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Esther (estherlu) | 7 comments We have a true crime book club and meet once a month in the SF Bay Area/South Bay. We pick a topic each month and you can read whatever you like on that case or watch a documentary or a combo of both. We give recommendations and you are free to add your own. If you're local and would like to join us we will be meeting this Sunday in Campbell, CA at 2 pm to discuss the death of Kurt Cobain. Some recommendations are

he documentary "Soaked in Bleach" can be viewed on Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix and, also other places online.

The documentary "Kurt and Courtney" can be viewed on Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes and other places online.

"Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain" by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin.

There are many others, so feel free to read/watch whatever you like and bring other info and impressions to our discussion!

Here's the link to the Meetup group if you want to join - no cost to join at this time!

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Thanks for posting this!

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