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Basically everyone who is not the royal family:p

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren)

Name: Farah Aileen Hiculla (Heh-cool-ah)
Age: 20
Gender: Female


Farah is short for a Satyr, standing at 5'4, but she is rather well toned in muscle. She has long curly dark hair and large dark brown ram horns (more like the second picture). Her hooves and fur are the same color, but speckled with light brown.

Farah is very confrontational, rarely attempting to filter her words, making many people believe she is rather irritable, the truth is, she just had little tolerance for stupidity. However, Farah does have a soft spot for things that need to be nurtured, even if they give her too many metaphorical aneurysms. Despite her unapproachable exterior, Farah is very much compassionate with an understanding for all things broken. She's pretty broken herself after all.

Farah's love for plants evolved from her love of peaceful silence and need to be nurturing towards others in the absence of her own nurturing figure. She is rather introverted, but has no problem putting on a mask to deal with customers or people. Anybody that knows her just as a shopkeeper sees her as a kind and amiable lady, starkly contrasting with her sarcastic and bitchy nature.

Farah can also be very manipulative. She's very lazy, so if she's able to manipulate someone into doing things for her, she will most certainly do it.

Kingdom: Dantae
Species: Satyr
Relationship status: Single
Rank: Shopkeeper

➵Caring for plants
➵Insulting People

Farah's younger years really aren't important, so we'll skip over that. She had one loving parent, a father, who was a complete bastard to any woman other than his daughter, as is the Satyr way. He's never told Farah about her mother, but knowing what she knows about her father and Satyrs in general, she's pretty sure she was born under not 100% consensual circumstances. That's enough reason for any woman to walk out of their child's life is what Farah figured, but it didn't make it hurt any less.

Farah grew up as one of the guys, only having a male figure as a role model, and she was fine with that, enjoying the brash behavior and whatnot. Until it wasn't enjoyable. Farah's male peers suddenly began seeing her feminine figure, and because of how Satyrs are aggressive towards the female gender, Farah found herself suffocating in testosterone. She quickly alienated herself, not liking that environment. It wasn't the right choice, because she no longer had friends of her own kind.

Farah was sixteen when she was sexually assaulted, but she managed to get away with a well placed hoof to her attacker's face. No one believed her side of the story when he claimed she was a violent crazy bitch, not having friends really came back to bite her in the ass.

Farah immediately clammed up, dropped out of school, moved away from home without a word to her father, and started a new life in Dantae. Life was extremely hard at first. She had a minimal education at best, no connections, and she was homesick, missing the lush greeness of home. This was how Farah discovered her love of plants.

Eventually she managed to build up some reputation, get a loan so she could open up a shop, and began making a steady income off of the plants she loved. As it turned out, the people of Dantae felt starved of plants too, and always came to her shop to buy houseplants to brighten their homes.

Farah was nineteen when Eden came crashing into her life, quite literally barreling into her, causing her to drop her newest shipment of pottery. Because he didn't have any money to pay for what he'd broken, Farah made him work for her shop to pay for the damage he cost. Even though Eden has long since paid off the broken pottery, he is still a permanent fixture in the shop, being an elf that needs nature and all to survive, and a permanent fixture in Farah's life. She likes to mother him after all.

Runs a garden shop called "Garden Hearts Botanical" where she sells plants of all sizes and varieties and gardening tools and equipment. Plants are rare in the desert so her greenhouse is well liked.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren)

Name: Eden Kri Haerscha (Kree Hair-sha)
Age: 81 (About 15 to humans)
Gender: Male


Eden is 5'9, extremely pale and thin, and often covered in bruises and cuts from the assortment of petty fights he gets into. His hair is straight and whiter than snow and he's even paler than normal elves from living in the desert so far from greenery, but Farah's shop helps him survive.

Eden is a fire cracker, easily insulted and quick to strike back. This is why he often is covered in bruises and cuts, because while he is usually the first to throw a punch, he isn't the best of fighters and often loses. Don't tell him that though, you'll hurt his ego and he'll probably try to start a fight with you as well.

Eden is rather innocent and has a big heart. He easily feels emotions and wears his heart on his sleeve. While he has a short temper, Eden loves unconditionally and gets attached easily. It's too difficult to say no to him, because despite being 81 and having so many years of experience, he still has that child-like wonder that makes him so likeable.

When Eden focuses on something, it's hard to break his concentration. He has something of a razor-like focus that allows him to block out the world and get down to business.

Kingdom: Dantae
Species: Elf
Relationship status: Single
Rank: Street Rat Punk

➵Big hearted
➵Well liked by everyone that meets him
➵Short tempered
➵Holds grudges like no other
➵Terrible at fighting

Eden's first memory is begging on the streets for food. He never knew his parents and prepared for life by himself accordingly. Begging and panhandling became second nature to Eden before he was even 25. He knew how to find the best places to sleep on the streets, where to get the best meal, what parts of the city to avoid, what Eden didn't know however, was what to do with his overwhelming anger with the world. Normally he was able to repress it, but sometimes it just slipped out of the most mundane things.

Eden started fighting regularly, suddenly needing to add disinfectant and bandages to his list of necessities, but it was worth it to not be so damn angry all the time. Finally Eden felt he was free to be happy because he wasn't keeping his anger bottled up.

However, Eden was getting weaker from being in the desert. He knew he wouldn't survive if he stayed too much longer.

As Eden got older, he stopped being a cute little child, and he found that it was harder to get things by begging. Eden had to start stealing, which led to several stints in jail, but the police found him so amiable that they liked him and it wasn't too bad to be arrested other than losing his loot. Coincidentally, it was stealing that led him to Farah. He was running from a shopkeeper that he'd stolen from and wasn't looking where he was going when he crashed into the Satyr, causing her to drop her package and shattering whatever was inside. Eden rated that moment pretty high on his top ten scariest moments in his life. Farah was terrifying when angry, even the shopkeeper that had been chasing him decided it wasn't worth it to get back the stolen good if it meant stepping into Farah's line of fire.

Eden ended up being forced to work at a greenhouse to pay for what he'd broken. It wasn't bad, especially because he had access to all of the plants that ended up saving his life. He got stronger everyday just from being close to so many plants. Even after he paid off the pots, he kept working for Farah and began earning an actual salary. Eden was finally able to afford a place to live, he had a job, and he only envisioned his life getting better from there. He might even win a fight one day.

Works at Farah's shop in the greenhouse which is how he survives in the desert.

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Name: Audrey Dovewright

Age: 17

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status?: Open


(view spoiler)

When she is a mermaid, she has a long flowing tail that is similar to one of a betta fish. Her tail and bra consist of a pearly almost light pink white color that is interrupted with elegant strokes of deep, cobalt blue.
(view spoiler)

Audrey focuses on living internally where all her thoughts lead her on her own adventures, though can also live externally and focus on her emotions on things and people. She is not one for conflict and either escapes and tries and unite those who butt heads. Because of this tendency, she often follows this and puts others needs before her's. If you ask those who work with her or are close with her, you will understand just how much of a sweetheart she is. Having a rough morning? You'll find a cookie package awaiting your arrival. Lost your pet? You'll already see missing posters pinned on trees and the store fronts. She is exceedingly skilled at understanding how others feel, even behind their masks, and usually has a good idea on how to approach others.

When you become close friends with Audrey, she will then constantly take in information about you and situations that is personally important to you, and store it away. This tremendous store of information is usually startlingly accurate, because she has an exceptional memory about things that are important to your value systems. It would not be uncommon for Audrey to remember a particular facial expression or conversation in precise detail years after the event occurred.

She cannot always be a cute little thing, and has her other traits. Audrey is just a teenager, and has her quirks. She can be goofy, surprising, and quiet. She has many contradictions, but too many to pick out.

But what happens if you cross her? Well none really know since nobody has really tried, at least not in the joking way. If you were to, you would find another creature, one that is not very merciful. She does not act well when betrayed, and is advised that you do not.

Kingdom you belong to?: Dantae
Species: Mermaid
Rank: Civilian

○ Great with people
○ Has many allies, not many enemies
○ Active, loves to move
○ Hard worker
○ Very independent

○ Is very impatient
○ From her time as a mermaid, she can be clumsy on her human feet
○ Sometimes too lively
○ Stubborn
○ Can be unforgiving when seriously crossed

Audrey had been on a grand ship with her mother, who was a noblewoman. She had been dressed in a beautiful pink dress matched with white lacy socks. She was a beautiful doll of a six year old and already caught the eyes of any in the room. Many caressed her cheek and patted her mother on the shoulder, telling her what a beautiful daughter she had and what an exquisite bride she will be. And her mother had looked down at her daughter, and smiled knowing just how true their words were. Gloved hand in hand, they glided around the room in all their glory, her mother sometimes accepting a bubbling champagne glass or intricate snack. It had been a lively night with an orchestra playing active tunes and the dance floor simply crowded with those who had too much money.

At one point her mother had accepted a dance which left Audrey sitting on the stool, bored and a bit overheated. And so she wandered out onto the deck, her little legs working their way to the railing. She had looked over and saw heads in the dark water, with beautiful hair flowing into graceful puffs. It had lightly rained the morning which left the floor slippery and a very clumsy little girl toppling through the railing and landing silently into the water. Thank goodness for her hidden secret or there would have been no more of Audrey Dovewright.

Again, her allure was enough to fit the description for the mermaids who intrigued her, and was then accepted into the group of lovely ladies.

She works as a florist, and owns a garden in a rather large greenhouse.

On her off days, she goes out to the sea and will not be found until after a couple of hours. When she goes on her little adventures, she often times brings back little trinkets.

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love her<3

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