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All announcements will be made here!

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So, the group has been going great so far! To those of you who don't know already, we've started role playing in the arena. You can start in the center, than go anywhere you'd like. That's obviously in the arena still. Posting order will happen if there are more than two people in one place. I hope everyone has fun! Also, remember, if a character you like is killed, you can always place them in the revive area. You can't rejoin the same rp, but you can do another. To those who read this far, us mods added some fantasy elements, and i'll start broadcasting messages also. To those who have read this far, I thank you!
-The head mod, Komiko.

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ivy (cunning239) Omg amazing....zoe for president. you're awesome!

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ivy (cunning239) thanks doe

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Lol, ^o^ Thanks and np

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If anyone would like to create a gang member for the gang Iron Fist, just post them when finished here:

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ivy (cunning239) I'm leaving this group! Ciao to all those who care.

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Why? Don't leave!!

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Alright. Bye. We'll miss having you. May I ask why you're leaving?

message 11: by ivy (new)

ivy (cunning239) Because... I can and I want to

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ivy (cunning239) Don't kick me.out though....I'll leave on my own,

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Please don't leave!!

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Okay..Please don't leave like Fairy said.

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ivy (cunning239) jk I'm not leaving.

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ivy (cunning239) hahaha

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Kk. Well than, that's good.

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ivy (cunning239) Ok. Glad to know you actually care.

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Ravenclaw Elitist wrote: "Ok. Glad to know you actually care."

Oh my god I was actually really worried and sad! I didn't want you to leave!!!

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ivy (cunning239) Oh SORRY.

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