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Rock | 101 comments Norsa peeked at the castle from just outside the gate to the grand building. She chuckled to herself as she noted the grand arcetexture before her. It was quite amusing in her mind, watching the humans create buildings that would last longer than them, yet still not as long as her. She was far more interested in trying to get a look inside, but was wise enough to not cause a stir with the guards that could lead to the humans being mad at the elves when the entire city would end up decimated in an attempt to capture her (or at least that's what she thought would happen). She bared no interest or respect for those who lived inside, after all. In a few years they would all be dead, and she not looking a day older.

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"Hmm..." muttered Lyra, slumped against the gates. Her brows knit together as she attempted to weave a daisy crown together. Her fingers moved slowly, tying the stems together tightly, making sure none would snap in the process. "Maybe if I do this..." she said to herself, trying a different technique. "No..that simply won't do.." Lyra was able to get a five inch chain, although she needed a foot long. Lyra suddenly remembered that her hair would be a factor too, setting down the chain and trying to measure around her head. Her hair was thick and wavy, meaning that the chain would have to be bigger. After a few seconds of contemplation, she decided that a foot and five inches would suffice, also she would need a few extra inches to tie as well.

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Rock | 101 comments Nirsa, after finally looking away from the building, took notice to the girl leaning along the other side of the wall. The young girl seemed to be focused on crafting something out of daisies. It was cute watching her try her best at making what was probably a crown... or necklace? Either way it was pathetically simple compared to what she would craft back at home and made her giggle slightly as she watched. "And what are you making?" She called out to her.

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"Hello!" chirped Lyra, setting her crown down and waving to the girl who appeared. "I-I'm trying to make a crown..although it isn't going so well. Lyra tried to place the unfinished crown atop her head, although it snagged on her tiara, causing her to take both off. She untangled the stems from the few jewels on her tiara, then placed the tiara back on her head and continued to work on the crown.

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Rock | 101 comments "Oh, just let me see that," she said with a slight chuckle. It was cute watching her struggle but she didn't want the girl to end up breaking her cute little tiara in an attempt to wear a daisy crown. "No offense but I'm rather confident I can make you a crown out of that plant far better than you could," she said with a smile as she pushed a hand through the bar so that she could hand her the daisys.

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"Go ahead!" Said Lyra, hoping to learn something from the girl. There was something odd about her, but she couldn't quite place it. Then again, Lyra wasn't the smartest. Sure she was kind and all, but a bit of a ditz and oblivious to a lot of things. Lyra stood up, watching the girl with the flower crown. She suddenly felt it necessary to introduce herself. "I'm Illyra!" She exclaimed. "What's your name?" Asked Lyra with a bright smile.

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Rock | 101 comments "I am Norsa," she said simply as she took one glance at the girl's head before getting to work. Her hands made quick work of knitting and wrapping the daisy's together in a finely crafted crown. The steams were held tightly together as she made note to add a few of the petals took up the front to give off a more extravagant design. Even if it was just a few simple stems and not anything like the full clothing from home. Glancing once over her finished work she handed back to the girl almost as soon as she had it in her hands. "There you go. Quite a simple task really," she said.

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"Norsa? That's a beautiful name! Although I don't think I've ever heard of it before.." She said, attempting to think. Lyra carefully took the crown, eying it, then placing it upon her head. "Woah! How'd you do that? It's amazing!!" she asked, looking amazed and bewildered at the same time.

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Rock | 101 comments "Lets just say I've had many years of experience fashioning clothing out of plants," she said with a laugh as she looked down at the girl once again. There was a level of ignorance to her that could be considered both amusing and annoying at the same time. After all, the girl stood before and elf and yet couldn't even tell. Then again, there were bars between them, as well as the fact she had decided to wear human clothes rather than elvish ones... Perhaps she couldn't fault the girl for not noticing this.

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Rock | 101 comments ?

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Lyra blinked, noticing something odd about the girl. Lyra decided that she needed to get a better look, so she hopped around to the gate. Lyra opened up the gate, then she ran back over to where the mysterious girl was. "Y-You're an elf!" Exclaimed Lyra, having never seen one before. She was hardly allowed out of the castle, so you couldn't blame her.

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Rock | 101 comments Norsa let out a gaudy laugh. "Well yes, of course I am! I know elves are rare to be seen around in the human world but I'm surprise you didn't know right away!" she said as she tried her best to quell her laughter, but it wasn't working to well. "Although, are you sure you should be messing with the gate like that?" she asked.

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"Aha..sorry..I've never seen an elf before..only heard of them.." she admitted. "Uh..the gate is fine..although I'm really not supposed to leave.." she said, adding the last part quietly. Lyra instantly moved on another topic. "So, what brings you to Erenheart?" Asked Lyra cheerfully. She bounced slightly on her feet, excited for some unknown reason.

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Rock | 101 comments "Nothing really. I simply wished to explore the human worlds for a bit.... before passing my judgement on it, but never you mind that," she said with a slight smile to cover up what could be considered a threat. Moving along topics herself she asked, "So who are you exactly? I know your name, but that is all I know of you. Are you a royal or do you hold some other human position?" she asked. The tiara gave it away but the girl could be something else entirely for all she knew.

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"Royal position..I'm one of the princesses...unfortunately.." She admitted. Sure being the princess had its perks, but Lyra would give anything to be a normal girl. It didn't help that the was the weak princess, hardly getting to go outside and getting into danger a lot. Lyra would often sneak out as well, usually getting caught in the process though. She wanted to be in the games, but wasn't allowed rather.

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Rock | 101 comments "Unfortunately? I know humans are silly and give roles based off who birthed you, but isn't bring a royal one of the better human positions? I mean, your life is so short should you really worry that much about it?" She asked with a frown as she sensed some odd sadness in her. This girl was rather strange... It did peak her interest though, and she was terribly bored.

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"It should be, but it's not as fun as people might think.." she mumbled, looking away. "It's not like I don't appreciate being able to be a princess, but I'd much rather be a normal villager or something.." Lyra fiddled with a piece of dark blue/black hair, avoiding Norsa's gaze.

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Rock | 101 comments Norsa was not going to let her lack of eye to eye connection stop this conversation. "That still doesn't change my other point! Your life is way to short to worry about all this! Have a bit of fun won't you? What are the guards going to do if you leave? Arrest the princess that they work under? If anything you could tell them to quit and they'd have to, so why not just go outside?" she asked, probably not fully aware, or simply, ignoring the fact this girl was a princess and not a queen. If the Queen ordered her to stay, well then, the guards might just comply with going against her.

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