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Mara walked through the forest. She had her sword at her side and the Grimoire in her hand. She wasn't lost or anything, just wandering aimlessly through the forest. Mara stopped walking and sighed, wondering what else she could do.

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Mara looked around, she sat down and brushed the pine needles so that a circle of uncovered dirt lie before her. She put the grimoire on her lap and opened it to a certain page. Mara traced the circle on the page, in a flash of light, a small flask of water was laying on the page. Mara smiled and opened it, then drank some water.

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Mara looked up "Why?" she asked as she stood up. The flask had disappeared back into the book. She didn't know why she needed to show herself, Mara was scary enough as it it.

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((Who is there XD))

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((Mya who))

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"Mara Grimm" she called out. "More commonly known as the lady of the grimoire" Said Mara as she loosened her hold on the book.

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Mara stepped out from behind the tree. Her cold blue eyes stared out in front of her, she was still clutching the grimoire, not wanting to let it go.

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"Well, I'm only 15..and rumors are created" she said "Especially for me"

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Mara hesitated before reaching out her hand. She shook Juniper's hand "It is nice to meet you" said Mara

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Mara brushed the loose strands of her light pink hair out of her dark blue eyes. "May I ask, what were you doing in the forest?" She asked.

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((Maybe the thugs could find them and they have to fight them off?))

"I see.." Said Mara as she wondered what happened.

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Mara held her sword, she saw three burly men appear. They were armed with various weapons. Mara looked at Juniper and mouthed "Cover your ears"

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Mara stared dead ahead at the men, her eyes glaring. She uttered a single word "Scream" and an ear splitting sound came from her sword. The men struggled to cover their ears.

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Mara dropped her sword and opened the Grimoire to a certain page. She traced the magic circle on the page and mumbled "Ignis" which means fire in Latin. A small fire appeared under the men, the flames licked at their feet.

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Mara traced another magic circle. "Aqua!" She said as gallons of water came out and drenched the fire.

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Mara dissapeared then reappeared behind one of the men. "Circaque in te tenebrae vos Grimoire suxisti" she said as the man was sucked into the book. Mara closed it and looked at Juniper. "Are you ok?!" She asked when she saw the wound.

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"Are you sure?" Asked Mara with a concerned look on her face. She set the book and sword down as she walked over to Juniper to get a good look at the wound.

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"It's fine, may I see your wound?" She asked as she opened the book. Mara was going to try and heal her.

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Mara traced the magic circle with her finger on the old page of the book. Her finger had a slight glow on it, she hovered it above the wound and it slowly started to heal.

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"Thank you..but it's not really me..Its the book.." She said, Mara depended on the book most of the time..she had grown attached to it.

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Mara smiled "I feel as if I can trust you also" she said, and that meant a lot since Mara found it extremely difficult to trust anyone.

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"My grandmother was the original, she raised me..but she and the original book were destroyed in a fire.." Said Mara.

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Mara smiled "She gave me the sword also..its one of my most prized possessions.." Said Mara. "And it can be a bit scary at times..mostly because people are terrified of you..thinking you are a demon.."

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"The games...well..the kingdoms compete against each other. The winning kingdom then rules over the others...I honk." She said.

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"I think you sign up.." She said "but I'm not sure.."


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"Are you thinking about joining?" She said, Mara wasn't ever joining..

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"I can't join.." She said "If the book was taken from me, I wouldn't have a chance against the others.."

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"It's fine..really.." Said Mara. "Leaving? Alright..bye.." Said Mara "Good luck!". Mara had a feeling that she might join the games so..why not wish her good luck..

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Pearl walked through the forest. It was completely dark out, she had her hands cupped together, a small flame lighting her way. "Stupid guards, always chasing me..Stupid king and queen..stupid parents.." she muttered under her breath, although there was no one to listen. "Why does everyone have to be afraid of me.." mumbled Pearl. She was remembering the events that had happened earlier with her..

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Airi ran through the forest but then stopped. She looked around for her ex prison mate, Haru. She couldn't find him at all. She sighed and sat on the dying grass. "Where are you.."

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ivy (cunning239) Ayla was walking through the woods, as she searched for any signs of life. She had heard about a rebellion group netting in the center of the woods and had to check it out herself. Speed walking as she went, she had her hand on her sword sheath and her eyed were scanning the broad outreach of forest for any suspicious activity.

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((Imma bring in Haru~chan))

The flame grew brighter as Pearl walked. She was so angry at herself and her stupid family. "Argh!" she called out as she punched a tree. It cracked and started on fire. "Oh no no no no!" she said as she frantically tried to put it out.

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Airi looked up and saw a flame. She didn't go there yet. "Haru!" She called out, a little scared. She didn't know this forest very well, and had gotten lost.

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ivy (cunning239) Ayla saw anime and a bright old flash and instinctively knew there was a fire. She broke into a full sprint as she hurried to the source. She stopped when she saw a girl, around her age, putting out the flames, but oddly they weren't extinguishing. She stepped out drawing her weird and placing it in the fire. Instantly the flames were absorbed by the magical sword. "There you go." she promptly said.

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Pearl froze. A...person... she thought. "" said Pearl right before she started backing away. Naturally she was terrified because the person could have been sent to kill her or spy on her.

Haru ran through the forest. He needed to find Airi before it was too late. He feared something had happened to her..otherwise..why couldn't he find her..

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Airi saw the flame go out and sighed in relief. She stood up and walked over to the source. Maybe it's Haru! She thought.

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ivy (cunning239) (( goodnight!))

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