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Luna gave a small nod to Tiana and smiled. She did a curtsy also, when she heard the queen's voice. When she finished, she stood straight with her arms in front of her.

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Luna didn't know if the king and queen were looking at her. She waited for Tiana to finished what she had to say. Luna looked up, but then down again. Waiting to see if they would ask her why she was here.

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((It's okay!))

Luna smiled softly. "I want to serve as a maid here. I live in this kingdom, and have done lots of work around here. And even though I may be blind, I will pour my heart into my work and do it as best I can." She said to him.

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Luna looked surprised and smiled. "Thank you very much, your Highness." She said, still smiling. She hoped Tiana got the job too..Or else it would make her feel bad.

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Luna listened to what they were saying. She wished she could see what was going on. She smiled during the song. It sounded beautiful..

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Luna gave a small nod. "Excuse me, do you mind if I ask which direction that is?" She asked nicely. She was glad the king liked Tiana's skills, even if she didn't see them.

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Luna smiled. "Yes, thank you." She looked in the direction of Tiana and whispered, "Thank you."

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((Np! I had fun!))

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Sebastian sat on his throne. He sank into the soft cushy velvet of the chair and sighed. Sebastian rested his head on his hand, elbow on the armrest.

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Dunya walked into the throne room and looked at Sebastian. "Hello!" She said, sitting down next to him.

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"Hello Dunya" he said. Sebastian sat upright and adjusted his hair so the black strands covered his, or was his left eye.

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Dunya sighed. "You can continue slouching you know." She laughed a little.

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"It is unsightly" he said seriously. Sebastian didn't want to seem unsightly.

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"Nobody is here though." She said, setting her staff down.

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"Still.." said Sebastian.

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Dunya smiled at him. "Alright then."

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Sebastian didn't smile back. He had forgotten how.

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Dunya sighed. "I wonder how are children are doing."

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"I have not seen them in a while. Perhaps they are in the training grounds?" he asked.

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"Most likely. Alois sure loves training." She said.

((I just need to add pictures XD))

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"And Chloe just started her swords training again" said Sebastian.

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"That's good." She said smiling again. "She's very much like you."

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"Alois is very much like you" said Sebastian.

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Dunya laughed. "I think so.." She said, nodding.

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Sebastian looked at her "I've been thinking.." He said.

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"About?" She asked, and faced him.

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"Chloe..She is at that age..perhaps we should arrange a marriage for her?" He said.

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"Like us.." She said. "Hm, well possibly. How about Jellal of Ironclad?"

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"That is a wonderful idea! Perhaps we could merge the two kingdoms..and take over Erenheart.." He said.

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"Sounds like a marvelous idea!" She said.

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((Should I bring in Chloe?))

Sebastian looked pleased. "We should have her write a letter to him!"

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((Sure! I'll bring in Alois also))

"Sounds good." Dunya said, with a satisfied grin.

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Chloe stepped inside the throne room. Her hair was tied in a braid an she wore her training gear,
Black pants, boots and A black kimono like dress that reached above her knees and was sleeveless.

Sebastian didn't see her come in. "So Dunya, when shall we tell her?"

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Dunya discreetly pointed. "I guess now, Sebastian."

Alois followed behind her, with a grin. It looked as if he had been in a huge battle. And lost.

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Sebastian froze, then turned around. "Alois, Chloe! Hello.." He said nervously.

"Hello Father" said Chloe. She was wondering what they had been talking about.

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Dunya smiled at the two and stood up. "What have you two been up to?" She looked at Alois and then back to Chloe.

"We were training! And I was close to winning!" He said excitedly.

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"Who won?"Asked Sebastian.

Chloe waited for Alois to answer.

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Dunya also waited for an answer. She knew Chloe had won by her perfect appearance.

"Chloe did. But I'll win next time! Because i'm the best fighter you'll ever see!" He exclaimed.

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Chloe smiled and pulled him under her arm. She gave him a noogie. "We'll see about that" she said jokingly.

Sebastian looked happy at the two getting along.

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Alois laughed and tried to get out of the noogie.

Dunya looked at Sebastian and smiled.

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Chloe let him go. She smiled and stretched.

"Chloe, your mother and j have something we would like to discuss with you" he said,

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Alois looked at Sebastian and Dunya, then to Chloe. "Would you like me to leave?" He asked.

Dunya looked at Alois. "It is important, but it is up to your father."

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"You may stay" he said. "Chloe, we are arranging a marriage.." He told her.

Chloe said nothing. She looked shocked.

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"With Jellal of Ironclad." Dunya added. She brushed a piece of hair behind her ear.
Alois also looked shocked. He stared at Chloe.

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Chloe didn't say anything again.

"Yes, the prince" he said.

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Dunya looked at her. "What do you think?" She asked her.

Alois sighed and kept out of it. Though he wanted to say many things.

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Chloe looked at Alois, hoping he would say something.

"Chloe? Alois?" Asked Sebastian. "We have an idea, merge the two kingdoms, overthrow Erenheart"

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Alois looked at Chloe and nodded. "Well..I think, Chloe should have a choice of who she wants to marry!" He said a bit upset.

Dunya sighed. She knew this might happen.

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