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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance novel 90s Single mom with scar on face asks taciturn man to marry her for protection from her crazy ex. [s]

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments I don't remember a ton. It was 90s (could be late 80s or early 00s). This lady had a wicked scar on her face. I'm pretty sure she is a single mother. She asks this guy to marry her. He can't get past the scar for most of the book (but she notices at the end that he looks at her whole face and loves her and doesn't really see the scar like before). Anyhow, she also has scars on her body (possibly carved into her chest??) because her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend went legit crazy. And that's why she wants to marry the new guy. Because the ex is getting out of prison and still views her as property. It does end up being suspense about if they will survive. Thanks for any ideas~!

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Lara, can you tell us more about the hero - his job, how they met, family/friends, personality, etc.?

What's the location - contemporary U.S./country, big city/small town/region?

What's the tone - romantic, angsty, steamy, romantic suspense, etc.?

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments I think I remember a pickup and maybe a ranch. (the image in my head is a jean jacket and cowboy hat but that could be wrong). He lives in the same town, which I think is a smaller town. They know of each other but aren't friends. I feel like it's more country. They are at some kind of school program or something because she has a daughter. I think it comes across as more romantic suspense. Because this ex-husband or whatever is getting out of prison or something and she is scared. That is part of why she wants to marry this other guy. Not steamy, which makes me think it was maybe a Harlequin type book. I have this vague memory of the ex carving a word into her chest so that any other man knows she is...something. Dirty? His property? I just can't recall. I'm sorry

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A long shot - Cowboy to the Max by Rita Herron? Page 13 - "Her finger automatically brushed the deep, puckered X carved into her chest, now well hidden by her shirt..." (books.google.com)

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments Nope, but good try. I do remember she would always tilt her head so her hair covered her scarred cheek. I'm going to try to books.google.com when I have time. :-) Thank yoU!

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments Bump

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Please note the bump period for this large group is 30+ days -- or sooner if you remember more information.

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments Yes, I originally posted on July 29, so I had put an alarm on my phone to remind me today to bump the post. Is it supposed to be longer than that? Thanks.
Is it supposed to be from the last post? I'm sorry, I just went from my original post date. I apologize.

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No worries. We count 30+ days from your most recent post. It may be different for other groups, but this guideline helps because our group is so large.

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments Thank you!! :-)

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments I think I may have found it!!! "The Cowboy Takes A Wife" by Joan Johnston. I will be ordering it to read just to make sure. I will let you know as soon as I am sure, but this might be solved!

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Sounds good. I'll move your request to "Possibly Solved" for now. Here's the link - The Cowboy Takes a Wife by Joan Johnston.

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Lara Rae (larakennedy) | 53 comments Solved!!!! I bought it on my Nook and read the first chapter. Totally my book! Yes! :-)

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Great! Thanks for the update, Lara.

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