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A river to the east.

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Spread out like a starfish, Ryu laid in the grass beside the river. Her snakes slithered across her body, snaking up her arms and slithering across her stomach. She heaved out a long, exasperated sigh, not having been able to relax in quite some time. Her arms were bare, only leaving a faint pink outline of the black snake tattoo's that adorned her arms, were once. She had released the snakes, as she did often, so they could be free for a little while. Ryu reached back and pulled her hood over her eyes, closing them and attempting to fall asleep.

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ivy (cunning239) Leo grumbled in agitation as he made his way across the forest. The king had sent him on yet, another long trip halfway across the kingdom to "take care" of one of his "competitors", a man named Michealis that had gotten on the king's very short temper. It was just last week he traveled all the way to the Kleins to do a similar job, he was tired of traveling. He wished he had inherited his mothers gift of teleportation. He squinted as the sun penetrated his sea green eyes. He could hear the rushing of a river overhead and hurried to it. He needed water.

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Anastasia, to put it very mildly, was pissed off. She'd been meaning to spend the day with her thoughts, relaxing in a nice resort-like area, but no- one of her most frequent clients had hired her out to stop some other assassin from killing some meaningless girl she couldn't care less about. And, seeing how he was most likely skilled, she'd had to trudge along the journey with all of her best weapons attached to her in some insanely uncomfortable way- knives in her hair, strapped to her legs, in her boots, and across her ribcage, and a newly found rapier strapped across her back.

And the armor, well, the armor was the worst part. She typically never wore it, but, seeing as this was a task out of he ordinary, she'd made an exception and strapped on the expensive form-fitting pieces with dread.

But, she was able to keep the clatter of metal on metal down as she stalked through the forest, going on pure instinct (alongside the voices' advice) to find this man. So, as soon as she silently approached the sight of a slim girl lounging on on a rock by the stream, she quickly made to hide behind the tree, nearly melting into the shadows.

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Ryu soon drifted off into an uneasy sleep. Her snakes, one by one, began crawling back into their respective places, sinking into her skin until they disappeared, leaving the black tattoos in their place. She dreamt of her sisters, Ran and Shielle, meeting them again, then having them ripped away from her. Despite seeing Shielle only a few months ago, she missed her terribly. Ryu's dreams formed again, this time, they were all together in their childhood home. Until Ryu was taken and experimented on by her parents, giving her the snake abilities she had today.

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ivy (cunning239) ((Sorry))

Leo heard the river before he saw it. A great, gushing river that seemed to run a ways down from north to south. He scouted out the area and saw no one, so he advanced to the waters. You could never know who or what could be watching you before you realized it. Ever since the games began, things had gotten a lot harsher. He stumbled a little over a large rock on the ground, but regained his balance. He stuck his hand in the water, feeling the cool rush of water. He used his canteen to fill the water, but drunk a little. It was crisp and tasty and very cold. He figured he had a few moments to spare, so he sat along the river bed and took off his leather shoes, a rarity among most people, being the king's royal "helper" came with perks.

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Tilting her head slightly as she finally noticed the snakes bent to the will of the girl's command, a small smile touched Anastasia's lips. She'd always wished she'd been born with some sort of ability, but, in a way, she was glad for it. The business in waco she felt with required a lot of credit, and, as she was so talented and worked her way up to her level by pure force and practice on her part, she could demand. early any job at any price.

She slipped a careful knife into her hand- taken from the inside of her leg- and began to adjust her grip on the slim weapon. It's dark black blade seemed to nearly absorb the darkness, and no glint from the sun reflected off of it and revealed her position.

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"Ah!" She exclaimed, jolting up, her breathing heavy. "I-I better stick to not sleeping.." she mumbled to herself. For the past few years, she had gone with taking light, dreamless naps. If she slept fully, her mind would be swamped with nightmares, all things that had happened in her past. Ryu shifted a bit, oblivious to the fact that other people were near by. Her tattoo's morphed into snakes, crawling down her arms by the riverbed. Ryu reached for her bag, fishing out a small jug. She submerged it in the water, until it was full. She took a drink, then corked it, shoving it back into her bag.

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ivy (cunning239) Leo's eyes perked up suddenly, he was hearing noises. Nearby voices, maybe. He stood up, the water rolling off his feet. He slipped a little on the grass, mainly because his feet were still a little wet, and because he had a slightly clumsy reputation. Leo followed the noises and saw the source. A girl, not much older than him with a sort of happy go lucky expression on her face was lying in a field of grass, normally. What wasn't normal was the fact that she had weird looking tattoos running along her body. He crouched low, watching. As he watched, he realised that the tattoos....seemed to move? His eyebrows furrowed and he wondered if she was some kind of sorceress or witch. He stepped forward, intent on letting her know of his presence, but hesitated. He wasn't sure what side she was on.

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A grin played over Anastasia's lips as she saw what the voices told her was the assassin. Or a assassin, at least. Perhaps she would kill him too, just to set the voices at ease and quiet them for a little. They were her only friends, but sometimes she just needed silence within her head.

Step out, the voices hissed at her. Let them know you're here. Give them time to run. She might let the girl stay alive. After all, maybe she would be nice. Maybe.

So, Anastasia broke away from the tree, walking out into the clearing with a large, toothy smile. "Well, isn't this a party!" she exclaimed, running a long fingernail down the blade of the knife.

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Ryu quickly spun around, a look of terror upon her face. "W-Who are you?!" she exclaimed, her snakes circling around her as protection. They were quite intimidating in appearance, but wouldn't hurt a fly unless Ryu commanded it. Normally, she would have demanded the girl to tell Ryu who she was, then killed her afterwards and paint a message in her blood. But that was different now, after she had met her siblings again.

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((Sorry for interrupting your rp, but THAT IS SO SPECIFIC. "she would have demanded the girl to tell Ryu who she was, then killed her afterwards and write a message in her blood" Spooky))

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ivy (cunning239) Leo was so transfixed in staring at the girl, he jumped when someone else stepped out of the clearing. His heart thinking wildly with anxiety, he thought of the many ways he could kill them both. Right here and right now. He couldn't compromise this mission, or the king would have his head. He could cast a spell that would slowly make them fall asleep and then slit their throats, but why leave the evidence. Any way he thought about it would leave to much evidence. He grumbled softly, and decided he would watch and wait for now. The girl seemed pretty weird, but his eyes squinted slightly. Daggers? What was this girl doing with knives? Oh, this couldn't be good at all. Was she an assassin, was she going to kill the snake girl? He recognised this girl from somewhere, he just couldn't remember where....

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg komiko lol))

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"Lil old me?" Anastasia asked, placing her free hand on her chest. "You can call me Harlequin," she told her with a burble of laughter. She knew that names had a certain power to them, and Anastasia was a name for the weak- so she'd stopped calling herself that in public. All of her clients knew her as The Harlequin, and that was all they needed to know.

Her black cloak billowed in the wind as she walked towards them, playing with the knife and tossing it in the air like she was a child, fascinated. "Now who are you? Both of you?" she asked as she pointed the knife at each of them.

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Ryu stood up. Her black snakes crawled up her arms, disappearing into her pale flesh. "Ryuuna." She said flatly. "More commonly known as the infamous Snake Lady." The snake lady whom would slit her victims throat with a dull blade, then have them chopped up to bits after. She'd then write several messages to the kingdom in their blood. Ryu had stopped this, realizing that she was a monster and didn't want to live like that anymore. She stopped, hoping her family would do the same. Her remaining family.

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ivy (cunning239) Leo's mind scattered frantically and anger flashed in his eyes as the girl drew her daggers on him, he looked her right in the eyes, daring her to harm him. There was a certain look to her wild eyes, that revealed something very subtle. She wasn't afraid to kill both of them right here, he could tell. He'd been around ruthless, bloodthirsty people all his life. He figured he would need to go about this smartly, he didn't know what kind of skills this girl possessed. "Why do you need to know my name?" he said, calmy and casually, but meanwhile was calculating his escape. He could see the other girl more clearly now, and wasn't suprised when she said "Snake Lady". Yeah, he had heard about a girl calling herself the snake lady, and knew she wasn't anything to worry about.

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ivy (cunning239) (( I suggest maybe we could put a little twist on this and one of you guys characters could get severely hurt. To add a more dramatic theme. I think maybe EN's character could get a little more aggressive and my character will respond by doing something and that'll lead up to something. Just a suggestion, cause most of my rp's lately have been so boring and this is a survival/killing role play))

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((Mine could! She's not that strong anymore, and might try to fight!))

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ivy (cunning239) (( Thanks! Lets see what en has to say)

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((That sounds interesting! Sounds good to me :)))

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ivy (cunning239) ((Thanks! OK!))

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Anastasia frowned at him, a deep pout that anyone who knew her and what her expressions meant would fear. "Why do you question my question? It makes the voices angry," she told him as she tapped her temple with a long, delicate looking finger. "And when the voices are mad," Anastasia paused as she took a step towards him and the girl. "They yell. And that makes me mad. And you know what happens when the voices make me mad?" she continued, her high voice lacing with anger. "I listen to them and follow their advice. And right now, they're telling me to kill one of you."

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Ryu glared at the girl. She sauntered over to her, crossing her arms. "Look, lady. I have no idea what the hell your problem is, but If you're talking about these "voices" and talking about killing people, then there must be something seriously wrong with you." She spoke calmly, without a hint of fear in her voice. In truth, Ryu was terrified, having heard of the Harlequin before. People used to be terrified of Ryu, but she stopped, vowing to never kill again, unless it was completely necessary. After realizing what she said may have angered the girl, she instantly regretted her choice of words.

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ivy (cunning239) Leonardo flushed, slightly embarrassed that this girl was able to threaten him so easily. His eyes flashed with anger, and he felt like killing them both. Still, he was a little curious. Harlequin, now thats where he knew her from. It would've been interesting to fight her, she was a highly infamous and well known assassin, but he'd only heard rumors of her. What he heard wasn't pretty, she was bat-shit crazy and merciless. "What are you going to do? Kill me?" he said in fake bewilderment, pointing at his chest. "You really think you could kill me? I've killed hundreds of pathetic losers like you, you are only a novice. I could destroy you without breaking a sweat." he chuckled a bit. Out of nowhere, he summoned a fireball to appear in his palm, and his eyes turned milky white, like they do when he's practicing high level magic. He willed the fireball to grow brighter and stepped toward Harlequin. "You may be crazy, but I'm crazier." he said, and threw the fireball at her.

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ivy (cunning239) (( seems a bit op, but he's a highly trained mage lol))

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((Nah nah. I accidentally made Ryu a bit op so I'm trying to tone her down))

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ivy (cunning239) (( oh ok I didn't wanna seem op. "he summoned a fireball and threw it at her" lol))

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((ees okay))

Anastasia laughed, a high pitched noise that sounded like a gerbil sneezing, before darting out of the way with a surprising amount of speed. However, she wasn't fast enough, as the end of her cloak caught aflame, and soon the whole back was covered in flickering fire, With her free hand, she ripped it off and chucked it aside. "Both of you are so funny!" she exclaimed with a giggle. "But that was my favorite cloak. And now it's gone. That makes me sad."

She hadn't expected them both to be magic users, but her insanity kept her from dwelling into the unsafe state of fear. Without warning, she danced around the girl before whipping her knife at him, not aimed for the heart, but for the hand. She'd see how talented he truly was, and at the same time, observe to see what the girl could do, and if she cared for his safety.

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As soon as Ryu saw the girl throw the knife, she dashed in front of it, letting it drive into her abdomen in a flash. She showed no sign of pain. Ryu didn't want to see the man get stabbed, even if it wouldn't fatally injure him. She didn't want to watch anyone get hurt anymore, or die. Ryu stumbled, swaying, then falling to the ground. When she hit the ground, the knife dug deeper into her side, causing her to cry out in pain. With Ryu's last remaining ounces of strength, she thrust her arm out towards the girl, causing the snake tattoo's from her body to disappear, appearing in the air, along with several hundred arrow like snakes. They were sent flying at high speed towards the girl.

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ivy (cunning239) Leo was shocked to see that Harlequin was able to dodge his attack, now he knew why she was so feared. Girl had talent. When the knife hurled at him, he cast a make shift protective spell, but when Ryu took the knife for him-literally, he was even more suprised. Why had she done that? Especially for someone who wouldn't have batted an eye if he killed her. He knew she was weak, but he didn't consider that she was.....Nevermind. The snakes flew lightning fast, before Leo could even realize what was happening. However, he didnt know how that turned out, he crouched down to help Ryu. "Why would you do that?", he said a little angrily. He tried to take the knife out, but to much blood was rushing out and he didnt know what to do. He panicked a little, but knew he had to the knife out or she would due and he didn't know if he wanted that or not.

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Surprise shot through Anastasia as the girl jumped in front of the knife. However, even more shock overtook her at the arrows. The voices kept her from showing it; they pasted a giddy smile over her face as she nimbly dodged the first two. But, her luck didn't last, and she only had a moment to cover her chest with her armored arms as she jumped back, and the other arrows struck her chest. Fortunately, her armor was strong, but that didn't stop some from piercing the thick metal and digging holes in her legs, arms, and abdomen.

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" before..I-I'm killed..." she mumbled, pain wracking her thin body. Ryu hesitantly moved her shaking hand to the knife, gripping it tightly. She couldn't decide if she wanted to push it in deeper, or remove it. Ryu wasn't sure if she wanted to die or not. She sure deserved to, after all the lives she took. All the people she slaughtered out of spite. Ryu's breathing became heavier, she lurched up and clasped a hand over her mouth, hacking up blood. Blood seeped from her fingers, Ryu knowing she would die in less than a few minutes unless someone were to do something, which she highly doubted.

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ivy (cunning239) Leo looked aroundn nostalgia painfully flashing up in his mind. People dying all around him that he couldn't save. Ryu was going to die, that was plain and simple, but he would make sure he avenged her. He didn't know her long, but he knew that she was a good person, even if she didn't believe so. He knelt down, his expression gentle. "Im sorry that you have to die. You were a good person, Ryu. Rest in peace." he said, simply and closed his eyes for a moment as he felt her life force gradually slip away. He wished he had pursued healing magic, so that he would be able to save her. When he opened his eyes again, Ryu's eyes were a glossy white. He checked her pulse, just to make sure, but he knew she was dead. He sighed. Anger boiling inside him, and he turned to face Harlequin who was trying to get away but the arrows in her chest were immobilizing her. "I'm to merciful to kill you off myself, you aren't worth my time, I hope you die. Slowly and Painfully, you monster." he said, his tone was soft, but deadly. He took one last fleeting look at Ryu and walled away....wondering why and how this had to happen to him. He had a mission to finish, so he needed to hurry.

(( lame ending, but I was super rushing. sorey))

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((It's fine! Not lame at all! So, should I scoot out then, since my charrie is dead?))

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ivy (cunning239) ((my character left. yours is dead. Its up to en if she wants to state whether her character eventually died or escaped.) (thx btw)

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Anastasia sighed as she watched both him flee and the life flee from the girl's eyes. What a shame, it was, that she had to be injured in the process. But what did she deserve? Sympathy, for taking on two magic wielders, a task she knew she couldn't handle? No, all she could do was prove him wrong and escape from there with life still within her. That way, when they met again and she returned to kill him, she could laugh while he took his last breathes. Oh, how he'd pay for siding with the other girl.

She grit her teeth as she pushed herself to a sit, carefully peeling a roll of bandages out of a fold in her burnt cloak. Stripping off the armor was a painful process, and while the air on her fresh wounds wasn't the most helpful, she knew she needed to get herself patched up, or face the laughing face of death, the mocking sight of the grim reaper.

The bandages weren't the best applied, but they'd work, she supposed. They'd have to. Pushing herself to her feet, she grabbed what was left of her food rations from the night before and another roll of bandages from her discarded cloak before straightening her posture, muttering a curse, and setting out on her stumbling journey home.

(( was that good? ))

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ivy (cunning239) (( very. I'm.eager to rp them two again))

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(( me too! should we skip right to it and just rp by setting the time for a few moths after this encounter, or do you want to wait a little bit? ))

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ivy (cunning239) (( im in the middle of several rps and I'm making a group and I have summer plans so not right now. I'll pm you when I'm ready, thanks! you are an excellent rp-er!))

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(( alrighty! and thanks, you are too :) ))

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