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Feminism & POC!?!?

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Sprout Reading this book, I was super surprised that POC have such a prominent role in this story. I never see that! I also love the influence/control females have.
(Off-topic, but: anyone have recommendations of books w/ POC & non-male protagonists?)
I don't know if it's just me, and the reviews I've read don't seem to have mentioned this, but I was wondering if anyone else noticed Dan Wells' efforts in creating a non-male and non-white centric world/novel? Am I wrong in feeling this book is kind of feminist? What do you think about this?

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Wise Cat What does POC mean??? LOL Protagonist of Choice? I don't know these acronyms well....

I do love books with strong female characters, whether YA or adult genre.

I loved The Partials trilogy and did notice it wasn't male or white centric as you say. I found it refreshing.

Sorry to see nobody responded; this happens to me too so I wanted to post something....... :-)

Joey Mae This book really has a strong female lead, so I do think that it is KINDA feminist. When I first read this, I was like "Hey, go girl!" (that makes me kinda bias tho) Weeell, regarding a novel with a strong female lead, I think Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin would be perf for you, if you like some kick-ass action scenes, a tad bit of a history lesson, and Hitler (yeah, I'm serious on that part)....hope that this helped!

Lindsey Johnson Marie Lu has a series called the legend that is pretty strong in female roles. It's a trilogy, the first book is called Legend, the second is prodigy and the last is called champion. The main girl is named June. I'm not really sure how to describe the story to you but she seemed strong willed to me. I've read a lot of series in the last 2 years though so I might be getting stories and characters mixed up as well. I also liked the 5th wave series which you probably already read if you enjoyed the partials series.

Wise Cat I am just finishing up Prodigy by Marie Lu, so I will be starting Champion soon.

Yes, June IS a strong girl, as the girls in all these YA dystopian books are. :-) I enjoy it, but I'm getting stuff mixed up too cause I've been reading a lot of this genre lately.

Lindsey Johnson Dystopian series seem to be the big thing in books at the moment ever since the Hunger Games came out. I've read a lot of different genres however. There are a lot of great books out there not all of them have the girl as the strong lead. I enjoyed the I am number four series which is not a dystopian one but it does have strong willed girls in it. It's about aliens who come to Earth because their planet gets destroyed by other aliens. It's just another thought for a series to read. Although I could go on forever about good books.

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