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Elaine walked into the throne room and looked around. "Empty.." She muttered. She smiled and sat in her throne which was next to her mother's.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina had been practicing spells for sometime. After finishing some other works, she entered the throne room. There she found Elaine sitting on her throne. With a smile, she greeted her. "Good Evening, Elaine!"she said. She walked forward and sat on the throne. "How are you?"

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"Hello mother!" She smiled and looked at her. "I'm well, how are you?" Elaine asked her curiously. She hadn't seen her mother all day.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina smiled. "I am fine, dear....just finished some spells."she said with a sigh. "What have you been up to these days?"she asked in curiosity. She loved listening to her daughter's antiques.

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"That's nice." She brushed off her skirt and looked at her yet again. She was unsire if she should tell her but she did anyways. "Just recently I explored the forest with Yuki and met a strange person." She giggled a little in remembrance.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "A strange person in the forest ?Sounds fascinating! May I ask who is it?"she asked with a smile. "You and Yuki seem to be inseparable!"she said chuckling.

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Elaine blushed a little at the mention of them being inseparable. "His name was sasuke. I didn't learn much about him because he jumped out of my window and left though.." She smiled again. "But they both save me from a group of thugs." She added.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "You were attacked by a group of thugs? Why?" Serafina asked with surprise. She never liked the thought of her daughters falling in danger."And this Sasuke saved you!"she said, a little sternly. "You should be more careful!"she said with concern.

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Elaine looked down and fiddled with her fingers. "I guess because they recognized me.." She stopped smiling. "I know that! It's just..I don't know.." She said not knowing what to finish her sentence with.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "They recognised that you are a princess.....or because of your ......powers?"Serafina said, making her voice a little softer. She didn't wanted to bring up the 'Vampire' topic. "If you are uneasy about telling something you don't have to tell. I respect your privacy. Just don't fall in any danger!"she said with a weak smile.

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"I'm not sure..Probably because i'm a princess." Elaine thought it was the other reason but didn't want to concern her mother anymore than she already was. "I won't fall in any danger!: She said reassuringly.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina smiled. Something struck her mind. She sighed. "You know, I was thinking......"she said, a little hesitant. It was about Elaine, of course. She was researching on a spell which would help her to walk under sunlight.

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"Thinking about what?" She asked curiously. Elaine wondered what it would be.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina took a deep breath. "I was thinking of a spell which would help you to walk under the Sun. I am trying a lot. Got different books to research but it's very complicated....."she said. "I will try my best to help you."she said and hugged Elaine.

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Elaine hugged her back. She was so happy her mother was looking in to it. "Thank you.." She said happily.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "No need to thank me. It's my duty!"she said. "Do you know what Elaine means?"she asked her.

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Elaine shook her head. "No, what's it mean?" She smiled at her.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina smiled. "Elaine means shininig light and you are a shining light."she said. "You are meant to shine.....and If my spell works you will be a shining light of daytime too."she added and squeezed her daughter's hand.

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Elaine grinned. "Yay!" She loved her name very much.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina laughed. "Don't ever lose hope. I don't want my little bright light to dim."she said. "Are you having any problem with supplies?"she asked. She knew it was difficult to fulfil her needs but as a mother it was her responsibility to check.

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"Well..I get some from Yuki but I feel bad doing it." She looked a little sad mentioning it.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "Have you tried....animal blood?"she asked. "If you need anything,just come to my room, okay!"she said to her.

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"I haven't but that might work..And I will!" She said to her, smiling.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "Well...I can help you, if you need any!"she said to her.

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Elaine nodded. "Thank you." She smiled again.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments "So...about Yuki. How is he?"she asked her. "Looks like you have been to a lot of adventures lately!"she said, chuckling.

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Elaine laughed. "I think he's good! And yes we have!"

((Maybe we can ask Fairy and have Yuki come in?))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments ((Yeah! That will be fun!))

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((Alright! Do you want to ask?))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments ((Sure. Where will I ask? On the chat page?))

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((Hmm..Probably! =D))

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((I'll ask her in our rp ^^))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments ((She said YES!))

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Yuki knocked on the door to the throne room "Lady Elaine? Are you in there?" he called out, wondering where she was.

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((Okay what's the posting order?))

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((Maybe, Ahana, you then me?))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments As Serafina talked with Elaine,someone knocked the door. With a swift flick of her fingers,she opened the door with magic! "It's your fellow adventurer, Elaine."she said, as she saw Yuki.

((I need to sleep guys! Good Night!))

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((Good Night!))

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Elaine smiled. "Hi Yuki!" She said to him. She gestured for him to come over.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments ((Sorry! Forgot that it's my turn! :())

"Good Evening, Yuki."Serafina greeted. "Have a seat!"she said,gesturing to the row of chairs in the left side.

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((Lol, it's okay. Fairy I think it's your turn btw))

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((Agh sorry))

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"Good Evening your highness" he said with a bow before going to sit down.

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((It's okay ^^))

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Elaine looked at the two and smiled. She remembered that she should've told Yuki she was going here to think, so he wouldn't have to go through the trouble of looking for her.

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Yuki didn't say anything else, mostly because he was in the presence of the Queen and Princess. He smiled at both though.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 543 comments Serafina cleared her throat. "Now...Yuki, I was thinking of some plans about my daughter's.....feeding habits and I was thinking of animal blood. What do you think? Can you assist us in that?"she said and smiled at both of them.

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