Her skin is as white as milk, as soft as velvet and as smooth assatin. Thanks to a rigorous skincare regime, it is entirely free of blemishes and glows with radiance. She has special creams made for her skin from things available in Phora, and they work.
Her eyes are her most striking, and possibly her most beautiful, facial feature. They are a brilliant azure, flecked with specks of gold. In the light, the blue of her eyes sparkle like the ocean and the gold shines like the sun. They are encapsulated by long, thick, voluptuous golden lashes. Her eyebrows are the same shade of pale blonde as her lashes. They are thin and hardly noticable against her pale skin.
Her hair is her greatest treasure, her pride and joy, her crowning glory. The servants spend ages weaving her lustrous locks into elaborate braided hairstyles. It has been said, on many occasions, that her hair is beautiful, and that her tresses are some of the finest in Phora. When left unstyled, they tumble over her shoulders like a waterfall of molten gold, falling in loose waves down her back until they reach her hips. However, hardly anyone has ever seen what she looks like with unstyled hair. Her hair possesses a seemingly eternal lustre thanks to products that, again, are made from natural resources found in Phora.

Personality: Clarimond is the ideal lady, and consequentially the ideal ward. If her parents had been alive, she would have been the ideal daughter, but since her father is now dead, she gives all the love, duty and respect that she would have given to her father to her guardian, Zachary. She treats her guardian in a manner that could only be described as reverential. She obeys his commands without hesitation, and her main goal in life is to please him. Clarimond, by nature, is docile, demure and deferential, subservient, subordinate and submissive.
Since the day of her birth, she has been nothing more, or less, than a piece of clay. When her father was alive. he made it his mission to create the perfect daughter. Clarimond was his only child, and he wanted his daughter to be somebody he could be proud of. So he transformed her from a person into a piece of clay, and began to mould. And, of course, he succeeded. Clarimond is now a very malleable individual, easily bent to the will of authority figures. When her father died, she felt even more of a need to defer to the will of her guardian. She feels as though she owes Zachary everything, since he took her in. She shows her gratitude the only way she knows how, by being obedient.
Clarimond is a very meek individual, it's true, but she's not shy. In fact, she shines in the art of conversation. She has been trained by her etiquette coach to converse properly, which is a skill her father felt she should have. However, she has been taught about appropriate and inappropriate topics of conversation, and which topics of conversation to avoid. Her father was good friends with Zachary, so she grew up around the naturally curious Fylan family, but Clarimond was always taught not to be too curious about certain subjects. She was told, for example, not to have an opinion about unfeminine subjects, and to stick to topics that were appropriate for her gender. Even though her father is dead, she has always adhered to these rules. She still takes delight in learning about certain things though, and will ask questions if she thinks it is appropriate and nobody will mind.
Clarimond has always been sheltered. Her father, while alive, strove to protect Clarimond's innocence. Because of this, she is, in many ways, still a child. She has the body of a woman, but the innocence of a child. She has been protected from many things, and many things were kept from her. Her father never really told her much about the war, since it didn't affect them and he wanted to spare her the bloody details. So when she came to live with the Felyn family and started hearing a little bit more about it, it confused and upset her. Stressful and unpleasant things do not sit well with Clarimond. Anything to do with the war confuses her. Whenever news comes of the war, she reacts with distress. The degree of distress will depend on how bad the news is.
Clarimond does not know how to act in unpleasant situations. She tries to keep her composure, because she was always taught by her father that a lady must always be elegant and poised. However, she sometimes finds it difficult to handle certain situations, and this will trigger hyperventilation, and then a transformation. This is one of the reasons her father kept so many negative things from her. He knew that she was unable to handle it.
However, any other time, Clarimond is the picture of serenity. She wears a beautiful smike, speaks pleasantly and is charming to interact with.
Depending on who you are, and what your views are, you may find Clarimond's innocence endearing or annoying. She speaks like a woman, and is looking forward to marriage. However, her views on romance are idealized and she sees the world through rose-tinted glasses.
Clarimond also possess an intense hatred for the Kingdom of Dantae, and its Royal Family. From a young age, she was brought up to loathe the Kingdom of Dantae. Her father never told her much about the war, as he wanted to spare her the horrific details, but he did tell her that everybody in Dantae was evil, and that she should hate them as much as he did. So, growing up, she always hated them, for her father. Then, when she came to live with the Fylan family and learned a little bit more about the war, her hatred for them grew. She doesn't understand the war completely. She doesn't see a grey area. She knows only her loyalty to her family and her country.

Kingdom you belong to?: Phora

Species: Shape-Shifter

Relationship status?: (with whom?) At Clarimond's age, most girls are betrothed or married. She knows this, and she has reason to believe that her guardian intends to betroth her to one of his sons. Growing up, she always heard talk of it. When she was little, her father always used to tell her that she would be a Princess one day. Then, her parents died, and the King took her in as his ward. Now she is of a marriageable age, and she hears the staff whisper about it more than ever.

Rank: Clarimond is the daughter of one of Phora's highest ranking noblemen, who is now deceased, and the ward of the Emperor.

Strengths: Clarimond is highly skilled in the feminine arts. She can weave, as well as sew and embroider. She plays many instruments, and she is renowned throughout the Kingdom for her sweet soprano voice. She is docile and obedient, and many say that she would make a perfect wife.
Weaknesses: Clarimond has been sheltered for much of her life. Although she is the picture of serenity for most of the time, there are some situations that she can't handle. When this happens, she either ends up crying or hyperventilating, and loses control of her transformations.
She has always been under the control of others, and as a result does not know how to think for herself.
Clarimond is slightly vain. She cares a great deal about beauty, and she feels as though without her beauty she would have nothing.

Bio: Clarimond was born sixteen years ago to Gideon and Alessandra Lockwood, two high ranking nobles. Gideon also happened to be a close friend of the Emperor, so when Clarimond was born, a huge fuss was made. There was a festival in celebration of her birth, and her parents had never been happier.
Her father decided, on that day, that he intended to make his daughter a success. He would make her the most coveted young lady in Phora. He hired coaches to train her in the feminine arts. He had fine gowns made for her and took her to all the most important events. But he sheltered her from the harsh realities of the world, wanting to keep her innocent.
When Clarimond was six, however, there was a tragic accident. She was at home with her tutor, hard at work at her embroidery lessons. Her parents were spending the day at the Palace. On their way home, their carriage overturned.
Nobody knew what was to become of their poor daughter. Clarimond, in her youth and innocence, did not entirely understand her situation. She did not understand that she was in danger of losing her luxurious lifestyle. But her father's friend, the Emperor, heard of her plight and took her in, making her his ward.
Her tutors explained things to her as best they could, telling her to be grateful, telling her to be obedient. And she was. She is.
She has lived in the Palace ever since. For the most part, she loves her life. Still, she fears and loathes the people of Dantae. She waits eagerly each day for news of her betrothal. wondering if perhaps she will rule Phora someday.

Other: She can transform into a dove.

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Dark Angel wrote: "Name: Clarimond Evangeline Ottilie Sibella Lockwood

Age: Clarimond has recently celebrated her sixteenth birthday.

Gender: What, do you dare doubt the femininity of this famous beauty, a lady w..."


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Dark Angel Thank youuuu. :D

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Dark Angel wrote: "Thank youuuu. :D"

No problem my dear:)

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Welcome to Phora.

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Name: Elora Maren Fylan
↪ Nickname: Lora, Lory, Ellie

Age: eighteen

Gender: Female
↪ Sexuality: Heterosexual


[image error]

↪ Estelle holds a rather medium build, with enough curves though with the addition of leanness. Thank goodness for the established dress code that women should be properly clothed and showing only what is to be described as a balanced amount of skin, or else people would start to question how Ellie has gotten to have a fit build for a woman who stays home all day. Her hair has a sun darkened tint resulting in a light brown, matching her lightly tanned skin. Her eyes, the most favorable trait of Elora, is an entrancingly light shade of green. She is, all in all, a beautiful girl that holds the allure and winsomeness to be able to get what she wanted. And she knew this very well.
↪ She stands at 5'6, and her incredibly long, lithe limbs matches her cheetah form rather regally and naturally. She does not have strong cat blood regarding her appearance and so merely has cat ears, claws, and a long tail that usually trails after her.

Elora surfaces as a good girl who does what she is told. She listens to her parents, considering how she is constantly told to sit up straighter as well as tip her chin up higher, and knows how to impress and satisfy those in power. Despite her position as a princess and her age, Ellie does not have enough freedom as a princess should, but of course, she would never voice this out, not even those closest to her including her siblings. Could you imagine Elora being this sloppy? She understands how word goes about and just how gossip works. In fact, she is often the first to find out secrets about others; this is one of the ways she gets her hold on power. It is surprising how influential words can be.

Yes, she is a good little princess and follows orders with elegance and grace, well, at least aside from her frequent escaping from the palace. Elora never allows any of her secrets to get out for those around her to find out, but that certainly does not mean she does not have any. Within the walls of the elaborate and grand kingdom, it can become stuffy and insufferable, and a vexed Elora is not something to be mixed with. She eventually took matters in her own hands, an often act, and found multiple tactics to sneak out. To do what exactly? That is absolutely none of your business, but if you must know, she trains herself to survive out in the wilderness as long as possible before slipping back underneath the silk covers of her bed. An outdoors cat should never be cooped up like she.

Kingdom you belong to?: Empire of Phora

Species: Catfolk
↪ She holds the body of a human mixed expertly with a cheetah, and is of Jungle Catfolk. Despite her lacking appearance of the cheetah, she has excellent reflexes and senses.

Relationship status?: None at the moment
↪Infatuation: Open

Rank: Princess


Lora understands what needs to be done to ultimately get what you want. With her charm, and allure, can you imagine how easy it is for her to coax all that she wants into the very palm of her daintily gloved hand? And when eventually the eyes and ears of those leeches that stay at the palace figures out what has been taken, nobody would dare look at Elora's direction. How could you, with her sweet smile and doe like eyes?

Her impeccable reflexes and senses help her sneak her way around practically anything. She is practiced in developing her abilities, and strength. Elora trained herself to be able to leap, sprint, and capture in the bad, bad world out there.

Elora lets on that she cannot deal with any weaponry besides the main basics, but on her off time, she practices in the art of every dangerous weapon possible; just some including the bow and arrow, throwing knives, daggers, and so on.

She often likes to stand up for those that cannot, and can see the good in just about everybody. Despite her sometimes rough edged disposition and as much as she would not like to admit, Elora gives out second chances and believes that many of what people have down can be forgiven. People do incredibly stupid things for loved ones, correct? She can see and understand, though this does not make her a fool. Lory knows the difference between lying and truth, you see, she's a liar herself and it takes one to know.


Yes, she prides herself on her magnificent ability to withstand practically anything, but even her in her cheetah form needs to refuel. Elora needs water, food, and rest to gain back strength and always needs a break.

She is a hard headed young woman, and can often miss details that can fully alter a situation. She is not as precise as she would like to be, and needs to practice her skills in this area.

Elora has a difficult time creating life long worthy relationships. Besides her family, she is not one for trusting quite so easily. It will take displaying effort to earn yourself a spot on Lory's small list of people that she can place her faith on. She has a sweet core and her heart is one of her biggest weaknesses. Once betrayed, you can know that you will possibly never be able to return to that list.

Growing up in a rather cold hearted place, Ellie learned how to create her own happiness. She was often found playing in her siblings room, though her time was balanced with independent time as well. Lory made her own stories, her own fantasies, and with that, a positive outlook was kept on her life. As of now, Ellie does not have much of a story to tell besides the fact that she has a loving family that can sometimes be too busy, and a large, large, and extravagant home that she lives in. She knows what to do with herself on big occasions like which fork to use at the dinner table and what a proper posture looks like.

↪ She enjoys helping the seamstresses designing clothes, and considers this a life long hobby. In her free time, she sketches her own designs.

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Approved and Welcome to the Phora Empire!

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Haha, sure. I'm going to clean mine up, too.

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Name: Fionn Fylan

Age: 10

Gender: Male

The young boy stands at 4'8 tall. He is only a half catfolk, so he has quite a bit of human looking atributes. He has a human shaped face, or, was it an elf shaped face? Either way. He has a thin layer of fur on his body and his muscles are lean. He was a child, yes, but he still had the muscles of an animal. He is very light, looking very much like the child he was.

His fur is see through on his body, him being a pale color. He though, has stripes on his arms, right by his wrists, two stripes moving up his arm, but not going very far. He has two more on his cheek, starting at his jaw. It's the same on his legs. The stripes are a few shades darker than his skin. His hair is a blonde with orange highlights in it. He has a long tail that has the orange and blonde stripes on it. He was a tabby cat. A cute little house cat. He was not born from the empress or emperor, he wasn't their biological son.

He has two long k9's like any animal. He also has claws on his hands, though, it's his fingernails that are a lot stronger than normal fingernails and are always pointed.

The first thing that people can say about the boy is how adorable he is. He's small, a tabby, and an adorable little boy. He is shy and timid, always hiding when he sees new people or hiding behind his large adoptive father. He has an adorable little smile, and he's usually always smiling. Though, it's a timid one.

When he does open up, he's as playful as the kitten he is. He runs around, giggling and playing with yarn, keys, and anything that really jingles. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and sisters, along with his new mother and father. He's a kind boy, and he can't really find hate in his heart.

Though, even without hate, there is a lot of fear because of what he saw before he was picked up by the king and saved, brought here, and made a prince. He doesn't like leaving the castle and he doesn't trust anyone that comes in that he has never met before. Which is why when he meets new people, he usually hides behind his family's legs. That fear makes it so he ends up crying quite a bit. He is a big cry baby, but is very very lovable.

Kingdom you belong to?: The Empire of Phora

Species: Half breed house catfolk

Relationship status?: (with whom?) Single

Rank: Prince

He has a way of defusing a situation just by walking into a room. If something is going wrong, he shows himself and he calms everyone down with just being there. It's his cuteness that usually does it. No one wants to fight in front of a child, anyways.

His biggest weakness would be that he's scared and cries about everything. He is so easily scared. That's what holds him back from really doing anything, which makes him glad that he will never take the throne.

The young boy was born to an elf and a cat. He was a half breed from the start. His mother, the cat, had weak cat blood as it was, so it was expected that he wouldn't look a lot like a cat. When he was three years old, his father was murdered and his mother passed away from illness. He was let an orphan and ended up running around with a bunch of street kids until he was four years old. The group of them tried to break into the castle, trying to get gold so they would be able to eat, to get food, clothing, living supplies. Though, only one would be able to get in.


Fionn snuck in and tried to find the treasure room, though, it wasn't easy when he realized that he was alone. No, it was impossible when he realized he was alone. He was already in the castle, but at the second he realized, he fell to his knees and started sobbing. He knew he would be killed if he was caught, he feared the emperor, as everyone really did when they were going up against him. He was terrifying.

He was about to get back out of the castle when he got enough strength, but he soon heard the scratches of claws against tile, it coming towards him. He could smell a jungle cat. It was one of the royal family. He started running, though, he was running in the wrong direction and rammed right into the emperor's leg.

Zachery looked at the boy who was now sobbing on the ground, begging him not to kill him, begging him to just let him go. The emperor didn't kill him, nor let him go. Instead, he picked up the small boy and brought him to his body, hugging him, comforting him.....

He adopted him a few days after that and made him one of his princes.

Now, Fionn is very fond of his father, trusting him more than anyone in the world. He runs around and tries to cling to the man whenever he got a chance. Though, he is also a mommy's boy.


He's everyone's favorite kitty.

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Yeah. Go ahead. Just to warn you, I am very picky to make sure ages work and the history lines up. :)

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Just know the Empress is a cheetah and the Emperor is a black panther. So one of those breeds or mixed if you are a biological child of theirs.

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