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Smiley face

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Rin sat on one of the tree branches over looking the area. She looked down at Len who was sitting against it. "Ay Len..It feels quite odd today.." She said to him. Len smiled and nodded. "It really does doesn't it?" Rin grinned creepily.

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Ciel crept through the forest, he had sensed a demonic presence and decided to check it out. His right eye was changing from pink to blue over and over again.

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Rin pointed as she saw someone in the distance. "Who's that?" She asked curiously. She hopped down and landed next to Len.

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Ciel heard voices, he looked around, seeing no one.

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"HEY YOU!" Rin yelled waving her arms around. Len looked at her confused as to why she wanted him to come over.

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Ciel flinched " Who are you?!" He called out, a bit scared.

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"Who am I? I'm Rin of course!" Her terrifying blue eyes sparkled. "I'm Len." Len said, still sitting down. Rin smirked a little at the stranger's flinch.

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"Ciel, prince of Kleins" he said staring at the people in the trees.

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"Prince..." Rin put her head on her hand. She didn't bother mentioning they were children of a known noble.

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((I just did a Carla Jeager hairstyle on a child))

Ciel looked up, he was unaware of his eye.

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((OMG XD))

Rin walked over to him and widened her eyes. She was a lot shorter than him. She circled around him and saw his eye. "Wow..You're quite an odd one.." She said poking just below his eye. Len laughed and nodded. "Don't scare him off now Rin." Rin turned her head and smirked.

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Ciel backed up, he covered his right eye with his hand. He had no idea what to think of the two.

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"Hm?" Rin pretended to look sad. "You..aren't scared..are you?" She looked up at him. Len glared a little. "I'll kill you if you make her cry." He said as he crossed his arms.

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"I'm not scared" he said, embarrassed that he was a bit scared.

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Rin smiled. "Good." She crossed her arms and stood on her toes. She leaned close to him so their faces were inches apart. "What are you doing out in the forest? Prince." She added the last part with a different tone. Kind of mocking him. Len walked over to the two and stood behind Rin. "Yeah..Don't you have someone to protect you and all?"

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Ciel glared "I am here for my own reasons!" He said. "And I can protect myself just fine! I don't need anyone!" He said, getting angry.

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Rin leaned back, now standing on her heels. She uncrossed her arms and poked his chest. "Don't be so defensive." She still had her finger poking it. Len rolled his eyes. "Rin I'm gonna go close my eyes. Tell me if you need anything." He leaned against the tree yet again. I guess staying up till 3am really does make him tired...

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Ciel's eyes widened, he sensed a demonic presence again. It could be his imagination...but he just wanted to be sure..

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Rin frowned a little. "Are you alive in there?" She pointed at her pwn head.

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((Ooohh maybe the demon takes rin or len? Because they both can't stand not being together. And Rin will go crazy XD))

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Ciel shook his head "it's nothing" he said as he adjusted the eyepatch. He looked into the trees, wondering where it was.

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((Okay, which one gets taken?))

Rin tilted her head. "Oh..Okay!" She smiled and looked where he was looking. Rin fiddled with the bottom of her skirt.

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"Excuse me for a moment" he said as he walked over to the trees. Ciel looked around for the demon..

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"Hm? Alright!" Rin hummed and looked at the sky.

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Ciel saw a black ogre like creature come out from behind some trees. He ran to Rin and Len "Both of you need to get out of here now!" He said as he removed his eyepatch.

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Rin and Len glanced at each other. "No can do." They said in unison, with big grins. Rin took out her knife and Len took out his axe.

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Ciel glared as his eyepatch fell to the ground, his eye was violet with the magic circle. The other was pink with a slit pupil. The demon came out from behind the trees and went straight for Ciel.

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Rin watched as the eye patch fell to the ground and looked at his eyes. "Wow.." She said, distracted.

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The demon grabbed Ciel by his neck and held him. Ciel struggled against it, he reached our his hands and created two magic circles on the demons eyes. He activated them and lightning shocked it's eyes, blinding it.

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She watched amazed at his power and backed up a little. Rin glanced at Len and then nervously smiled. Lets be careful with this prince..
((You know how siblings can kind of read each other's minds? Well that's like what they were doing.))

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The demon dropped Ciel, although it cut his arm in the process. "You two need to get out of here!" He said as he clutched his arm.

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Rin shook her head and ran at the demon with her knife. Though they were know for being terrifying to humans, the twins were not good demon fighters. Len ran over to Ciel and looked at his arm.

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Ciel's arm glowed faintly, the cut began to heal little by little. "Aim for the forehead!" He said to Rin. "It's the only weak spot!"

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Rin turned her head to look at him and smirked. "Got it!" She aimed for his forehead confidently.

((Who is gonna play the demon when it takes her?))

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The demon reached out and grabbed Rin by the neck, choking her. It let out a demonic laugh before turning around to walk back into the forest. Ciel staggered up and tried to go after it.

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Rin widened her eyes and gasped for air. She tried to grab Len's hand but she was to far. "Len..." She started to shake, because she wasn't with him. Rin went limp, and stared down lifelessly. Len dropped to his knees and covered his head. He rocked back and forth. "Rin.."

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The demon swiftly moved back into the forest with Rin. Ciel stared angrily as he tried to create more magic circles.

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Tears streamed down Rin's face because she wasn't with Len. She couldn't do anything. She started to feel dizzy from lack of air and soon closed her eyes. Len looked up angry, and walked over to Ciel. He still looked upset because Rin wasn't with him. "What do we have to do to get her back?!"

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Ciel looked at Len "We need to go after the demon" he said.

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Len gripped his axe tightly. "Let's go." He said to him seriously. Rin passed out from no oxygen..

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Ciel looked at Len. "I can sense the demon, it's that way!" He said as he started to walk in the direction.

((Ak!! Sorry, I fell asleep))

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((Totally fine!))

Len followed him and frowned. "He was choking her wasn't he? We need to hurry."

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Ciel nodded "it should be right there!" He said, pointing at the demon in the distance. It was still holding Rin by the neck. Ciel stepped forward, his eyes glowing brightly. "Let her go" he said sharply. The demon dropped Rin.

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Rin dropped to the ground and was unconscious. Len stared angrily at the demon and waited for what Ciel would say.

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The demon was still under Ciel's control. "Now leave! Before I destroy you" he said. The demon dissapeared and went back to where ever it came from. Ciel walked over to Rin. "She is okay, just unconscious.."

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Len sighed in relief and ran over to her. He picked her up and carried her. "Jeez Rin..." He mumbled. "Thank you." He said to him grinning.

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Ciel looked at Len "No problem, I suppose you would like an explanation?" He asked.

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Rin slowly opened her eyes and turned her head. "Eh?" She tried to get out of Len's arms and did, and stood up a little off balance. "What did I miss?" Her normal self coming back. Len nodded to Ciel. "Yes that would be nice."

((Rin is the more cray cray one))

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