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Luna carefully walked up the steps so she wouldn't fall. She really hated being blind. Once she got to the top she sighed. "Should I go in there?" She asked herself.

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Luna turned her head to the direction of the voice. Her clouded eyes stared, yet she couldn't see. "Um, sorry..I'm actually looking for a job.." She said softly.

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A faint smile appeared on Luna's face. "Sure, sounds fun." She said with a nod. She carefully walked the rest of the steps, using her foot to navigate them.

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Luna looked to wear she thought the girl was. "I'm Luna, and you don't need to help me." She said kindly. Luna got up to the top and smiled. "I'm not injured, I'm blind.." She placed her finger just below her eye, pointing.

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"Thank you, but i've got it!" She said a bit happily. Most were rude to her, thinking she was stupid because they never got a glimpse of her eyes.

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Luna stopped when she no longer heard Tiana's foot steps. "Here we are..right..?" She wanted to make sure. She was a little nervous, but didn't show it.

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((Alright! it's okay!))

Luna nodded. "Hopefully they get here soon." The weather was very warm today.

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((Yeah we should go to the throne room?))

Luna walked quickly to keep up. "What did he look like?" She asked curiously. He seemed to talk very quickly. Though he sounded elderly. "Hm, maybe a butler." She mumbled to herself.

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((I've been stalking this rpXD))

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((XD Hello fellow stalker))

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((Let's make a stalker club))

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((Yaass and lol XD))

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