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Airi nodded. "I used to come here a lot for the peace and quiet." She smiled at him.

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"It's beautiful.." he said, Haru sat down and stared out at the lake. he zoned out and began remembering his past..

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She looked around, and hearing nothing, she sat down next to him. "Is..Everything alright?" Airi asked him.

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Haru blinked "I shouldn't have done it" he mumbled

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"Done what?" She didn't know his past, or much about him.

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"We shouldn't have escaped..We are just going to get caught again" he said.

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"Not if we keep running! If we don't stay positive...then the bad stuff we think is going to happen, will!" She looked at him seriously. "At least..that's what I think."

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"You don't understand!" he said, looking scared "I can't deal with being locked up anymore!"

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"Well they won't get us as long as we're careful!" She noticed him being scared and mentally debated if she should hug him or not.

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((What should he do XD Like attack?))

Haru didn't respond, he just stared blankly.

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((Sure XD Or threaten to turn her in? Idk XD))

Airi sighed. "I'll try my best to make sure you don't get caught again.." She said reassuringly.

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"If I end up getting caught, I will turn you in first" he said sharply.

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"W-What?!" She asked surprised. Airi scooted away from him, and looked at him shocked because of his sudden change in behavior.

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"I will!" he said, Haru didn't know why he said it..

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She looked away from him angrily and stood up. "If so, then i'll leave. Have fun being alone." Airi clenched her fist.

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Haru didn't say anything at first. His crystal blue eyes filled with tears "I'm sorry...I..don't..know why I said that..." he mumbled.

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Airi turned and looked at him. Noticing the tears, she sighed and sat down again. "It's..okay.." She said to him. "We all get scared sometimes."

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"I can't go back there...not ever" he said, wiping at his eyes in surprise.

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"Well, if we stick together, then we wont!" She said smiling at him.

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"T-Thanks...sorry..again.." he said.

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"No, it's okay." She said to him. Airi felt sick. "Oh no." She whispered.

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" ok?" he asked, suddenly worried for her.

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Aria looked at him and nodded. She rummaged through her bag and saw that she didn't bring a food source.

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((Sorry for all the late reply'sXD))

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((XD It's okay))

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"Are you sure? You don't look ok.." he said.

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"Well.." She looked at him anxiously. "What ever do you mean?" She rubbed her chin.

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((There are a bunch of people over and I'm in the basement watching the dogsXDDDD))

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((XD Loll))

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Haru's eyes widened "Wait..since you are part ghoul..." he mumbled "Did you bring your 'food' with?" he asked

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((Four dogs and two catsXD))

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She shook her head and stared into her bag. "I forgot!" She rubbed her temple.

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((XD Omg))

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((I refuse to go upstairs because whenever I do I trip XD))

Haru thought for a moment "what if.." he said then paused.

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"What if what..?" She looked at him uneasily. She didn't even bring coffee!

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"We could go find someone...or if you need something right now..then.." he said. "You could me..I guess"

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"But..earlier you said you weren't human..And I don't want to eat you!" She said giggling.

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"It was an idea.." he said "Wait here, I will go get something" he said "What would you prefer, Human or coffee?"

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"Okay..And either is fine." She said to him. Human would last her a week, coffee would last her about two days.

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Haru thought for a moment "does the human need to be alive or dead?" He asked.

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"You don't need to do anything for me Haru.." She said. "But..It doesn't matter, as long as it's a human."

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"It's my treat, and again..I really am sorry.." He said, looking away.

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"Okay..And it's fine." She smiled at him, and gave him a thumbs up.

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"Hmm..but how should I do it?" He mumbled to himself with a puzzled look on his face.

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"Do what?" She asked as she looked at him curiously.

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"How should I get the human..." He asked.

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"Oh..." Airi didn't know what to say.

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"I've got it!" He said, "Wait here, I will be right back"

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