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Hiro walked up with Levy. "Are you going to swim?" He asked her.

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"Maybe.." Levy said and sat down on the soft grass. She opened up her book.

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He shrugged. "Alright.." Said Hiro.

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Her nose was practically in it. She was immersed.

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Hiro sighed and picked her up.

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Levy dropped her boat and looked at him. "Hey!!"

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He smirked and jumped into the water with her in his arms.

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ivy (cunning239) (( not to intrude, but again. one liners are not allowed.))

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((Sorry. I'll change it later.))

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Levy looked around frantically, but held on him. "Hiro!!" She pouted but giggled a little. She shivered a little from the cold water, but splashed him.

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ivy (cunning239) (( don't change it, just don't do it again.))

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((Okay. Sorry))

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Hiro smirked. He floated in the water, still holding her in his arms. He was unaffected by the cold for some reason.

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Levy blushed. She kicked her legs, like a child. "Hirooooo.." She said. "Why aren't you cold?"

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He shrugged "I don't know!" Hiro held on tighter to Levy.

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Levy looked at him. She was still blushing and looked away.

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Hiro tossed Levy into the air then caught her.

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Levy squeezed her eyes shut and yelped. She held onto Hiro tightly so he couldn't do it again.

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He smirked. "Is someone scared?" Asked Hiro.

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"N-Not at all!" She said and let go of him.

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"You...sure?" He asked with an eyebrow raised.

((Does Gajeel even have eyebrows?))

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((I think the piercings are supposed to be eyebrows XD))

(( ))

Levy looked away. "Yes. I'm..very sure." She hugged onto him again though just in case.

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"Alright!" He said with a smirk.

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Levy let go of him once more. "See! I'm not scared at all!" She crossed her arms.

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Hiro let go of her so he wasn't holding her.

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Levy smiled and poked him. "Let's play marco polo!"

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"Alright!" Said Hiro as he swam a couple feet away.

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Levy closed her eyes. "Marco!"

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"Polo!" Said Hiro, far away.

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*jean sobs in corner* "MARCOOOO"))

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Levy walked forward a bit, hoping she was closer. "Marco!"

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((XD OmL))

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Hiro swam away. "Polo!!" He yelled back.

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Levy felt movement in the water. She kept walking, and started to have to swim because the water got deeper. She threw her hand down and felt his shoulder. "Yay!" She exclaimed as she opened her eyes.

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Hiro grumbled something. Then he closed his eyes. "Marco!!"

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Levy giggled but swam away. "Polo!"

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He swam around looking for her. "Marco!"

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"Polo!" She decided to slowly swim past him, causing no waves to splash.

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"Marco!" He called back.

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"Polo!" She said once she got passed him.

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Hiro felt some movement and reached out.

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Levy stumbled back a bit when he reached out, and caused more water to splash around. She kept quiet though.

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He started swimming towards what he thought was Levy.

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Levy watched him. She got up behind him.

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Hiro turned around and reached out.

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Levy jumped a bit but frowned. "Aw you got me." She said and jumped on his back.

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