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Milon of Croton is the most famous athletes in Antiquity. Everyone has heard of his winnings and of his exploits.

He eats more than eight kilograms of meat every day. Some even say that he even carried an adult bull on his shoulders, all the way to the Olympic stadium, where he slaughtered and devoured it. Yet, he is also a musician and a poet, as well as a student of the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras.

Read more about Milon.

Milon has been boasting of all his accomplishments in the Olympics and how he can best anyone in games of skill or chance.

Here's your chance to beat Milon's boasts!

How to Play
Milon will make a boast to your teams thread.

"Milon boasts that he once read 4 books over 500 pages for a single wheelathon word."

If you meet or beat Milon's boast then you receive one Omni Sack Bonus to be used during Wheel-a-thon or saved til a later Wobble event. Note that there is no guarantee of what they will be used for in future events.

Boasts will be posted at random intervals through the rest of the challenge. You may not fulfill a boast with a word submitted earlier than the boast was posted.

Fulfill your Boast
Enter on your Boast spreadsheet page:
1) What boast is fulfilled
2) What word is being used to fulfill it (and what repeat # of the word)
3) What # reward you'd like to claim
Note: Rewards do not need to be claimed immediately.

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Wheelathon Omni Bonus List
Each bonus may only be chosen once.

A) 1 free book from travel agent
B) Lower bonus level by 1 (request from mod)
C) Request re-spin (request from mod)
D) Use a different language title than read for the letter
E) Use last letter of word instead of first
F) Change color of one color task
G) Change task of one color task
H) Use a different cover than the edition read
I) Use a text color in the place of an item on cover
J) Use an item on cover in place of color in title
K) Replace 1 letter with one of your choice
L) Use a book twice in the same word
M) Use a book a different team has read
N) Use a book of less than 100 pages
O) Get all new Color bonuses (request from mod)
P) Spin for a new word without completing the color bonus (request from mod)
Q) Use an author's middle name/initial

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