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message 1: by Kressel (new)

Kressel Housman | 436 comments I just finished the book, and since the author is just two years younger than I am, I was surprised at how similar our lives were. The first sense I got of this was when she was rocking out to "The Kids in America," wishing she were there. I was in America just when that song was popular, and it amazes me to think that the author and I were listening to the same music at the same time in such divergent cultures. She wanted to be a kid in America, and I already was one, but I wasn't so happy about it. If only I knew how hard other people had it. . .

Anyway, since our club membership tends to be pretty young, I figured few of you know that 1980's pop song, so here's a video:


message 2: by Kressel (last edited Jul 29, 2016 08:00AM) (new)

Kressel Housman | 436 comments So if you don't mind my asking, how young are you? Did that song actually survive the 80's? By "survive" I mean outlast, as opposed to fading into oblivion.

message 3: by Henriette (new)

Henriette Terkelsen (henrietteterkelsen) I'm born in 1985. Born and raised in Denmark. I know the song :)

message 4: by A. (new)

A. B (aimpie) | 7 comments Born in 1994 and I always sang it when I was 7-8 and thought it was from the 90s! Oops

message 5: by Tim (last edited Jul 29, 2016 01:35PM) (new)

Tim Meelie wrote: "I'm 32, born in 1983 - I think I must have heard it on TV in my younger days, all the way in teeny tiny Britain! ;) I think as I get older, though, I'm finding myself liking older music, I seem to ..."

If that's how that works, I'll doubtless be rocking out to recordings of primal screaming (not to be confused with Primal Scream, the band) by the time I'm 32, since I developed a taste for Scott Joplin when I was 16 xD

As for the song, I'm from 1998 and I've not heard it. Not all that much of conventional 80s music has lived to meet my generation's ear, save for the obvious Queen, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Black Sabbath, and what have you. But then, a 1981 song about life of youngsters in America that would to this day still be known and appealing to a significant portion of youngsters in Belgium, would have to be a true masterpiece indeed.

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