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Kakuzu warped into a different world than his as he ended up next to a ally while on his knees taking a breather. He looked around as he saw people around him. He had to get himself bend in as he looked at one of the homeless man while silently killing him as he took his jacket as some sort of police officers were not too far away from him

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Kakuzu tried not to make a scene. He if it wanst for the mask or the shades it would have been pretty darn noticable. Considering he had glowing green eyes and his mouth was sewed up. He wasnt sure what his mission was going to be but he had to gather information on this realm as he got closer to the crime scene to the yellow flagging

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Kakuzu looked around as everyone else seemed really busy that they didnt pay attention to the burnt fire. Maybe he could easily escape the crowd if he was able to cause a distraction. He slowly went through as he made closer to the house while everyone was off focus.
"Okay...." kakuzu spoke while starting to wave his hand motion.
"Fire sytle, burning dragon flame jitsu" he said as he lit the burnt house with fire again as he made his way out.
"This should distract them"

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(Gtg for a bit)

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