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Eren lied asleep in her bed. She was hugging a small stuffed toy that she had since she was a kid and was wearing a beige night gown. Her breathing was quiet and her curtains were closed so the sun wouldn't wake her up.

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Hikaru knocked on the door, he waited a couple of minutes before opening the door and walking in. "Eren?" He called out quietly, before noticing that she was asleep. " is asleep.." He mumbled to himself. Should I wake her up? Or...well it is not very important.....I will just ask..her later he thought. Hikaru stepped closer, watching the sleeping Eren.

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Eren rolled over and curled up into a ball. She hugged onto the stuffed toy tighter. She flinched a bit meaning she was having a nightmare.

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"Eren?" He whispered, she looked as if she were having a nightmare. Hikaru stepped closer "Eren, are you ok?" He mumbled. Hikaru wondered what she was dreaming about, if she was still having nightmares about the big human eating humanoid creatures.

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Tears started to form at the corners of her closed eyes and she whimpered a bit. She was being chased by a hoard of them, with nothing to fight with and nobody to help her. Suddenly one of them picked her up and held her above his mouth. Hence why tears were forming.

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"Eren?!" he mumbled, seeing the tears in her eyes. "Eren, it is going to be ok.." he whispered, unsure if he should hug her or something. Hikaru wasn't good with people that were sad..or scared. Hikaru hugged her gently, hoping it would help.

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Suddenly, the monster let go and she fell and fell. Eren opened her eyes quickly and started to cry. She didn't realize Hikaru was hugging her until she finished crying. Her cheeks we wet and she slowly wiped them away. "G-Good morning..." She mumbled/sniffled.

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Hikaru slowly realized what he was doing, he pulled away a bit. "Eren, were you having nightmares again?" he asked kindly. Hikaru was worried about Eren, although he showed no sign of it..

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She nodded slowly. "Y-Yeah.." She curled up more, still scared. A few more tears fell down and she didn't bother wiping them.

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((I officially love these two))

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((Even though only Eren's emotional side is out XD))

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"Eren, was it about those human eating creatures? They aren't going to hurt you.." He said not while I am here at least he thought. Hikaru stood up, he stretched a bit, trying to remember what he came to ask her.

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((New otp))

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She nodded again. "B-But..." She sniffled a bit more. "It was scaryy" Eren watched as he stretched. She stretched out her legs and sat up looking at him. She wiped off her face and smiled.

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"It's ok Eren, you have me to protect you!" He said, then quickly realized what he said, his face turning red. He quickly tried to remember why he came here "I something...." He stuttered.

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She blushed a bit. "What is it that you needed to ask..?" She said looking at her hands still blushing. She was shaking a bit but then it stopped.

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"" he said, his face still red. "It.wasn't that important...anyway..." Hikaru looked away quickly, hoping that she wouldn't see his face.

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She gave a small shrug. "Oh..Okay then." She smiled at him and then noticed her room was very cluttered.

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Hikaru looked around Eren's room "you should clean your room.." He mumbled, Hikaru was secretly a clean it honestly agitated him a bit. ((XD))

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She frowned a bit. "I know that.." She muttered under her breath and stood up. "Is there anything we have to do today?" She asked him. Eren yawned and then sat down again.

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"I do not think so, I haven't spoken to Mother and Father yet.." said Hikaru, knowing he might need to go somewhere..."Is there anything you would like to do?" he asked Eren.

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"Umm I want to go to the market and walk around!" She said excitedly. She loved being outside and out of the castle. "Or just being outside!"

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Hikaru smiled a bit "Ok..when do you want to go? I should probably..go get something first" he said, meaning he should go get his blade for protection.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol))

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((New otp))

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol how are you people.... I've been inactive for 3 days!!!!!!))

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She nodded. "Yay!" She jumped up and hugged him but slowly pushed him out of her room. "I'll change while you get whatever you need to get!" She smiled at him and closed the door. "Oh! And when i'm done changing we'll go!" She changed her clothes, brushed her hair, and then put some shoes on. Eren opened the door and waited for Hikaru.

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((I am happy, how is you^_^))

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((Lol! I'm good! Wby?))

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol I'm very happy!! for a change))

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((That's great!))

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Hikaru nodded and left the room, he went to his own, his face still a bit pink. Hikaru grabbed his small blade/scythe and stuck it in the sheath clipped to his pants. He walked back to Eren's room and knocked on the door.

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Eren opened the door and walked out. "Alright!" She cheered not noticing his blade scythe. ((She was wearing what was in the pics))
"Let's go!" She ran down the stairs. Suddenly she tripped and landed on her bottom. Mumbling under her breath she frowned and got up again hoping Hikaru didn't see.

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"Eren? Are you ok?" He called out. Hikaru smiled a bit, then quickly realized again and turned a bit pink. He wasn't used to all the emotions he was feeling right now..what were they even?

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"U-Um yeah!" She called back. Eren waited at the bottom of the stairs and smiled. "So to the streets?" She asked him excitedly.

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((Do you want to post there first?))

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((Best otp though XD))

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((Sure! Sorry for late response, goodreads wasn't loading for me^~^))

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((Lol, that's fine! ^^))

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((Could you post first? If not, I can^_^))

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((Oh, I can post first! :D))

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Eren walked into her room and sat on her bed. She was propped up on her pillows. I hate being a princess.. She thought to herself.

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Hikaru walked into Eren's room. He had some medical supplies with him. "Eren..your neck" he said as he walked over to the bed.

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She made a sad face and tilted her head up again. "Is this good?" She asked him quietly. Eren fidgeted with her necklace while she waited.

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Hikaru nodded as he opened the container. He got out the items needed and started to clean the cut. "Sorry..if it hurts..." He said.

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