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Tara Woods Turner | 2063 comments What better way to get readers interested in your books than by giving them reasons to want more? So please add your book below (use the add book link, don't just tell us the name of your book) and include your full blurb or summary. If you have more than one title please list them separately as this makes it easier to reference each title. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to discovering my next great read!

Tara Woods Turner | 2063 comments Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child

“Unlock the key to creating a cultivated life for your child with this targeted parenting guide. You will learn how to raise an engaging, accomplished and sophisticated child, one who gets noticed for all the right reasons. From fine dining, travel and art appreciation to navigating social media with integrity - Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child will show you how to take your child to the next level of personal and social development. Whether your child is 5 or 15 this is the one book you will reference time and again for advice and techniques that are relevant, practical and insightful.”

message 3: by Annie (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Eeeek! I dig this game, Miss Tara!!

Hart Broken

Mickey Hart doesn’t do one-night stands. Until she wakes up in a luxury penthouse. With nothing but a t-shirt. And no idea who it belongs to.

Enter Cale Windermere. Driven. Ambitious. Successful. And so gorgeous he could've walked straight out of a romance novel...

Except I can’t walk.

Not that it ever stops me from getting what I want.

And I want her.

Even if she's keeping secrets.

That could tear me to f*cking shreds.

Warning: Adult language and content. Cale has a bit of a potty mouth. Just saying.

message 4: by Annie (new)

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Annnnd....

Hart of His

It’s been two months since I moved in with Mickey Hart.

Here’s what I’ve learned:
1. 523 square feet is really f*cking small.
2. You have zero privacy in a studio apartment.
3. Sharing a bathroom is the worst idea ever. Especially when you’re a damn paraplegic.
Oh, and one last thing...

I love her. More than ever.

Even if I'm still a workaholic. And stubborn as all hell.

Warning: This book is a novella. The remainder of this series will be novellas. And Cale still has a potty mouth. So, yeah...

Adult language and content.

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 732 comments Delphian

I would like to tell you a secret, but can you handle the truth?

The British intelligence community now has a problem. A secret agent who specialised in cover-up operations is now hell bent on disclosing top secret medical research funded by the British government. He is now a rogue agent whose conscience has been compromised. Now he's a law unto himself. He is an assassin with a conscience. The clock is ticking as he’s pursued by the British secret service and he’s determined to save as many innocent lives as possible.

People believe money is power, but he understands it is with information where real power lies.

There's no such thing as good and evil, there's just people.

message 6: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 732 comments WTF

An untypical love story, WTF is about a young soldier stumbling from one life-changing moment smack bang into another when he returns home to Cardiff… He seeks love, but has he confused love with lust? You decide…

It is important to remember James is only 21. He laughs loudly, cries silently and is too easily seduced by a pretty smile. But, whilst his friend Steve offers, what he considers, sage advice, James’ girlfriend Gemma tries to offer religious doctrine…

WTF is a snapshot glimpse into the very personal life of a fictional SAS-type soldier.

WARNING: WTF contains scenes that depict detailed sexual activity.

WARNING: Anti-religion views are expressed. Two main characters are atheist and another a devout Christian.

Whilst the author makes no apology for the character(s), it is not his wish to upset anyone unnecessarily. This is simply a fictional story that in some scenes expresses views that people of Christian faith may find offensive. So if you are a devout Christian, or do not wish to be exposed to graphically described sexual encounters, perhaps this is one book you should miss.

message 7: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 732 comments In Sights: The Story of a Welsh Guardsman

In Sights is one man's journey from boyhood to manhood, ultimately finding himself in the theatre of war. It is a journey littered with colourful anecdotes that offer insight into male bonding. Few paths have included such diverse experience. From military training in the Guards Depot to Trooping the Colour, from academic failure to intelligence work in Northern Ireland; from helping Rudolf Hess out of an ambulance to being tasked with taking the Queen's portrait. He even trod on Lady Diana's toes! Tim Rees colours every experience with profound and often idiosyncratic observations that offer the reader a taste of the sometimes humorous, often arduous and, on too many occasions, brutal reality. Close friends were killed or injured aboard RFA Sir Galahad off Fitzroy in the Falklands.

Historically, men have gone to war en masse. Today, only relatively few men experience war. Was war a traumatic experience? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. Has experience of war and military service had a positive effect on Tim's life? Yes. Tim says, 'The positive effect is the bond of common experience I share with men with whom I served in the army. the bond is very strong and very different from civilian friendships. The bond military men share is unique. And I would argue that these bonds have historically been very important to the fabric of society and now they are being lost.'

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Eldon Farrell | 704 comments Stillness Stillness by Eldon Farrell

Some secrets won’t stay buried…

When people start to succumb to a virulent strain of plague in the seemingly idyllic hamlet of Stillness, the CDC is called in to investigate. Pulled from her training with the Epidemic Intelligence Service, Dr. Lynne Bosworth is tapped to head the investigation.

Many questions surround the outbreak, not the least of which is how did plague find its way to the heartland of America? Determined to find the answers and her own way out of the long shadow cast by her father, Lynne embarks for Iowa. Unable to isolate an index case of bubonic plague, patient zero is traced to Nikolai Markov; an old Russian bio warfare scientist.

Rumors of a bioterror attack are rampant.

Under examination, the bacteria present Lynne with many anomalies but few answers. The antibiotic resistance noted in the field is absent in the lab, while a synthetic gene is found that seemingly has no purpose. For her superiors it’s enough to deem the outbreak a biological attack, a conclusion that Lynne does not share. For her, something about the whole incident remains…elusive.

In search of evidence to either prove or disprove the bioterror claim, she crosses paths with FBI Special Agent Caleb Fine. Together, they come to believe that something other than a biological attack is going on in Stillness, and that the answer to what may lie in solving the fifteen year old murders of Bobby and Maggie Sullivan.

As the body count rises and the pressure mounts, they delve deeper into the shadowy past of this quiet town; in the process exposing secrets long thought forgotten until finally uncovering the shocking truth behind the cause of the outbreak.

message 9: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Farrell | 704 comments And soon to be published...

Taken by Eldon Farrell

A killer is stalking the city…

FBI Special Agent Caleb Fine—along with the rest of the nation—sees the enigmatic predator known as “The Toymaker” lurking in every shadow. Always just out of reach, with each new victim he nabs; Caleb loses more of himself to the pursuit of darkness.

We have your wife…

The blinking light on his answering machine reveals these four words to Roger Whittaker as he returns home. They are destined to change the rest of his life.

Bo Lester from the Major Crimes Unit in Atlanta views the abduction of Miriam Whittaker as an inside job—someone at the CDC sold Roger out. For him the prime suspect becomes Lynne Bosworth. Her case is not helped by the animosity that has existed between her and Roger for the past six months. With few leads to follow, Bo demands that she return home from Peru—where she is stationed with the World Health Organization—to face questioning. Brought back to face the accusations she is aided in her defense by Caleb who works to free her and find out who is really behind Miriam’s abduction.

As the pressure builds a single demand is delivered—Roger is to attend the International AIDS Conference in Toronto and renounce HIV as the cause of AIDS! Stunned by this demand and fighting interests from all sides, what is Roger to do? If he refuses to comply Miriam will die. If he endorses the claim millions more could die.

Unless it’s true…

message 10: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Williams (houseofwilliams) The Cronian Incident by Matthew S. Williams
The Cronian Incident

Jeremiah Ward was just another convict. A disgraced investigator who once worked the Martian beat, but is now serving out his sentence in a mining colony on Mercury. But when a member of a powerful faction goes missing on Saturn’s moon Titan, Ward is given an opportunity he cannot pass up. In exchange for investigating the disappearance of this man, he will be given a shot at a new life. But the deeper Ward digs, the more he sees that this is not just a missing person's case. What he finds is a conspiracy that was centuries in the making, and a shot a redemption that could end up costing him his life.

message 11: by William (new)

William Davis | 13 comments THE SHOOTING; a Mike Gage Thriller

A shooting at an exclusive Florida high school masks an even more insidious plot. When authorities are tight-lipped about the incident’s details, anguished families retain former homicide investigator Mike Gage to find the answers they so desperately seek. Mike knew one of the dead kids, the daughter of a close associate, motivating him even more to discover what happened and why. As Gage digs into the backgrounds of the two shooters and finds that one might have been a victim of childhood abuse, an attempt on his own life tells Gage he’s on the right track. That dangerous road eventually leads to a shadily-financed school for boys, behavior-altering drugs, and a mind-warping on-line game that portends nationwide terror.

message 12: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Farrell | 704 comments You've piqued my interest William :) Very good blurb!!

message 13: by William (new)

William Davis | 13 comments Thanks. Worked on it and worked on it. Have a couple of other versions. Every promo site wants something different.

message 14: by Jen Pattison (new)

Jen Pattison | 409 comments Get Out of Debt Hell: I did it, and so can you
Get Out of Debt Hell I did it, and so can you by Jen Pattison

“How could I have been so stupid?”

That was Jen Pattison’s overwhelming thought when reflecting on too many years of living on the edge with overspending and juggling credit payments. It all collapsed when an unexpected crisis happened in her life. This is a familiar story for many people, and she will help to guide you out of the debt problems that have blighted your life with practical solutions and ways to save money. She will help you to think more deeply about what led you into overspending, by casting a critical eye on the insecurities in modern British life and the subtle and insidious forces that seduce customers into spending on things that they don’t need - aspects that are common in other countries too.

This is a call to everyone struggling with debt to break free of this hell – becoming debt-free will liberate you, improve your life and you will never look back. No matter how much you owe, you can do it!

message 15: by William (new)

William Davis | 13 comments Compelling blurb. Should interest your target audience.

message 16: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments Dog! You'll Never Look At Your Dog the Same Way Again. by Mike Robbins

Dog!: You'll Never Look At Your Dog the Same Way Again.

Bazza is an easy-going middle-aged college lecturer with a taste for weed, porn, beer and redheads. When he adopts a rescue dog, he sees nothing odd about the animal. Then a Himalayan monk comes to visit, and senses something strange.

Dog! is a powerful story of love and loss, sin, redemption and dog mess. You’ll never see your pet the same way again.

Note: Some adult material - and perhaps not for the very religious.

message 17: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments The Nine Horizons Travels in Sundry Places by Mike Robbins

The Nine Horizons: Travels in Sundry Places

In 1987 Mike Robbins, a young journalist in London, felt restless and decided to travel. He never really stopped. In the quarter century that followed he lived and worked in countries as diverse as the world itself.

The pieces in this book take the reader from rural Sudan to the headwaters of the Amazon, from Semana Santa in Quito to Buddhist temples in the Himalayas, across Bhutan on a motorbike, into the ancient souk of Aleppo, to the steppes of Central Asia and finally to New York. Along the way there is Ethiopian gin, a sex tourist in Moscow, Kyrgyz women in cycling pants, a surreal toilet in Brussels, echoes of slavery in Brazil, and an encounter with Helen of Troy in Third Avenue. The Nine Horizons is an anarchic snapshot of a troubled but beautiful world in transition.

message 18: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments Three Seasons Three Stories of England in the Eighties by Mike Robbins

Three Seasons: Three Stories of England in the Eighties

A washed-up trawler captain. A sleek young businessman. And the Master of an Oxford college. Through these three characters, all beautifully drawn, Mike Robbins has created a vivid picture of the 1980s, a divisive era of great change.

Three Seasons is a book of three novellas, unconnected with each other, but all set in the south of England in the 1980s.
In Spring, a middle-aged Hull trawler skipper, his great days gone, has one last throw of the dice in a South Coast port.

In Summer, an ambitious young man makes his way in the booming Thames Valley property market, unconcerned with the damage he does to others.

In Autumn, the Master of an Oxford college welcomes his two sons home, but they awake difficult memories from half a century before.

Three Seasons is about the Thatcher era in Britain, but it is not about politics. These three stories are portraits of a country and its people on the verge of change.

message 19: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments The Lost Baggage of Silvia Guzmán by Mike Robbins

The Lost Baggage of Silvia Guzmán

When Silvia’s country falls apart after a coup, she flees to London. Picked up by the police, she is dumped for weeks in a bed-and-breakfast with a crazy landlady, then rescued by cold intellectuals. She finds she is a nuisance to one side and a cause to the other, with no dreams, family or opinions of her own. Until she meets another, earlier, refugee; and then she has a surprise for everyone.

The Lost Baggage of Silvia Guzmán is a story of flight, loss and the pain of exile. But it is also a sideways look at liberal London – perceptive, caustic and sometimes very funny.

message 20: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments Even the Dead Are Coming by Mike Robbins

Even the Dead Are Coming

In 1987 Mike Robbins, a 30-year-old London journalist, decided on a change of lifestyle and signed up for two years as an overseas volunteer. Some weeks later he found himself standing with his luggage in the middle of a featureless baked-earth plain in Eastern Sudan. It was over 100 deg F in the shade. And there was no shade.

This is Robbins's account of the two years that followed, working with the Sudan Government in the last months of a failed democratic experiment, as the country coped with hundreds of thousands of refugees in the aftermath of the 1980s famine. But it is also a personal account of life as a development volunteer in a surprising, sometimes inspiring, country.

message 21: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments Crops and Carbon Paying Farmers to Combat Climate Change by Mike Robbins

Crops and Carbon: Paying Farmers to Combat Climate Change

Rich countries are paying poor countries to fight climate change on their behalf - and one way they are doing it is through carbon sinks. These are reservoirs of organic carbon tied up in plants and in the earth, rather than being in the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. This book looks critically at this mode of climate change mitigation. Can it work? Is it just? Will poorer countries benefit?

The book considers the scientific, economic and ethical basis for this type of mitigation. Previous attention has been focused mainly on reducing emissions from deforestation and land degradation (REDD), but this book is one of the first attempts to examine the potential for carbon sinks in agriculture in crop plants and the soil. In assessing this, the author examines exactly how north-south climate mitigation trading works, or does not, and what the pitfalls are. It highlights the complex relationship between agriculture, particularly different forms of farming systems, and the mitigation of climate change.

The arguments are backed up by original research with farmers in Brazil to demonstrate the challenges and prospects which these proposals offer in terms of payments for environmental services from agriculture through carbon trading.

message 22: by Mike (new)

Mike Robbins (mikerobbins) | 290 comments Tim wrote: "In Sights: The Story of a Welsh Guardsman

In Sights is one man's journey from boyhood to manhood, ultimately finding himself in the theatre of war. It is a journey littered with co..."

Good luck with this, Tim. Any plans for an eBook version?

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Michael Fattorosi | 477 comments

“Resurrection of the Scrolls”

A historical thriller tracing one family’s thousand-year journey from the Norman conquest of Italy through the First Crusade, their rise in power in Ravello, to their relationship with the Vatican to modern day America. It exposes one of church’s best-kept secrets that, if revealed, could shake the Vatican to its core and destroy the Catholic faith.

“Resurrection of the Scrolls,” is based on actual historical events.

message 24: by Jen Pattison (new)

Jen Pattison | 409 comments William wrote: "Compelling blurb. Should interest your target audience."
Thanks William! Sorry, I missed your comment earlier.

message 25: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer | 593 comments Net Switch by Denise Baer

She is trying to get out of the mental institution. He wants to keep her in. The only possibility for her release is to hand over her prize possession—her journal, but can she trust him with her secrets?

In the dead of winter, Sydney Hayes finds herself in an internet chat room in hopes of expelling her loneliness. Enchanted by a stranger, she soon finds herself caught up in an affair that spills over into her everyday life. Within a short period of time, the stranger captures her mind, her body and eventually her heart, but excitement turns to terror and Sydney must abandon the life she built in Chicago and assume a new identity.

A fragile woman in a new city, Sydney tries to put it all behind her as she makes a fresh start in Seattle, but her troubles follow her and she is running out of time. Feeling as though she has no other choice, Sydney is determined to destroy him before he destroys her—unaware that her journal holds the key.

Will she discover the secret before it’s too late?

message 26: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer | 593 comments Fogged Up Fairy Tale by Denise Baer

Brand Rye’s life has come to a halt. She’s lost everything—even her memory. After spending time in the hospital, Brand returns home to a husband she doesn’t remember, and a life that has disappeared overnight. Her husband, Easton, provides Brand with bits and pieces of her past while she tries to put it all together.

As Brand learns about her life, she begins to realize that she isn’t the person she hopes to be... or is she?

Alcohol and loss are what brought Easton and Brand together. Once out of rehab, Easton offered Brand a place to stay for a price. With nothing left to lose but her sarcasm, Brand took him up on his offer, which began a whirlwind of adventure, sexual tension and their fairy tale of love.

Is Brand’s second chance too late? Or will she be able to cope with the secrets as they’re revealed?

message 27: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Thomas | 86 comments Michael wrote: "

“Resurrection of the Scrolls”

A historical thriller tracing one family’s thousand-year journey from the Norman conquest of Italy through the First Crusade..."

Sounds compelling, Michael. I'm a sucker for anything historical.

message 28: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Thomas | 86 comments Tim wrote: "In Sights: The Story of a Welsh Guardsman

In Sights is one man's journey from boyhood to manhood, ultimately finding himself in the theatre of war. It is a journey littered with co..."

Very interesting, Tim, and a thought-provoking observation about how relatively few men see war in this day and age, which is especially true among Western nations.

message 29: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Thomas | 86 comments The Bulls of War

For love. For war. For honor. For vengeance.

For all.

Spanning vistas from majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and barren plains in the north to sweltering deserts, raging seas, and rain-soaked shrublands in the south, The Bulls of War is the first book of E.M. Thomas's epic Chronicles of the Andervold Thrones.

Follow this sweeping tale of an empire on the precipice of war with its hated rival, a fragile truce teetering on the edge of a sword. Watch as tens of thousands of troops stand at the ready, only an order away from battles on a scale unseen in centuries. Beware as some factions within the Imperial capital fight to keep the peace, others shirking no scheme, murder, or terror in their quest to trigger war - a war some fear could rend their divided empire apart.

It is in the midst of this dangerous game of brinksmanship that Generals Tyghus and Kyrus soon find themselves. Against a backdrop of deceit and suspicion, of blood and tears, of power and glory, their friendship is put to the ultimate test as they struggle to save their country, themselves, and those they love - all while battling their own tortured pasts.

message 30: by William (new)

William Davis | 13 comments Not my genre but sounds intriguing. Something like the Game of Thrones?

message 31: by E.M. (new)

E.M. Thomas | 86 comments William wrote: "Not my genre but sounds intriguing. Something like the Game of Thrones?"

Thanks, William. Yes, certainly more akin to the GoT-style of fantasy than a typical high/epic fantasy. Big cast, lots of political machinations to go with the battles and such, etc. With only a few tweaks, it could very easily be a historical fiction about Ancient Rome in the same way GoT could be one about the War of the Roses.

message 32: by Tim (new)

Tim Rees | 732 comments E.M. wrote: Very interesting, Tim, and a thought-provoking observation about how relatively few men see war in this day and age, which is especially true among Western nations.

Thanks, EM. Appreciated.

message 33: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Farrell | 704 comments Here is the blurb for my latest book...Realm of Shadows

Realm of Shadows by Eldon Farrell

Hope is lost.

On a small island off the coast of North Carolina the unthinkable has happened; 400 people have vanished without a trace. So far every government investigation has been stymied in their attempts to explain the sudden mass disappearance. Now as the public clamor for answers the very people tasked with finding them start to disappear as well, leaving many to wonder if what caused the vanishing is still lurking on the island?

Consumed by darkness.

Caleb Fine is a changed man. The events of Toronto have left him wracked by guilt and filled with a barely constrained rage. The search for the Toymaker is no longer about justice for him—the killer has made it deeply personal. Now nothing and no one—including the FBI—will stand in his way.

In the realm of shadows…

Following a trail of obscure riddles and scant clues, Caleb finally discovers where the Toymaker has gone to ground. With the aid of his partner, Li Ling Tran, he heads into the unknown to find that in the shadows of his soul, a promise softly spoken has become tragically true.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Previews of this as well as my second book Taken are now available here on Goodreads. Enjoy!

message 34: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Rodaughan Here is the blurb for my first book, A Subtle Agency.

A Subtle Agency (The Metaframe War, #1) by Graeme Rodaughan

Hunting Anton Slayne?

Just get in line behind the Boston Police Department, Chinese Triads, the Shadowstone Organization, the Red Empire and the Vampire Dominion.

Witness to a brutal murder, Anton is inducted into the Order of Thoth by the mysterious Mr Wu. He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters, determined Boston Police Detectives, and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic vampire, General Chloe Armitage.

When mastery over Anton’s soul is at stake, survival is the least of his problems

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Michel Poulin This is the blurb of my latest ebook:


February, 1941 : German submarines are squeezing the vital maritime lifelines that allow Great Britain to stay in the war. In France, Otto Kretschmer, the top German submarine ace, is on leave but is suddenly recalled to duty by Admiral Dönitz, Commander of the German submarine arm, and given command of the prototype of a new class of diesel submarine, the U-800. Adding his tactical genius as a submarine commander to the fantastic capabilities of the U-800, Otto Kretschmer soon returns to sea, leaving a trail of sunken Allied ships behind him. He will also sow mayhem on American soil, thanks to a team of elite German Army soldiers embarked on his U-800. The ultimate goal of Otto Kretschmer: to force a quick end to the war and thus cut the loss of life on both sides.

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Alexa Whitewolf | 39 comments Avalon Dreams

Short blurb: Vivienne du Lac is not your regular girl - she's a reincarnation from King Arthur's time. With no memories of the past, and no idea of her powers, danger hunts her at every corner. A mysterious stranger enters her life, only to confuse it further by stirring emotions she cannot control. The battle of good versus evil has never been this complicated - nor sexy.

Full synopsis:
Twenty-three-year-old Vivienne Du Lac has a life she thinks is perfect – except she has no idea she’s the reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake, mythical sorceress from King Arthur’s time, and Merlin’s apprentice.

Sure, she’s always had flashbacks and dreams of a different life, but never did she believe they were real.
When a chance encounter with a tall, dark and handsome stranger awakens more than memories within her, the enchantress is forced to reconsider her notion of reality, with a shadow from the past tightly closing in.

Caught between an old flame and an old foe, Vivienne quickly finds out not even closest allies can be trusted. Eventually, she must decide: will she accept the past – and all the power that comes with it – or will she reject it all for a chance at a normal life?

EDIT: genre - contemporary fantasy/romance

message 37: by William (new)

William Davis | 13 comments What is the genre? Would have liked to have had more specific mention of the 'dangers.' I think that would make both stronger.

message 38: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Whitewolf | 39 comments William wrote: "What is the genre? Would have liked to have had more specific mention of the 'dangers.' I think that would make both stronger."

Thanks William, I added the genre in :) good point!

message 39: by Stefan (new)

Stefan Vucak | 9 comments Book blurb of my latest contemporary political drama 'Legitimate Power':

On the outskirts of Jerusalem, a person digs up two ossuaries and finds a strange yellow crystal the size of a smartphone able to repair itself when scratched, and turns into a perfect mirror under laser light. Needing money, he sells it to a local merchant, who puts it on the shadow gem market. Suspecting that it is not natural, Dr. Morrison, a part-time mineral collector, purchases the crystal and discovers that he has a quantum computer device that could revolutionize the information technology industry—if it could be made to work.

A Chinese official, also indulging a hobby in rare minerals, thwarted that his bid failed, realizing the crystal’s special nature, sends a Second Bureau operative to get the crystal from Dr. Morrison using whatever means necessary. A trail of murder leads Israeli authorities to the crystal…and they send a Mossad agent to retrieve a national treasure. Learning of the crystal’s existence and its potential, the American government becomes involved, resulting in a collision of conflicting interests, leaving Dr. Morrison to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. A political drama so real, it will make you wonder if it isn’t already happening.

message 40: by Anna (new)

Anna Chant | 16 comments Blurb of my first historical novel 'Kenneth's Queen'
Kenneth's Queen

She was present at the birth of a nation.
Her descendants sit on the British throne to this day.
But history does not even record her name…

In ninth century Britain, the Picts and the Gaels fight for supremacy over the North. In one of their rare truces, a young Pict woman is reluctantly married to a Gael warrior, son of one of the great Chiefs of Dal Riata.

Leaving behind her family and the Pict lord she had hoped to marry, she travels west to the household of Alpin, where she is viewed with suspicion by many of her new kin. But it is the collapse of the truce and the indifference of her husband that leaves her position in her new land increasingly vulnerable, as war breaks out once again. Forced to forget her Pict heritage, she fears that one day she will be faced with an agonising choice between the victory of her husband or her father.

Her journey takes her from the splendours of the Fortress of Dunadd to the tranquillity of the sacred Isle of Iona, where even greater danger lurks as the terrifying Norsemen plan their own attacks. However, it seems that her hardest battle will be to win the heart of her husband, the brave, cunning and often ruthless Cinaed as he fights his way towards a destiny that could be greater than anyone imagines…

The man known to history as Kenneth Mac Alpin.

message 41: by Eldon (new)

Eldon Farrell | 704 comments That sounds real intriguing Anna :) Did it take long to research such a story?

message 42: by Michael (new)

Michael Fattorosi | 477 comments E.M. wrote: "Michael wrote: "

“Resurrection of the Scrolls”

A historical thriller tracing one family’s thousand-year journey from the Norman conquest of Italy through t..."

Thank you very much. Its contemporary and historical so it combines present day with flashbacks to 5 different time periods.

message 43: by Anna (new)

Anna Chant | 16 comments Eldon wrote: "That sounds real intriguing Anna :) Did it take long to research such a story?"

It takes a while, but research is so much easier thanks to Google! I researched the history quite thoroughly before starting, but the research tends to be ongoing, as I can't be certain of everything I'll need to know before writing.

For example I will get to a feast in the story before realising that I don't know much about what they ate. So I get to spend some more happy hours researching the 9th-century diet!

The first thing I did after the first draft is make myself a list of questions to check facts or find out anything else I need!

message 44: by Mehreen (new)

Mehreen Ahmed (mehreen2) | 1907 comments Thank you here's my blurb from Moirae


Following the stream of consciousness technique and embedded in dream allegory, Moirae depicts human predicament exploring notions of fate and religion. Set in a fantasy land, called the Lost Winds, on a planet with two moons, this story is about human oppression under a tyrannical regime which calls itself democratic. Much like our planet earth, people flee to seek protection in a place called Draviland, a long way away from the Lost Winds. Dramas pertaining to such human conditions often appear in the main character's lucid dreams and knitted in a pink honeycomb pattern. This metaphor is used to construe self-organized behavior among men, herding as they try to escape from persecution.

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Ian Miller | 11472 comments I am trying to think of another blurb for "Red Gold", which is on Kindle Countdown on Thursday. Comments to improve it are welcome.

In 2075, Mars is to be colonised, and David Gill is persuaded by a giant corporation to set up food production facilities in Hellas Planitia, supply a venture run by Robbie Newall, and come back wealthy. It is only when David gets to Mars he finds that Newall wants everything: first his wife, then his land, then he discovers Newall is generating a massive stock fraud on Earth, and he has to stop it. The mercurial Jacqui Tennant, a Space Corps pilot, could help, but she dislikes corporations. Then David learns that Newall has the only guns on Mars, and men to use them. A thriller with a touch of romance and a little economics that has enough science to show how Mars might be colonised.

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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) @Sir Ian: If you whip up a thread in the help folder, I'll totally poke and prod your blurb ^_~


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Ian Miller | 11472 comments @ Annie, The help folder? Where exactly do you mean?


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Alex (asato) On the Help: outside the cover docusion group

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Annie Arcane (anniearcane) @Sir Ian: Awesome Alex is da man.

@Awesome Alex: You are awesome sauce.

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Ian Miller | 11472 comments Sorry, can't find a cover discussion group. The search engine is not very good.

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