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Smiley face
I wouldn't want to climb those but maybe you can!

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ivy (cunning239) :-D

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Haru stared at the mountains. "How are we going to get..up there?" He asked.

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Airi looked at him. "Maybe you could turn into a mountain lion.. I can use my ghoul powers..." She said. "But we'll have to be careful because someone might see us.."

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"I will turn into a mountain lion..or a dragon!!" He said, getting excited.

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Airi looked surprised. " can do that?" SHe asked him.

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He nodded "Yeah, but it weakens me greatly.."

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She looked at him. "Oh, yeah I can understand that.."

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"I'm going to do it!" He said as he transformed into a large white dragon.

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Airi looked at it shocked. "Wow!!!"

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"We should get going!" He said "in case anyone sees us"

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"True." She said, sitting on his back.

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"Are you ready?" He asked, before jumping into the air and beginning to fly.

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Airi nodded and felt the wind in her hair. "Amazing!"

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Haru smiled, then it quickly faded. "Just so you know, I've never flown before"

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She looked down at him and laughed a little. "Just be careful.."

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He laughed nervously, "I'll try..but where should we land?"

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Airi looked around and saw a cave. "Over there!"

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Haru swooped down and tried to land. He hit the ground, but was careful to make sure Airi was ok.

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Airi looked at him. "Are you okay?"

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Haru turned back. He flipped over so he was laying on his back. He was breathing heavily "Y-Yeah..I'm fine"

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She sat next to him. "You..don't look it.." She said concerned.

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"R-really..I'm fine" he said, closing his eyes.

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Airi sighed and looked down at him. "Do we have any water? I could give you some."

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"I don't think so.." He said, out of breath still,

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"Oh.." She said to him. Airi frowned a little. "Breathe in and out as best you can."

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Haru tried to breath in and out, it hurt. " take watch?" He asked, "I need to sleep for a bit.."

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"Of course I can!" She told him with a nod.

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"Alright.." He said. Haru tried to fall asleep. In a few minutes, he was.

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Airi looked at him and then sat in the front of the cave. She smiled to herself and said nothing.

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Haru slept soundly again. He had no dreams though..

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Airi yawned and looked around. She saw nothing but mountain.

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Haru would occasionally mumble something inaudible in his speed.

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She looked around and saw a few animals. She smiled.

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((I'm starting on Hideko's weapon rn))

He stirred in his sleep, it seemed like he was going to wake up.

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((Yayyy *-screams-*))

Airi looked at him but said nothing. He needed his rest.

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((*screams with you*))

Haru suddenly turned into a kitten, then into a bird.

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She looked at him and laughed. "Haru..?"

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He woke up, still a bird. "Why is everything so big?" He asked.

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"Because you're a bird!" She said still laughing.

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Haru looked down "Oh" he said, embarrassed.

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Airi smiled at him and then walked over to him. "Were you dreaming?"

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He shook his head, which looked weird...since he was a bird.

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Airi laughed a little more. "Can you change back?"

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"I think so" he said as he turned back.

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Airi nodded. "Good." She said once he was back to normal.

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"When did I turn into a bird?" he asked her.

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"A little bit earlier, but you turned into a cat first." She said.

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"Oh.." he said.

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Airi smiled then it went away. "What's wrong?"

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