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Haley | 57 comments Name:Haley
Faction of origin:Abnegation
-brown eyes
-brows curly hair
-some what muscular
-small hands and feet
Distinguishable markings: She has a small raised scar on her left cheek from when she was young and she fell and hit it on the sidewalk.
Personality:She is a love able girl that no one even the harshest of people will still love.She wants to be friends with everyone but can be very shy before she warms up to you.Is very energetic and absuloutly loved everybody and everything but don't let that foul u she isn't all sugar she defiantly has slot of sass in her just a fair warning and she won't take no for an answer.
Family:Her mom died at child birth with her brother Cameron she was a wonderful person who lived to help everybody.her brother is a young little boy who still doesn't understand a lot in life but he always makes the best of it she and her dad James are very close they seem to do almost everything together but sadly he has come up with a disease that makes it hard for him to do things that he used to do but that doesn't stop him.She loves her family so much.
History:5 years ago on September 15 her brother was born but sadly her mother died at child birth. No body knows the reason it happened but it's a burden she carries with her feeing it was ur fault somehow.As a young child she was very intelligent and loved school yet at the same time she was a very competitive child who was also very athletic.
-falling down into the center of the earth
-never finding love
-boys(sorta boy crazy)
-not winning
-being told no
-not being able to do what she want to do
-emotions(she is very emotional)
-flirting(it goes with my character)
-learnings quickly
Weapon of choice:daggers,gun
Faction you want to go to:Dauntless
Aptitude test results:
Faction chose at choosing ceremony:

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Haley | 57 comments Hey it leads to the wrong picture Srry I will post the new pic http://s7.favim.com/610/150901/adorab...

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what is the characters last name

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Haley | 57 comments Rose

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You need to make the topic name Haley rose

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Haley | 57 comments How do you do that?

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You can only do it on the website, not the app. Next to the topic title it should say edit.

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Haley | 57 comments It's not there? I can just remake it is u want

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Haley | 57 comments K thnx

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Haley | 57 comments Do I wait for dauntless initiation to start?

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You should start roleplaying now or join initiation group 1

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Haley | 57 comments Can I join initiation group 1 as a different person

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If you create another

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Haley | 57 comments KK thnx

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Haley | 57 comments It would have to be an under 16 right

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Haley | 57 comments KK will do

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Haley | 57 comments Done

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