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Poland could have appeased Hitler?
Travelin Travelin (last edited Dec 10, 2016 08:58AM ) Jul 29, 2016 12:27AM
Some Poles believe that Hitler would have been satisfied with just a road to Gdansk rather than taking all of Poland.

The arguments against this are:
1) Russia attacked to the east, probably with Hitler's knowledge.

2) Hitler would have needed routes to invade Russia eventually.

Does Shirer discuss this?


Germany signed a non agression pact with Russia and part of the agreement was a division of Poland. There would have been no real possibility of appeasment.

Feliks (last edited Dec 10, 2016 09:18AM ) Dec 10, 2016 08:18AM   0 votes
Yes. Shirer discusses all this at long and detailed length. What surprises most people is that Shirer's book is not about the most obvious aspects of WWII (the battles, the campaigns, the year-in and year-out of the troops doing the fighting). That would be too simplistic and too much like hundreds of other works. Instead, Shirer writes about how the Reich came to power and each decision made along the way which eventually doomed it.

As I recall, Shirer treats each country which was invaded in enormous detail. Regarding Poland, (again, just going on my memory) --no. Hitler would in no way have been satisfied with any 'partial offerings' from this or any of his other neighbors.

As is clearly spelled out in his prison diary, Hitler always envisioned nothing less than a German-run slave empire covering all of Europe. Every stage of his rise is openly directed towards this goal. This constitutes part of the irony: Shirer repeatedly points out to us the curious, nearly willful blindness of all the allied diplomats. They seemed always to shirk back from Hitler's record, and cling to 'soft' assumptions like this; such as Hitler being placable in some way.

Feliks Aha. Well, you are in for a treat then, because it is not a documentary of 'the war' or 'the fighting'. It treats instead, of political events; person ...more
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Feliks In fact, I believe Shirer concludes his narrative sometime in 1942 (or early 1943); as soon as the Wehrmacht bogs down in the muds of the Eastern fron ...more
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