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How to play the game: Comment one word that describes a Harry Potter character. If someone thinks they know which character that one word is describing they comment the name of the character. Then if it is right you continue on like that.

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Hermione wrote: "Quirky"

Luna Lovegood? She's quirky with how she dresses, and just about everything else. I think Arthur Weasley could be considered a bit quirky too, with his muggle fascination.

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It was Luna well done :)

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Heres the next word, this is a secondary character but it should be easy: Quidditch.

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Oliver Wood or Viktor Krum!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

oliver wood :)

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Do you have a word to describe a character?

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How about "Explosion"? This one is a side character.

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Is it Seamus Finnigan?

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Yeah :) I was watching the first movie and just had to say something about it.

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ok here's my one: Intelligent

Giselle Chionh | 19 comments Ok, I have one : Spare

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Cedric :(

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here is one: Prank

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Fred and/or George :)

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yes it was both of them!

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How about: King
A main character, hint hint ;)

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Ron! Weasley is our King!

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Is it only me that can't think of Roonil Wazlib without laughing?

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lol no you're not alone!

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Okay thats good. Next character: Motherly

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Yes it is Molly!

Giselle Chionh | 19 comments I have one : dragons

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Either Hagrid or Charlie Weasley?

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Here is another one: Free

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

Dobby :(

How about: Camera

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Colin Kreevey!

here's one: Sassy

Srijita | 110 comments Maybe tonks...or harry

Srijita | 110 comments Here's one.
Evil----but its not voldemort

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i was thinking Harry (Book harry or movie harry on felix felices)

Delphi or Umbridge?

Srijita | 110 comments Its umbridge

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Okay here's one:


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She is a character in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

message 35: by Vasana (new)

Vasana | 43 comments Pompous
Who is it?

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Umbridge? maybe?

message 37: by Riley (new)

Riley B (rriilleeyy1234) | 28 comments Percy? He gets called that in the books

message 38: by Vasana (new)

Vasana | 43 comments Yes it's Percy.

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Oh, that makes sense!

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Okay here is one: Teaspoon

Hint: A main character :)

Srijita | 110 comments Ron!

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