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message 1: by John (last edited Jul 29, 2016 04:33PM) (new)

John Brhel | 9 comments Marvelry's Curiosity Shop by John Brhel

Pick up my brand new fantasy-horror book MARVELRY'S CURIOSITY SHOP for just $2.99 at Amazon. 12 interconnected "episodes' about a retired stage magician and his shop of supernatural items.

Order now:

Retired stage magician Dr. Marvelry prefers to stock his antique store with strange and occult items. He has always enjoyed meeting odd people and hearing their stories, the legends attached to mysterious objects. A phonograph that seemingly replays a tragedy. Fertility dolls that are more than decoration. A bedeviled mannequin. These are just some of the relics this eccentric shopkeeper has collected over the years.

No two customers will have the same experience in his curiosity shop -- some walk away satisfied, others are never heard from again. But one thing is certain – when you purchase an item at this store, you often get more than what you paid for.

Follow Marvelry and his hexed objects through twelve tales of suspense, magic, terror, and transformation. Meet his new assistant, fellow illusionists, and some irregular characters along the way. Whatever macabre artifact of the human psyche you’re seeking – you’ll find something special in Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop.

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Marc (authorguy) | 65 comments I got it on my Kindle Unlimited, already read the first two stories.

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John Brhel | 9 comments Marc wrote: "I got it on my Kindle Unlimited, already read the first two stories."

Nice. Thanks, Marc! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave us a a review when you're done and let me know if you have any questions about anything. I really appreciate it.

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