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Cool. So got any ideas on what you want to do?

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments well wat do you like for rps?

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I could do anything. I could do like endbof the world(mad max) anime style rp like naruto. Realtic style like college romance
Fanatsy stuff like werewolf and vampires

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments Okay I like realistic and magical stuff so I like the college romance idea and fantasy thing so what do you want to do for our plot?

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Maybe do you want to do with a girl that used to be a the biggest whore but she has changed from that and no one knows why. And no guy would date her or try to take her serious but only one guy actually cares for her. But she is in love with someone else.

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments Um I don't really like really like the idea, im really really reallllly sorry is that okay? :(

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Okay whats your idea?

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments Well if you want ((and if you dont thats totally fine we can keep brainstorming :)) maybe we could do something like like wat if my girl was hanging out with her friends at like a summercamp or something and a guy -whos a werewolf- was just passing through when he spots her and imprints on her and maybe obsessed with her ((like jace with clary in the mortal instruments if u know wat im talking about)) so he joins the summer camp too but kinda late so the councilers r like forced to have to put him in her cabin so it'll just be him and her in it and wat if the other werewolves that he knows meet with him at the next full moon and they're like mad tht he's hanging with humans and they order him to kill her but he doesnt so they start to hunt her (and this'll not like happen in the first couple of Rp's that we do it'll like maybe happen as the story flows along so its not like sudden?) and then she eventually falls in love with him but then she figures out he's a werewolf and the other werewolves come after her and the guy has to protect her? do you like that idea? if you dont we can keep coming up with ideas :)

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Lets go with your idea. But i never watched mortal instruments no i would get that part. Lol

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments Lol its fine

LemmeTakeOffMyRoseColoredGlasses | 51 comments Okay so lets post our characters

Name: Jade Underwood
Appearance: A tall, lean, light-skinned girl who's a little wider at the hips with jade-green eyes, and long golden-blonde hair.


(btw can we Rp in PM i prefer that to threads because its easier to track for me)

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(Yup gimme a sec)

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Sorry im gonna start my character now

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Name:Tony Tralia

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Tony ran in his wolf form as he looked around the deep tree forest. He didn't get along with some of the pack memebers to start off with and was usally a one man would pack. He smelled around while howling a little. He wasn't in hunting mood either as he spotted a few human camp ground.

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