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Use template located in the Character Creation Template Topic:)
You will need approval!

So as of right now these Positions need to be filled!
Please read about the family before starting:D

Queen of The Dantae Kingdom: Zandra Annabelinda Angidev (Taken By Bella )
King Of The Dantae Kingdom:

Her Siblings:
1.Alaina Armina Angidev (17 decades; 170 years of age; Child)

1. Chrom Crescent Angidev (16 decades; 160 years of age; Child)

So just to go into a bit of detail I would like to explain a few things!!!

Relationships for DragonBorn:
So our species as you may know have the souls of dragons, they are like a completely different being inside of them, one that can talk and have separate feelings from your own.
And from the day you are born, your dragon is paired up with a Soul mate, you will know that you have found your soulmate when you soul starts to connect with the other dragonborns, you will feel a pull to that person unlike any other (whether YOU like that person is a different story, however, your dragon has a destined mate.)

You can also communicate to other dragon's through your dragon, IF they have established a connection, so for example:
*Close friends
*Family members
*Soul mates

The stronger the connection the farther away you can communicate with one another.

You can communicate with other dragonborns you have just met IF your dragon trusts them and if you allow the weak connection to take place. But normally these connections are only able to communicate with your dragon face to face.

You can feel their emotions and know what they are thinking

Well, sometimes during either great times of emotional stress or physical stress, maybe even just randomly....your dragon will want to take over your actions and mind. Which most DragonBorns can control. However, sometimes you are unable to control the beast from within and your spirit ends up taking over.
So besides having a humanoid body, many changes can happen when the dragon takes over:
1. Glowing eyes
2. Scales begin to appear around the hairline down to the jaw. Also around the hands and feet.
3. Fingernails elongate into black talons.
4. Fangs will appear.
5. Speed, strength and agility is more powerful in the dragon's control.
6. Layered voice, meaning the dragon's voice and your own are heard when speaking.

One Final Item and the most important!!!!!!

So our aging process is a lot different compared to that of other beings! We can live up to 1000 years.

So for example Zandra is 23 now you are probably asking:

Well if she is 23 years old how is she an adult and is she only 23 years old out of 1000 years that she is suppose to live?



SO...Zandra is 23 notice how I didn't put years old....She is 23 decades old. A decade is 10. Sooooo 23x10= 230

She is 230 years of age.

0-50 is an infant
50-100 is a toddler
100-200 is a child
200-500 is an adult
500-1000 is the elders

So By your age please put the following

Name: Zandra Annabelinda Angidev
Age: 23 decades; 230 years of age (Adult)

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Name: Zandra Annabelinda Angidev
Age: 23 decades; 230 years of age (Adult)
Gender: Female

Zandra is very tall standing at about 6'0. And well toned.

Personality: Zandra is not someone to be taken lightly. She is a strong and brave Queen who has most definitely earned her title. She is a fierce fighter who never runs away from a good battle, her temper is also something that you should fear. Fighting along side her father in 2 of the previous wars, she is know to the people as the Warrior Queen. Her heart is set on making sure her people are happy and never suffer. Majority of the time she is all work and no play. As the oldest sibling she has to maintain the order of the kingdom and set an example for her younger siblings. She rarely has time to fool around and “have fun” like her other siblings and does not get the chance to show her true colors. She is a mother at heart. She is very family oriented and loves to please her family, and will protect them. However she does not put family before her kingdom.

Kingdom you belong to?: Dantae

Species: DragonBorn

Relationship status?: (with whom?) Betrothed

Rank: Queen

Strengths: Swords and anything hand to hand combat she is good at. Her father had taught her to fight before he died and she has been able to use it ever since. Her looks are basically a strength within its self, she can use them to persuade and fool many people.

Weaknesses: Feels to much emotion for others, including her enemies. She feels the pain of everyone and she hesitates to kill anyone. Her temper is another weakness she has, she does not mess around. Flirting of any kind. She also does not like it when others take care of her.


Zandra Annabelinda Angidev is the first born daughter of the Angidev family and heir to the throne. What makes her so special is the fact that she was the first child to survive after birth, her mother and father both Dragonborns were to produce an heir for the kingdom. So that their reign could continue on. Luckily for them, they lived for centuries trying and trying again. All of their children died in the womb or outside of it a few days after birth. It looked as though they would never be able to produce an heir. That was until little Zandra arrived. Miraculously, she exceeded the expectations of an entire kingdom and continued to grow. After she was born her siblings soon followed each one healthy. When Zandra turned 18 years of age, the Fylan family had declared war on the Angidev family along with the kingdom of Dantae. For almost 4 years they fought and exhausted a lot of their resources and men. Until they King of Dantae offered Zandra as a gift to the King Of Phora Empire’s Eldest Son. Unfortunately, when the King and Queen went to discuss the details with the King of the Phora Empire, they were killed. Never to be seen or heard of again. The marriage is still moving forward to unite the kingdoms and end the war. But Zandra despises the Empire and the man she has never met that is suppose to be her Husband. But when she arrives, she finds that things are surprisingly different than they appear.
Other: She has 4 sisters and 2 brothers:) And a Dragon named Viserion (creamy white colored scales with gold markings)

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Name: Chrom Crescent Angidev
Age: 16 (Child)
Gender: Male
Eyes the color of the hottest fire, hair of the tip of a flame, and fangs like a flame tip.

His eyes are as bright as the blue flame, them sticking out at night as they glowed with his dragon's soul. They pierce through the hearts of anyone that dares to look into them when his dragon is speaking through him. Though, when it is him, it is a fifty fifty chance if you get the wrath of a dragon or if you get the care of one.

His hair is as white as the tip of the flame, trailing down his back in a braid that the tips reach his lower back. His hair is soft as a feather, but when let go, looks as sharp as blades.

His skin is the same shade as his sister's, more on the tan side. He has scars from battle and training. Since the war broke out, he was not able to be a child for long, he was forced to become strong, forced to become a protector and a fighter. He had to. It was the only thing he could do for his country. This is why the sixteen year old is rather strong, his arms bulked up and his torso rather strong. He still looks like a teenage boy, however. He has a slight baby face still mixed with an older one.

He stands at 5'10, waiting to reach up to where his sister is, though, he wants to surpass her in height. He swears on it every chance he gets. He tells her and his other siblings that he will be the tallest one in the family, that they just have to wait and see. Though, of course, he is one of the shortest at the moment. He swears on his dragon soul that he will get a growth spurt. (His dragon always growls in disagreement and has a tendency to laugh at him.)

He has fangs on his k-9s that are sharp as a blade that are as white as his teeth, which were pretty damn white. He took care of himself. His fangs aren't too noticeable, them actually being shorter than a vampire's.

C asual
H eroic
R elaxed
O utlook
M ighty

Chrom is one of the youngest in the family. He is a boy that loves his family and puts them first before himself. He is not the brightest kid with his actions. He will rush into a battle with the intent to wipe out everyone on the battle field and not even think to put on armor. He could be thought of as Cocky and irrational.

Another thing about him is that he is a Hot head. He will rush into those battles and not even think about himself. He also has a temper that is as hot as the fire that his dragon can breathe. He has one quirk in him that really sets him off. It's when people call him short. Dragonborns are supposed to be strong and tall! They were supposed to be built and able to take on anything! He couldn't be short! He couldn't have a weakness. He was the prince of Dantae for hell's sake!

He is rather Ridiculous with things as well. He does not understand what it is like to be the head of a kingdom. He thinks that everything is black and white, which it isn't. He doesn't understand that he needs to look at both sides and is stuck with blind hatred that his parents put into him before they were killed. He is also pretty funny with how ridiculous he is. He has a good sense of humor and well... His actions can be rather hilarious as well.

He is very family Oriented and will take care of his family even if it costs him his own life. He puts his family first, he would put it first even if it was over his kingdom, which is why he wouldn't be able to make a good king. He might have a good heart and a heart of gold, but it would not work in the harsh nature of the world.

The boy is also very very vunerable with the soft heart that he possesses. He often cries when things get too hard and when they lose soldiers to the battle. They always told him that he would get used to it and that he would feel better. He never did. He always cried for them. He cried for their families. He cried for their friends. He cried for this whole war. Heck, he cried for the other side, too. Because to him, everything Matters.

Kingdom you belong to?: Danate

Species: Dragonborn

Relationship Status: Waiting to be betrothed or to find his soul mate.

Rank: Prince

He has a way to make friends with quite a few people. He is very charming and sociable. He has countless friends that he can call upon for help or just to have fun with. He has many friends that are commoners (he sneaks out of the castle). Some do not know who he is, some do. It depends on how much he trusts them.

He is fast to action and always last to think. He runs into battle without any thought of himself and will just cut people down one after the other. Though, when he comes out of his enraged state, he will break down sobbing, unable to believe that he could have killed someone.


He was one of the last born of the Angidev family. He didn't really have anything interesting happen to him besides surviving the womb that so many of his siblings had passed in. He made it out alive, which is why he believed that he has to make his life worth something. Though, with how there is really no chance of him getting the throne, he has no idea how to make his life really worth living and worth surviving. He has no idea how to make his parents proud.

When he was just a little boy, running around kicking a ball out in the front of the castle, was the time he found out about his parents. He was playing with it, bouncing it, kicking it, and then, the guards were running up to the castle. He picked up the ball and waddled over with them, though, he ended up running to hear what was going on. One of the guards saw him and picked him up so he would be able to keep up. They brought him in with the rest of the siblings and told them all.... Their parents were dead. They had been murdered.... Murdered....


They were not coming home like they promised. They were not going to teach him how to fight. His father was never going to teach him how to talk to his dragon. No one was going to teach him anything. His parents were gone. And he felt more alone than he had ever in his life.

Though, the little boy soon grew up, forgetting quite a bit about his parents and only having snap shots of memories of them. He didn't know what they looked like besides pictures that were hanging on the wall. He was so young that none of the memories stuck with him. He grew up without parents, and his dragon cried for him. His dragon in his soul cried for his parents. That is the reason that it happened.

When he was just ten, his dragon started speaking to him, started telling him stories and trying to make him happy.his dragon and him became friends. They did not fight over control like his other siblings. That's what made him different, at least, a little different. He was friends with his dragon soul inside. He was.... best friends with him. They didn't fight, and when the dragon wanted control, he usually let him take control. Though, if the dragon was going to do something that the boy did not agree with, it wouldn't do it. They had an agreement. A strange agreement. If it was something that Chrom could not do himself, then the dragon would do it for him, much why he was able to slaughter people in battle but cry about it later.... Chrom was not the one doing it. But he had to watch it...

Other: He is friends with all of his siblings and sees his older sister, Zandra more as a mother than a sister.

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I love him:D He is perfect!!!!

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Haha, thank you. XD

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Now she really has something to worry about with this handful. XD

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Kate Kid (Nohrian Scum)*Teddy's favorite Peanut* wrote: "Now she really has something to worry about with this handful. XD"

Oh god....I feel like he is going to get outXD

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Bella:)-HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! wrote: "Kate Kid (Nohrian Scum)*Teddy's favorite Peanut* wrote: "Now she really has something to worry about with this handful. XD"

Oh god....I feel like he is going to get outXD"

He's an idiot. XD Just gonna put that out there.

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hahahahahahahaXD oh god!!! This is going to be goooood!

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The Empire has things to worry about. He wants his sister back.

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I'm pretty sure you can just make your character as long as the princess slots are open :)

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Gotcha, and also the same goes for the Fylan so post away ^.^

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Yes! Make a princess please:D

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Okay, she's probably is one of Chrom's biggest heros. XD

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She's sweet. XD

Chrom probably bugs her and asks her to train with him a lot.

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OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCHXD she is seriously the best!

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Sure. The way that things are going right now, the family is stuck under the castle. Though, we can roleplay before that? Or we can even do when Chrom sneaks out? Either one works.

And Bella, I'll leave this family for you to approve. ;)

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Alright. They could even get separated if they sneak out together. Chrom isn't with anyone at the moment of the roleplay. Also, they can speak to each other through their souls, much like what is going on in the Guest Room in the Phroa castle.

And as soon as Bella says that we have the go, then we can pick a spot. :)

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Approved btwXD

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Haha, just had to make sure.

And pfffff...... Do you want to just go to the main room?

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