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Smiley face

Huh, it could make a good shelter.

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Pearl stepped inside of the cave. She sat down and leaned against the wall. Pearl had small blood spatters on her dress, she held her hands out in front of her. A small fire appeared in her hands and she set it in front of her.

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Kana was already in the cave looking for any clues on a recent murder. She saw what looked to be a girl. "Hello?"

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Pearl quickly adjusted her dress so the girl wouldn't see the bloodstains. "Hello!" She said politely as she picked up the fire and put it out.

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Kana waved at her and closed her notebook. She walked over to her, the sound of her heel echoing. "What..brings you here?"

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"I was just walking..and I got tired!" She said, even though it was a lie. Pearl had actually been on the run for two days after killing someone.

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Kana nodded. 'Alright.." She opened up her notebook and quickly wrote something down. This case was tough work but she would find out who did it somehow.

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"Why are you here?" She asked the girl. Pearl wondered if she was sent to eliminate her or something...if so..all she would have to do was shake the girls hand..

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Kana showed a hint of surprise on her face. "Huh. You haven't heard of me?" She smiled a little at the thought of it. "I'm a detective." She showed a badge. "Kana Kirigiri."

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"It is nice to meet you, my name is.." She started to say. Pearl couldn't tell her her real name..but she could always use Blanca.
"..Blanca" said Pearl, she was always a terrible liar..but she hoped that Kana wouldn't notice.

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Kana noticed something in her voice. "It is nice to meet you to." She said with a small smile. She looked around the cave and wrote something else down.

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"So..Kana..are you working on a case?" She asked. Pearl wondered what would have happened for her to be in a cave.

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She nodded. "Yes, I am actually." She smiled again. "If you're wondering why i'm in a cave, it's because the suspect was allegedly planning to come here."

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Pearl's eyes widened "T-They were?" She asked. "W-Well...I haven't seen a-anyone".
Oh..dear..what if she is on to me! thought Pearl.

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Kana tilted her head at the stuttering and quickly wrote it down. "Sorry..please don't think poorly of me. I just observe people often." She said to her.

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Pearl stood up, unaware that the bloodstains were visible. "I don't think poorly of you! I may not be a detective, but I do observe somethings." She said, that was true, since Pearl observed her targets before killing them.

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Kana'e eyes looked over the girl in front of her. She glanced at the blood stains and grimaced.

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Pearl quickly looked down, "Oh..I cut my finger.." She lied, pointing at her finger with the iron ring on it. "Some of it must have gotten on my..skirt.."

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"Ah, would you like me to look at it for you? I have bandages.." She said as she took them out.

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Pearl shook her head "No-I's fine!" She said, putting her hands behind her back.

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Kana nodded and put them away. "Alright then.." She looked at her curiously.

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Pearl chuckled awkwardly as she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet.

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" seem about my age. What do you do in this kingdom?" Kana was new to it because she was working on a case only.

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Pearl looked away "People hire do jobs for them.." She said.

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Kana thought for a moment and got closer to her. "Jobs you say?"

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"" She said, looking down to avoid eye contact.

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" elaborate for me..?" She whipped out her notebook.

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"Any kind of long as it is reasonable" she lied.

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"Hmm..alright." She stepped back and smiled.

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" kingdom do you belong to?" Asked Pearl.

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"I don't belong to one.." She said to her. "I travel back and forth."

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"I don't belong to one.." She said "anymore" she added quietly. "I travel also"

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"I like travelling." She said to her. "What are your interests?"

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"I like reading, fire and writing!" She said "what about you?"

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"I like books and tea." She didn't mention her powers.

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"What kind of books do you read? I mainly read murder mysteries!" Said Pearl

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"I read a variety of mystery books!" She said excitedly. Kana adjusted her gloves and smiled.

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Pearl smiled, she was a bit worried that Kana had noticed her lies..but decided to forget about that.

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"Why do you like fire?" She asked her curiously.

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She shrugged "I guess I like it because it can't hurt me..and.." She started to say when she cupped her hands. A small flame appeared in it.

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Kana widened her eyes. "Amazing.." She had powers too, but she didn't say anything. At least not yet.

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Pearl smiled "Thanks!" She said as the fire went out.

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Kana nodded. "Your welcome." She smiled from amazement.

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Pearl rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, with her hands behind her back. "May I ask, what case are you investigating?"

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Kana frowned a little. "I'm not supposed to be telling anyone, but it isn't like i'd get in trouble. I could make them forget." She accidentally blurted out. She covered her mouth and then acted as if she never said anything. "One of the nobles hired an assassin to kill a young woman who is believed to be his ex wife. The assassin fled and the noble is nowhere to be found."

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Pearl's eyes widened "A noble hired an assassin.." she said. She pretended that she didn't hear the first thing that Kana said..

((Should she be the assassin?^,^))

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((Yeah! And maybe they become friends, but Kana finds out at one point? She wouldn't tell because they'd be friends though.))

Kana nodded and sighed in relief when she said nothing about making them forget.

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Pearl smiled and adjusted her jacket. She wondered what it would be like if they became friends..

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Kana looked at the floor for a moment and then at her. "So..what do you like to write?" She asked her.

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"I sometimes write small stories, but I'm not very good.." She said with a smile.

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