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Eddie Willers in Atlas Shrugged
Vinay Vinay Jul 29, 2016 12:31AM
Why is Eddie Willers left behind in Atlas Shrugged?Where did he go wrong in his perception of life ? Doesn't he share the same ideals as of that of Dagny's ? Does the novel snobs at less talented but hard working people like Eddie by not inviting him to Galt's gulch ?

I think maybe Eddie Willer's fate was a hard lesson in Objectivism. The idea is that each man is supported by his own ability. In Ayn's Utopia, men like Eddie Willers will die, and won't drag anyone else down with them. She would argue a lesser man would have tried to hold the passengers at the train by gunpoint demanding someone fix the train. Eddie at least gave it his best before he died in the desert alone.

Ayn is heartless.

I don't think he was ready. Galt was using him for info on Dagny and TTC. I think you are correct and as they expanded the Gultch and brought Dagny on board he would have been brought in as well.

What happened to him in the meanwhile? If i remember right, the last we saw of him he was stuck on a train that wasn't working. I just had a weird feeling he would just lie down on the track and cry. In my opinion, he didn't get the justice he deserved.

Eddie Willers, as a character in the book, has to fit in with the theme of the book. Per Leonard Peikoff, whom Ayn Rand designated as her heir, says that the character of Eddie Willers is that of a good, average man. And as average, he is helpless without the great minds...the creators. In writing the book Ayn Rand asks what would happen to this (or any) good, average man and the answer is: without the creators he is at the mercy of forces beyond his control. He may or may not survive. Maybe he finds a settlement, maybe not. The theme of AS is: What would the world be without the creators? Eddie Willers represents a consequence. He is a good man, but not a creator. Many of us are good people but not creators. What fate would we face if a scenerio like AS took place?

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