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Ciel walked through the streets, he had gotten lost. He came to an alley to catch his breath, a gloved hand covered his mouth and he was pulled back into the darkness, Ciel struggling.

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Aila watched as he was pulled into the alley and narrowed her eyes. She leaned against the wall, listening to what they were saying.

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The man that had pulled Ciel into the alley said "Look, it's the Demon prince.." He said as he pulled of Ciel's eye patch, while Ciel struggled to be let go.

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Aila had enough of this. Other than her and his parents, nobody was allowed to know. She walked into the alley with a sadistic look.

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His eyepatch fell to the ground, revealing his violet eye. He saw Aila wall in the alley "" He called out before the man put a knife to his neck. "One more step and the boy dies" said the man.

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Aila nodded and stopped walking. "You wouldn't really do that." She said to him. Suddenly, she pulled at something. It looked like nothing but it was really her webs. The man holding the knife was cut and she walked over to Ciel. "Anybody else want to play?" She asked with a threatening glare. She put her webs everywhere for this very reason.

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The man released Ciel and he fell to the ground. He quickly grabbed his eyepatch and covered his eye. "Aila.." He mumbled.

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Aila looked at him. "Yes Lord Ciel?" She smirked as the man fell to the ground and then took Ciel's eyepatch. "Here." She said when she finished tying it.

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Ciel mumbled "Sorry.." Very quietly, there was blood trickling out from under the eyepatch, like it usually did when he was scared..

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She wiped the blood off his face, and made sure it didn't smear. "It's alright. more careful. Please." Aila glanced out of the alley.

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"I..will.." He said as he slumped against the alley wall, his eyes closed.

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She stood next to him and then looked down. Aila looked around the alley making sure nobody else was there.

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When Ciel opened his eyes again, his right eye was bright pink, with a slit pupil. He looked up at Aila "I'm..sorry.." He said again

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"Don't be.." She sat next to him and glanced at his right eye. She gave him a reassuring smile.

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"I shouldn't have left was foolish of me.." He said, his eye glowing brighter as he spoke.

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"No it wasn't...Lord Ciel" Aila wasn't sure if she should hug him or not so she waited. She stood up and reached her hand out. "Should we get going?"

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Ciel nodded "Yes.." He said as he grabbed her hand pulled himself up. He did not let go of her hand though,.

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Aila glanced at her hand and blushed a little. She looked away so he couldn't see it and walked at the same pace as him to the palace.

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Ciel held Aila's hand tightly, he was practically right next to her the whole time, leaving little space preteen them.

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She smiled a little. "Is..Everything alright Lord Ciel?" He seemed..different..

((I wanna do a rp that shows her clingy side sometime XD))

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Ciel was feeling a bit weird, he did not answer her when she asked him. He moved a bit closer to her.

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Aila looked at him and didn't say anything. She realized her face was red, and she looked away as she opened the back entrance. "Here we are..Lord Ciel."

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Ciel had stopped walking, he was leaning against Aila, mostly asleep. He looked quite peaceful and worn out.

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Aila looked at him as he was leaning on her. She laughed a little and put his arm over her shoulder. She didn't want to wake him up so she carried/I guess dragged (?) Him to his room. She lied him on his bed.

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((Sorry, my mom made me be social))

Ren walked through the atreets with Serena. He smiled and looked at everything.

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Serena walked next to him grinning. "I love it here!" She squealed.

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Ren smiled "I do too!" He said. His arm brushed against the weapon he had hidden in his coat, to protect Serena with..

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Serena bumped into someone and looked at them. "I'm sorry!" She said to them. They smiled and said it was fine.

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"Do you see anything that strikes as an inspiration?" He asked her with a smile.

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"Hmm..." Serena looked around and saw a very colorful shop. "Over there!" She said running off to it.

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((Maybe someone bothers her or something?))

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Ren followed Serena over to the shop that she pointed to.

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Serena felt someone tug on her sleeve and she looked to her side. She saw someone about Ren's age. "Uh..Excuse me.." She said moving his hand from her sleeve. He pulled her behind the shop and roughly pressed her against the wall. "You're the princess aren't you?" He asked her.

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Ren suddenly turned around, Serena was gone. He frantically searched the shop, not finding her, he went outside and called out "Serena!"

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Serena heard him. "R-Ren!" She yelled back, scared. The stranger punched her in the stomach and let her fall to the ground. She clutched her stomach and put her knees to her chest. "H-How can you be so...So mean?!" She said and started to cry. She'd never been hit, or exposed to violence. It hurt a lot.

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Ren heard her voice and ran in that direction. He saw Serena on the ground, and a man about his age. Ren drew his sword and pointed it at the man. "What did you do to her" he snapped.

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"Oh you know..Just punched her. She's to soft.." He said smirking. "What are you gonna do?" He pulled out a dagger and kicked her. Hard. "Now that you seem angry, let's have a good fight." He said noticing his reaction. Serena winced again and looked at Ren. She was extremely scared.

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"You bastard!" He snapped "if you touch her again. I'll kill you!" Ren stared at the man. If looks could kill, the man would be dead.

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Serena was happy he was protecting her. Suddenly the stranger got closer to her. She scooted away and he roughly pulled her back to him. "Go ahead. Do it. She'll die before any of us though." He said making her stand up and holding her in front of her like a shield. It looked kind of funny because she was a lot shorter than him.

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Ren ducked down and swung at his ankles. He smirked, Ren made not to fully cut the skin, just his pants. Barely grazing the skin.

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The man widened her eyes and let go of Serena. She ran back to the wall and watched. The man didn't back down. He twirled the dagger and swung it.

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Ren quickly moved out of the way, he stuck his sword back and pulled out the small blade and the rapier. He swung the rapier at the man

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He dodged the rapier and smirked, not seeing the small blade. "This is boring.." He said crossing his arms. "I guess i'll have to do something else to her. Serena backed up and held out her arms in a defensive manner.

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"Oh no you don't!" He said as he through the blades. They pinned the man to the wall, going through his shirt sleeves and the wall.

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The man scowled. He couldn't move so he just stared at him. Serena ran over to Ren and stood behind him, like a shy kid at a party.

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Ren stepped forth and held his katana sword to the mans neck. He glared "I am going to make you regret ever hurting her" he said.

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The man looked scared for a moment. "W-What are you going to do?!" He then smirked. "You're not gonna kill me in front of her are ya?"

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"I'm not going to kill you, I don't kill. Not in front of her." He said, the blade slightly grazing the surface of the mans neck.

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