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maisie Tadaa ^.^

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maisie So I was thinking we could start off with character sheets ?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Sure. ^.^ Detailed or simple?

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maisie i think my characters are already made w detailed history and personalities if thats okay?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments That's great! I will need to add a bit of detail to mine. ^.^

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"Leave me alone"

[Fᴜʟʟ Nᴀᴍᴇ] Edra Walker
↪ Nicknames: Ed

[Aɢᴇ] 19 (truly 19, but she is immortal)
↪ Date of Birth: July 16

[Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ] Female
↪ Sexuality: Heterosexual
↪ Relationship Status: Single

Works behind the scenes at a library, can be called a librarian.

Poison Generation
Shadow/Reflection Manipulation
Heightened Abilities: meaning that she could hear, smell, and see far better than any average person.

[Sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs] Mutant


Edra holds a dull beauty, one that isn't enough to seduce or practically blind, but rather a subtle naturalness that always seems to surprise you after studying her a while. Her rawness of a different beauty catches a different light. Her dusty brown hair fits a couple inches after her delicately curved shoulders, matching the lightness of the rest of her body, including her skin tone and gray eyes. Her face is angled rather sharply, not enough to cut like a knife, but a softened, polished sharpness. Her build is made up of an average size, muscles stringing across her skinny limbs. She weighs around a hundred and fifteen pounds, bordering the height of 5'7.
(Face claim: Johanna Kuchta)


She looked like an everyday face you'd see, that one dully colored stranger among hundreds, not too particularly special or memorable. You've probably seen her already, or perhaps thought you did, but by now her face is already watering until it's too murky to figure out any noticeable features. She's easily forgettable, now isn't she? That was how many people, including Edra herself, saw her as. Why does she think in such a cynical way? Well, the story of her recoiling words start from the beginning, the root. Her family. How she was brought up.

At home, her family would gather at the dinner table, the personality of it all impossible for anybody not to smile. The joyous conversations filled the house with lively energy, and Edra would often find herself openly participating. However, in later years, she realized that nobody was listening to her. They were looking away. They were listening to somebody else. They were in the middle of something. Always something. Ed then questioned just why, her attitude mainly curious on why she was the only one neglected. She then decided later on that her words mean nothing to anybody. But actions can.

There are exactly two ways to fight through the brick wall that Edra hides behind, the first being constant effort, and the second being a battle. If you fight Edra, you draw out her ferociousness as well as confidence. In fighting, she feels comfortable and knows exactly what she is doing, and so if you catch her at the wrong time with the wrong mood, she will be able to do things to get you to leave her or anybody she loves, alone.

Despite how she usually acts, Edra can be quite the fire cracker, and knows exactly how to take care of others and herself. Don't assume you knw everything about Ed because another thing that she loves is to prove people wrong; just in her own time and when she wants.

Edra likes to equip herself with many, many types of weapons hidden where she could reach, so in other words, clipped in on her limbs, covered with clothing articles. This includes throwing knives carefully fastened in strategic areas. With other types, like more bulkier items, Ed always seems to wear two thin, twin swords strapped to her back, and a bow and arrow sometimes slung across her shoulder or attacked to her backpack. The rest? Concealed in the packs that her horse, Arrow, carries.

Edra enjoys most of what others don't. She enjoys the company of nobody, or anything save for creatures, and mother nature. What does she do? Contemplate. Anything else? Write down her thoughts. And? Watch time unravel in front of her, wondering what she would become of.

The rest including hiding behind the scenes and helping others without taking credit. This was one of the few things that made her smile, truly that is. Another includes the fact that she enjoyed observing the different faces of the strangers that pass her by, never noticing the watchful eyes.

Eye contact. It terrifies her to the point where she mastered the practice of narrowing places to look at including the floor, her shoes, and any other inanimate objects. What a shame nobody ever really saw those beautiful eyes, a gray so deep and striking, nothing, not even a storm could compare.
(the rest to be rp'ed)

Manipulating the colors around her until she is only a shadow, more or less

Poison generation, only if Edra feels so threatened that she needs to kill, she can summon her body to create a poison, and releases the liquid usually through her finger tips or her hand in general.

Inhumane abilities like her agility, flexibility, and heightened senses meaning that she could hear, smell, and see far better than any average person.


Edra is obviously not very good at socializing. She is terrible at communication.

She takes too long to act sometimes, waiting for the trouble to just magically fix itself until to the point where the intensity and improtance of the issue is in a snowball effect, getting larger and larger.

Has to rely on herself, and if she only has herself, she multiplies the odds of getting attacked by a large group with a very large possibility of losing (as much as she hates to admit it).

Any sweets, it's a true wonder how she can still be as thin and lean as she is.

[Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ]

She was brought up in a rather wealthy area where money and stature meant more than anything else really. You were expected to act with only what you were taught to do, and with her parents with a great sense of proper manner, it was only natural for Edra to pick this up, even from when she was a young child. As she grew her way through flouncy dresses, ballerina fit postures, and specific word choices meant for every situation, life became too suffocating to ever really do anything right. She was never left with room to make mistakes, and when she would ever make even a slight fault, she was shunned, lectured, and even sometimes hit to show discipline. And people wonder why she's so quiet.

Though, quite the opposite would occur. Her family members would use her as a trophy, showcasing her incredible and dangerous power to anybody the Walker family wanted to impress. She would often have to stand there, faking a brilliant smile as she played along. Ed was taught to be obedient and so she acted in such a way.

Arrow, an elegant horse with a noble build, and a color matching a deep chocolate.

Arrow was found abandoned in a farm that had caught on fire. Luckily, he was just far enough from the wreckage to carry any ugly scars. Edra had been wandering the land where she heard frantic noises coming from the barn. Careful, she had found the horse, clearly frightened, and so she took him in, with the intention of letting him go to a more suitable owner. However, after three years of promising just that, she then forgotten any ideas of giving away Arrow, keeping him as a permanent companion.

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maisie Okie soo uh that might be a little more than necessary but uh aheh thats my female character

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maisie and currently reworking my dude :P

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Oh my I have a lot to add if we're going that detailed. xD

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maisie sowwyyy aheh

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments No! Don't be! I'm sorry it is taking me so long. :( I'm almost done with my girl though! ^.^

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maisie Cool still working on my guy atm ^.^

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ~Full Name~ Luna Marie Scotts
~Age~ 18
~Date of Birth~ October 31st
~Gender~ Female
~Sexuality~ Heterosexual
~Relationship Status~ Single
~Occupation~ Animal Shelter Assistant/Rescuer
~Abilities~ Spells that manipulate the elements, fire, earth, air, and water. Her strongest ability is necromancy.
~Species~ Half angel, half caster
~Appearance~ Luna had always gotten bored when she was told she had the classic angel beauty with her fair skin, icy blue eyes, and formerly blonde hair. Out of annoyance of hearing it too many times she made the rash decision at sixteen to have her hair colored a bright red and hasn't been blonde ever since. She added a tattoo on her upper arm and a piercing above her lip to add some more shock to her normally soft appearance. Standing only 5'0" her one hundred ten pound weight gives her body soft curves.

~Personality~ Luna has always been confident, but her stubbornness has always been a down fall for her. She knows she can take care of herself, because she always has, so she has always been determined that she could do it all on her own, and for the most part she normally does. After all she had to when her parents proved to be less than concerned as she grew up. Somehow the less than caring nature of her parents didn't have a negative effect on how she cared and loved her friends. When Luna becomes your friend you have someone who is fiercely loyal by your side.

~Weapons~ Luna prefers to not fight, but when push comes to shove her spells are her weapon she goes to. She is good with throwing knives and even guns, but she prefers to not use them unless in imminent danger.

~Likes~ She adores animals which is what made her start working at the animal rescue. She loves to read when she gets the chance and has a passion for photography.

~Dislikes~ Luna hated when her heart is played with. Being lied to sends her into a blinding rage and tends to make her lose trust in that person for an extended period of time.

~Strengths~ With all of her abilities the strongest has always been necromancy, or speaking to the dead. She has been able to communicate with the dead for as long as she can remember and honestly there are days she prefers them to the living. With her spells she does best with any spell that deals with fire, that is probably why she is often seen playing with fire and gives a clue to her choice of hair color.

~Weaknesses~ Luna gets scared easily. She always had to rely on herself for protection or the spirits she could speak with. It always felt ironic to her to be strong, but terrified all at the same time.

Animals. If she sees a hurt animal, she has to rescue it.

~History~ Luna's parents never expected to have children. They had tried for years to only have miscarriages and hundreds of negative pregnancy tests. By the time they were in thei late 30s they had given up on the idea of children and started living their lives, but then in their middle 40s they were surprised with a positive pregnancy test and a pregnancy that didn't fail. Luna was born perfectly healthy and stayed that way making them shocked. Of course they loved her in their own way, but they were too tired to truly deal with her by the time she was six years old, so she was often left to fend for herself.

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[ ↬ Nαмє ↫ ] William Stryker

[ ↬ Agє ↫ ] 17
ᴅᴀᴛᴇ ᴏғ ʙɪʀᴛʜ: August 8

[ ↬ Gєи∂єя ↫ ] Male
sᴇxᴜᴀʟɪᴛʏ: Heterosexual

[ ↬ Aρρєαяαиcє ↫ ]
William has curly dark hair, his dark brown strands always out of place and wild, especially when he runs a hand though it. His eyes are a light blue, flecks of golden brown occasionally dotting it. He has a fit build, muscles corded though his flesh, though not as dramatic as a body builder would. William’s features are well pronounced and strong, especially his high cheekbones and hard jawline.

[ ↬ Pєяѕσиαℓιту ↫ ]
Cool, calm, and collected; three words that have always described Will. Growing up with a workaholic father and a quiet mother, he learned to keep himself professional and quiet, speaking only when he had something important to say - this to the extreme, seeing as Will did not speak a word until after he turned seven. He isn't shy, only conscientious about giving out his words. Not everyone deserves them. And to speak the truth he knew that he was unwanted. William’s parents had needed a girl considering there were already enough sons working. They needed a girl to do the sewing, the cleaning, and the cooking.

He has always acted mature for his age, often choosing to observe rather than partake, and this has given him a greater awareness of the way people act and why. Maybe it was because of his quiet, observant nature in his younger years. Maybe it was growing up around a professional, unloving mother. Maybe it was just because William was different, and that was that. His arrogance then began to bloom inside of him outside when others surrounded him his age. He was more mature, and intelligent, and in a different environment, he wanted to be the one that everybody would always look to, and admire. Will wanted to be noticed and loved.

[ ↬ Ƥσωєяѕ ↫ ]
William holds all of the elemental abilities (Earth, air, fire and water), but not only can he manipulate, he can create
Heightened senses and quick reflexes

Sρєcιєѕ: Mutant

He has a strong build
Strategist, can plan anything
Loyal and noble
Protective of his loved ones, though doesn't have many
Controlling his powers

His loved ones
Food, can never really stop eating, and he is a teenaged boy
Small spaces
His family's history
Talking about himself

Running away from anything
Impressing others
The spotlight
Cracking jokes

His parents
Gossip, especially considering how most of them included him being the troubled son

[ ↬ нιѕтσяу ↫ ]
Will was always one that was unwanted, it was clear from even in his later childhood years. Like every other child, he loved his family dearly and unconditionally, his innocence still intact. No matter how many times his father shooed him away or his mother hurriedly marched over to another one of her sons, he loved them. But later, he had an epiphany that it really was possible that his parents didn't care for him, even more so, hated him. Everything inside of him that day shattered, painting a new canvas, one for his present and future, one that only held dark slashes and careless strokes. It was one made for an unwanted son. What was the point of life if you had nobody to live for? Instead, William lived for himself. He never then tried to make his 'parents' proud, never bothered fighting to stick up for himself, and most times, he never came home every other week. Self destruction in it's worst, at least emotionally. Will wore proud smirks and a quirk to the brow hiding the pain, to hide the suffering, and to hide the raw pain he was always going to hold tucked away within himself. He never showed any of it until he was truly alone, and covered in darkness. And why? Because he knew that he was never going to be able to fix it.

But for now, he stays with his family, waiting on the day that he is old enough to leave home. He helps out and sometimes adds to his savings, but now all he can do is simply wait...

Mother: Elle Stryker
Father: Brendan Stryker
Jonathan: oldest brother [27]
James: second oldest [25]
Noah: third oldest [20]
Jasper: youngest brother to Will [19]

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Full Name: Nathaniel Hampton
Nickname: Nate
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 5th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Computer Specialist
Abilities: When in a fight he can mimic any power that is used against him.
Species: Mutant, he assumes.
Appearance: Nate has always looked younger than he is which has made being taken seriously difficult. Standing 6'1" he is slender, but muscular. His bright green eyes are always inviting, so he often has people he doesn't know speaking to him.

Personality: Nate is a quiet person and it is often mistaken for him being shy, which he isn't he just prefers to observe people before he dives in speaking to anyone new. When he does finally get close to someone his real self comes out which he is honestly a bit of a goof ball and a hopeless romantic.

Weapons: He often just uses knives in a fight, until there is powers being used against him, then he will use those against his opponent(s).

Likes: He loves making people laugh even if it is at his own expense. He enjoys being with his friends and building computers in his free time.

Dislikes: People using what they consider humor to make fun of people. Bullying or abuse of any kind tend to make his temper flare.

Strengths: His intelligence and hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: His friends and loved ones, being too cocky.

History: Not much is known of his parents. He was dropped off at an orphanage when he was only a few hours old. Growing up in the orphanage wasn't as bad as people imagine, the owner wasn't some horribly person, she was actually a wonderful lady that treated the kids as if they were her own. Nate would return every now and then to visit her since In his eyes she was his mother.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments So sorry that took so long. >.< Had a lot going on today.

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maisie No prob :)

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maisie So I was thinking that the season could follow the pattern of overly fancy and elaborate dressing like a black tie event and when the power part of the season would be in simple combat attire ?

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments That sounds good to me! ^.^

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maisie Okay should we start? I could start if you want :P

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments If you don't mind starting that would be great. ^.^

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maisie ((this okay?))

Edra was currently being pulled by both her mother and her friends towards the many little shops that were scattered along the streets. Today seemed a bit humid with the air thick and the sunlight strong, which left Ed suffocating in both the grips of the many women around her as well as in her overly thick dress. Scowling, mostly inwardly to avoid the scolding about wrinkles and such, she allowed herself to be hauled into the next store that had the same frilly dresses and frighteningly small corsets on display. From the beginning of the morning, Edra quickly learned the strength of these women and found it easier just to succumb to their constant giddiness about what to wear to the first ball. Rolling her eyes, though happy to enter an area with cooler air, she observed the store's clothing with slight curiosity.

William was currently bored out of his mind as he made his way to the stables. There was nothing to do at the Stryker household aside from the constant bickering on how to tie a tie, and how should he know? And so despite the unruly heat, he decided to venture out and see what could be done for today. A dog was lazily napping in the corner with its floppy ears coving its eyes while the horses acknowledged Will's presence with whinnies and snorts. Perhaps a ride instead of grooming could do him some good. He worked here on a regular schedule and riding the horses was something he quite enjoyed. Heaving a saddle and bridle, he made his way to one of the horses he especially was fond of.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((Sounds good to me! Are we going to have them meet each other at the ball?))

Luna sat at the desk in the animal rescue playing with the Australian shepherd puppy in her lap. She was trying to not think about the ball coming up. She didn't mind getting dressed up in a ball gown it was the show casing of her abilities she didn't like having to deal with. She looked up when her boss asked what she was still doing there. "I'm just not ready to go home because this little girl is too cute to leave here." Her boss shook her head and told her to take the puppy and go home to start getting ready for the ball. Luna groaned and agreed since she got to take the puppy with her, she had already been debating adopting her since she hated living alone as it was.

Nate left his last customer of the day and sighed pinching th bridge of his nose. It had been a long day and the ball was still coming up that night. He enjoyed working with computers, but his days often ended up with him having a headache by the end. He hopped in his car and headed towards home to relax for the few hours he had before it all began. When he got home he took aspirin right away hoping it would help his head and make it so he wouldn't be cranky that evening.

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maisie ((Sure they could either bump into each other on the street or meet at the ball which do you think would be better?))

Edra was stuck. Her mother had insisted on trying the smallest sizes in the store and this resulted in a corset that quite literally stole her breath away as well as multiple dresses that seemed to do just about the same work. "You always want a small waist," Her mother informed her, a knowing not to add to the seriousness of it all. She then responded by turning back into the small dressing room with an exasperated huff. Yes, sometimes, Edra loved to feel beautiful but these dresses were making her seem to try too hard. After forcing her own say in the matter, Ed then picked out a much more comfortable corset along with an inky blue dress, and a back up of a pastel pink dress. There were multiple balls awaiting her family's appearance and the time to shop for even more dresses and accessories filled out her schedule. Walking out the store with the two dresses, since her mother insisted on buying them both, Ed tried to see through the tool.

It was coming close to afternoon, and the horses would need a light addition of hay in an hour or so giving Willian enough time for a quick ride. After unlocking the stall of a great stallion with nothing less than a glossy gray coat, he greeted the horse with an easy smile while sliding the saddle over his back. The stables smelled of dusty sunlight and the sweet smell of left over hay, the mixed scents floating around with a comfortable and relaxed feel. Focusing his work on also coaxing the bridle onto the horses head, Will efficiently finished his prep work, led the gray horse, Axel, out of his stall and near a mounting step. His heart always sped up with silly excitement before he would begin a ride, though he would deny and hide this around others. William liked keeping his enjoyment private. With his muscle memorization of the act, he leapt up the horse, careful not to kick him as he brought a leg over, and led the great beast out for a trip.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((The ball sounds better to me. ^.^))

Luna grabbed her purse and scooped the puppy back up as she told her boss good-bye. "Good luck, Luna." She sighed shaking her head, if she had luck on her side she wouldn't be stuck going to this thing to begin with. She knew several people always met their soulmates at these, but the whole idea made her nervous. She was mostly afraid of becoming like her parents who were soulmates, but it seemed to her their flame had flickered out.

Nate sat down at his desk and started working on a friend's laptop that had decided to stop working randomly. He sighed looking around his apartment his eyes landing on the hanging bag that contained his tuxedo for the night. He scrunched his nose up like he smelled something rotten. He began to wonder if anyone enjoyed going to these or if they all felt the way he did. He assumed the ladies may enjoy it since they got to dress up at least.

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maisie ((Okay so I'm just gonna skip to my characters getting ready and arriving to the ball :P ))

Ed had chosen to stick with the navy blue dress that flowed down as if it wasn't fabric at all but stained air. She had chosen to style her hair in an updo with just a curled strand here and there falling down to frame her face. "Simplicity at the finest," Her mother proudly beamed as if she wasn't the one who had earlier begged to get a lacy and bedazzled dress for her. The entire family had also dressed up seeing as how family would come to the ball as an audience and so naturally it took quite a bit of time to rally the whole, lively crew. However, even Ed allowed a small smile when they approached the grand palace. The entrance seemed to lure her in with the bustling energy and the glowing lights. She was completely captivated for a few moments as somebody took her hand and helped her up the steps. She snorted at the fact that people found true love in such a quick amount of time, but perhaps she could have her own fun.

William had finally been coerced to dress nicely in his black suit with a crisp, and wildly uncomfortable shirt and a neutral gray tie. The material was so scratchy it seemed to pull and bite at his skin, though, the outside seemed to look entrancing and quite homely, as if he wore this per usual. His hair hadn't really changed besides the fact that it was a little more tamed than usual. Will found the competition, or season as they called it, to be unnecessary and patronizing. It was as if all the people participating were treated as prizes to be won. Many people classified the more dangerous abilities as higher up and in demand, so he would be gawked at for sure. Maybe he could downgrade his powers to save himself, though still put on a show to keep his ego intact.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((Sounds good! ^.^))

Luna felt butterflies in her stomach as the driver pulled up to the palace. Seeing everyone with their families made everything worse for her. She looked one last time in a hand mirror she had brought to the car with her checking to make sure her hair looked perfect. The bright red strands in ringlet curls made her smile. She set the mirror aside when someone opened her door for her and helped her out asking if her family was behind her, smiling sadly she shook her head, "Only me, thank you though." She smoothed out the lace overlay of her dress and looked up at the giant palace. Sighing she shook her head as she started up the stairs slowly.
((Luna's dress (view spoiler)

Nate had gotten ready easily and though it wasn't normal he drove himself to the palace. He didn't like being driven around, he always wanted to have his car in case he wanted to leave at any time. He adjusted his red tie against his black shirt and sighed. "Here goes nothing," he muttered to himself as he got out of his car. He jogged up the stairs of the palace ready to just get inside and get everything over with.

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maisie ((can't use google so I'll upload a picture of both my characters outfits when i can, also sorry I went out yesterday and didn't come until late so sorry for the late response!!))

Edra, though falling in love with the great atmosphere, had fallen back behind her family to avoid the eyes that would travel up to the top of the stairs. She was not keen on big entrances and had expertly maneuvered herself to be mostly hidden by the big dresses of the girls in her family, and the height difference of the boys. Yes, Ed understood that the main point of people staring was just mainly curiosity and the sudden interest in noise, but still... it made her uncomfortable. Her sisters looked absolutely beautiful as they immediately scurried away to find a dashing young 'prince' as they had suggested over the course of waiting for the ball. Though she continued to grow her alarm for being left alone with the few members left of the Walker family, she managed to keep it at a low on the outside with an easy smile and bright eyes.

William definitely despised the competition, but he couldn't help but prepare himself for his grand arrival. He strategically separated from his family, and waited for them to make their annoyingly slow descent into the ballroom. As they made their way down, he slipped his hands into his pockets and stood at the top step for a moment, his lean and long build hard to ignore, especially with that dashing smirk that that matched the lavish environment around him. Will had a way of looking like he belonged, as well as knowing possibly everything, even if the situation was quite the opposite. Amiably strolling down the steps, perhaps mocking the event altogether, he scanned the area for a drink and an area where he could call his own for the evening. He was going to observe, and needed a corner to shadow himself.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((No worries! I just tried by chance with her dress and was shocked it worked lol!))

Luna smiled a little at the help from the man at the bottom of the stairs. She looked around lazily wishing she wasn't there. She felt like she stuck out like a sore thumb. She walked around slowly smiling slightly when someone would smile at her. Grabbing a drink that was offered by a server she went to find somewhere to sit down.

Nate wandered around the ball room slowly looking around at all the people. He was already bored with it and wasn't looking forward to the competition. He would rather someone fall in love with him and not his abilities drawing them to him. He headed towards an empty table to sit and relax for awhile before it all started.

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maisie ((Lol! I was also thinking that during balls it would be more for socializing but some people can show off a sneak peek of their powers, and then the day after would be like in an arena where people fight/show off what they can do.. is that a good idea or nah xP ))

Edra after shuffling behind her family and the incoming groups of families that somehow continued to pour through the door, she watched the crowd, and habitually scrutinized everybody's faces. Some looked obviously vexed at this event while others were practically glowing with giddiness, this pertaining more towards the smug men and overly decorated women. She was more in the middle of it all, her opinion contradicting even to herself, and continued marking the faces of all that stood before her. Perhaps an ally in this mess would nicely do, but too bad she was god awful at starting up conversations, especially with the opposite gender. Glumly sighing at this thought, Ed accepted a bubbling drink that a servant gently nudged her way. Subtly sniffing at the top, she wondered what she was just given.

William was perplexed at the sight of a very bright redhead that seemed to look as if she would rather be taking a nap. Furrowing his brows, he wondered how she could have that much of a vibrant colored hair. Curiously tilting his head, he continued to compare the browns, and blondes to the vivid red that seemed to.. well he couldn't put his finger on what it exactly seemed to do. And that bothered him. What was that color doing? He didn't know, and that is something very rare. Sliding another drink in a hidden manner, he sipped the fizzy drink while contemplating on the rest of the members of the ball, though the red continued to appear in the corners of his eyes.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((That sounds good to me. ^.^ Are they actually fighting or just showing what they can do?))

Luna looked at the drink in her hand and used her finger swirling in circles above it to make it stir itself. She couldn't tell what all was mixed in it, but saw them separating which was why she began to stir. Sighing she looked around her eyebrows knitted together when she felt eyes on her. Turning her head she saw a dark haired boy standing off towards the side. She tilted her head slightly curious why he would be looking at her. Her eyes met his briefly before she blushed and turned away.

Nate's wandered aimlessly around. Most of the girls running into the other that he saw. Until his eyes fell on a girl who seemed less than enthused to be there. He smiled slightly to himself seeing the simple curls accentuate the soft features of her face. Her eyes stood out the most to him. The grey was beautiful granted he may be attracted to the grey eyes because he loves storms and they reminded him of stormy days. He watched her closely, it seemed her family ignored her which was unusual at these, normally the people here to be show cased are being fawned over by their family. It made him wonder if she was dragged here and wasn't actually part of the whole ordeal.

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maisie ((I was thinking about doing this main event where there would be a maze and all the participants would have to go in and either tag/attack one another and the objective is to get something in the middle, and then after that there will be little events so it could be both))

Eventually and discreetly setting the untouched drink down on a little table near the lounge area, Edra threaded her way through the giant crowds in hopes of finding a familiar face. Most looked familiar of course, she's seen them around, but not enough to join into their conversations. And so, she ended up talking to one of her brothers, which at the moment, stood free of any dates or date to be's.
"How about a pity dance?" She suggested, seeing his handsome face looking like he was recently rejected. Perhaps so, Edra was a great reader of faces. She was close to some family members, and her brothers was included in this small list.
Nodding with relief, they went to the dance floor and danced with easy conversation, most of which included making fun of those around them. Though when she looked around for another to loosely make fun, her eyes collided with a stranger that stared back. Now that... was very strange. Nobody ever really returned her stare. At a loss of words, she forgot her brother and continued to stare back, her mouth left barely open in bewilderment.

William seeing as how he made the redhead blush decided to walk over and have some fun. Smirking as how he already got a girl to smile, he lithely crossed the dance floor and nodded at the girl.
"You seem to be having a grand old time," He started, as he looked back at the room to indicate what he was going on about. As he came closer to the redhead, he noticed that the girl was all about color. Her hair was a red, her eyes a blue, and her dress a purple. Though through the multiple colors and the obvious height difference, she looked tougher than most with her tattoo and piercing above her lip. What else could surprise him? Maybe her ability, and with this managed to lose himself in thought as he awaited for her response. Maybe like her hair, had something to do with fire. Impatient and wanting to know, he then asked before the girl could respond.
"So red, what's your ability?"

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Luna looked up surprised he had come over. Laughing a bit at his first comment she was about to answer when he asked about her abilities making her laugh stop. She never volunteered the fact her strongest ability was necromancy because even for the lives they all led it still scared most for whatever reason. "Don't most people ask names before jumping to the abilities?" She teased a little as she turned her blue eyes to lookin his dark eyes. Looking around she found no harm in showing him. Snapping her fingers she conjured a flame in the palm of her hand. Luna played with fire for a moment before using her lips to blow it out with her air manipulation. The strength of the wind even though she barely blew made the dresses and hair of some of the field nearby ruffle and mess up. "I can also manipulate water and earth. What about you?" She had to stop herself from using his name that one of the spirits had whispered to her when he came over.

Nate chuckled slightly to himself seeing the shocked look on the girl's face when she caught eye contact with him. He gave her a slight nod, finishing his drink he stood up, and walked out on to the dance floor straight towards her. She had gotten his attention and her reaction intrigued him. Once he was close enough he flashed a charming smile to her and turned to the guy she was dancing with, well had been dancing with their eye contact seemed to have thrown her off, "May I cut in?"

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maisie ((Great ! :) Lol I was thinking about Harry Potter and stole their idea))

Edra, countless times, has been scolded at staring, but even for her to stare at the boy for that long seemed strange, even to her. Breaking off her gawking, she tried to control her rattled nerves with an easy grin back at her brother but she had managed to step on his foot... again. Biting the inside of her cheek with frustration, she probably looked like a flustered wreck to the guy who was staring, and this continued to throw her off until she just couldn't focus on the dance. Thank goodness the dance stopped, well at least, until the stranger cam over. Ed was definitely at a loss of words, while her brother chimed in a "Sure" for her seeing that he finally found his date. Glaring at the back of his head for leaving her alone, she then turned back to the stranger to observe just exactly who he was, but in a friendly manner, of course. She just hoped she wouldn't be as shy as she usually was.

So she was coolheaded in a conversation, strange, he thought, wondering how he had made her blush so easily from afar. Though he then smiled at himself for calling her coolheaded after seeing her conjure a fire.. then the other elements. Laughing a bit at her abilities he then added, "Well guess we're in the same boat because I have the same powers," Then with a lazy type of sigh, blew out the combination of all four elements, though subtle enough to only have the girl see. The fire curled around the water while the air kept little particles of dirt up from falling on the marble floor, all looking like he blew over a little part of the world towards her, though they managed to disappear before they got to the girl, and simply ceased to exist.
"The name's William," He then stated, then waited for Red's name. Oddly, at least to others, he didn't give the nickname Will. He just didn't. Not even he knew the reason to that, but perhaps it was because the full name William gave him a sense of power in the formality.

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Luna watched curiously when he said they had the same abilities. She smiled watching the ball of elements appear. "You can create them all? I can do fire, wind, and water not earth yet. I can just manipulate the earth around me." She smiled and looked in his eyes, "Nice to meet you William, I'm Luna."

Nate smiled a little seeing the glare, "I'm sorry to have bothered you. If you prefer I can let you continue dancing with him?" Even though he had asked he was waltzing away with her slowly still looking in her eyes curiously. "I also didn't mean to shock you with my staring. I normally don't stare, but your eyes caught my attention." He smiled down at her.

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maisie "He's my brother, and is with his on and off again date," She snorted, though kept this a little softer than usual. He was off to drool after the rather moody girl that he was so fond of, and she wondered just how that moose could reveal such raw emotion for a girl that obviously manipulated it from time to time. Regaining her guarded stance though, she kept her eyes trained on the man before her, but every so often would flick them away. She sometimes had trouble with eye contact, and since they were close in a dance, was more magnified.
"It's alright," She laughed, "Well that's ironic considering how your eyes seem to be glowing."
Feeling a bit more comfortable, she also added, "Is that because of your ability?"

William nodded at the girl when she gave her his name. Luna, yet again, not what he expected.
"Ah, you see, you need a master, such as I, in order to fully gain control over these abilities," He joked, standing up straighter to emphasize. He would never reveal that the only reason his powers were so easily commanded was due to the fact that in his childhood, he never really had anything else to do. Of course, he felt that nobody really needed to know something that private of himself. His powers had come in surprisingly early in his childhood years, in fact earlier than most, giving him more time to practice. He then shifted the topic over to the girl, knowing that he felt more inclined to listen rather than talk. William, yes is a haughty guy that loves to have some fun, but surprisingly enough, doesn't always want the spotlight. Most of the time, but not all.
"So what's your stance on the season," he asked, laying more stress on the word season.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments "A master, huh?" She laughed taking a sip of her drink. She watched him with how confident he was and smiled. Confidence was one thing she adored in people. "My honest opinion? They are archaic and ridiculous. The ball I understand sort of, but the show case and contest? Ridiculous." She looked at him, "What about you? You look as thrilled to be here as I do." She moved the curls off her shoulder revealing her tattoo more which was a skull surrounded by roses.

"I take it you are not a fan of his sort of date then?" He smiled as he spun her around slowly as they moved. He had glanced towards the girl's brother and his friend. He seemed moony over her, but that wasn't his concern. He looked back into her grey eyes. Laughing he shook his head, "No, my eyes are just bright for some reason, they always have been. I'm Nathaniel by the way or you can call me Nate."

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maisie Nathaniel, or rather Nate, seemed to know his way around a dance floor and spun Edra around smoothly, and with great ease. He must know enough about dance, unlike herself.
"Oh," She responded, laughing at how she just told a man she never met until now how glow-y his eyes were. Wonderful. Appreciating the switch of topic, she added her own opinion,"My stupid cow of a brother does not understand how dangerous girls can be, and that girl has him in the palm of her hand. She is obviously playing around with him, and yet, he is still practically blind with puppy love," Huffing, she rolled her eyes at how her brother continued to make a fool of himself,swooning as well as pining.
"Though he's strong, and finds love easy. Once he understands rejection, he'll find another girl to yearn for," Laughing at how ridiculous her brother was, she turned her head back to face Nate.
Replying to the introduction as well, she added, "I'm Edra, but most people just call me Ed,"
The nickname of her's sounded one belonging to a boy named Eddie, or Edwards, and she strangely loved it. Understanding that the topic of conversation seemed to revolve around her and her brother, she asked him with a teasing nudge,"So you're pretty good at dancing. You take secret classes or something of the likes?"

"Ah, I knew you were spunky," He grinned, playing fun at the insults Luna threw, "But it pains me when you horribly abuse something I fully believe in. Why, the season is utterly spectacular,"
Though that last part was, yet again, another jet of his. He had then splayed a hand on his heart, feigning torment. William's eyes then wandered to Luna's tattoo, which stood out as black as night against such a pearly complexion. Discerning the skill from the roses, he pondered on what it meant to Luna as he forced his eyes to return to Luna's face.
"I am thrilled to be here," He continued, "Though I would like to be in more comfortable clothing and in a more relaxed setting that didn't include candles on the walls that I earlier just missed walking into,"
Slipping his hands back into his pockets, he nodded over at the candle that was held in a golden claw, with a shrug showing off that maybe clumsiness could be a part of his disposition.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Laughing Luna shook her head, "What have away my spunkiness? The fact that I'm the only person here with bright unnaturally colored hair?" She looked over to him again. Giggling Luna shrugged, "Well I guess your hiding in the shadows confused me. I tend to hide in shadows when I don't want to be some where, but here it seemed like a bad idea since my bright hair makes it impossible to hide anyway." She saw his eyes on her tattoo and heard one of the spirits telling her what he thought which made her purse her lips. When he looked back to her face she relaxed her lips then looked towards the wall, "Well you just shouldn't have grown so tall," she teased. "I wouldn't have that issue personally since I'm on the short side." She smiled.

Nate raised his eyebrows when she ranted about her brother falling in and out of love so easily. "So is it the fickleness of your brother you don't like or the girls? Or a mix? Sounds like it is mostly the girls, but you get pissed with him too." He laughed a little shaking his head. He didn't know how siblings normally interacted since it was all very different at an orphanage rather than with your real families. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Ed." He smiled softly down at her. "Oh no you caught me! I absolutely take private dance lessons have for years." He teased smiling bigger, "I actually learned with friends when we were bored at the orphanage. Our mom, care giver, whatever you want to say taught us all because she knew this would happen one day for us."

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maisie ((Awesome :D ))

"Perhaps both," Edra finally replied, though smiled when Nate returned a joke back. She wondered why exactly he was so interested in her relationship with one of her brothers until he mentioned the fact that he was brought up in an orphanage. Hoping to lighten the topic, Ed gathered her nerves and added another one of her friendly pokes, "I mean with those those moves, I assure you, there's a professional ballet career out there for you,"
Hopefully she wasn't being too forward with him, seeing as how Edra usually only found it comfortable to be like this with close friends. It surprised her though when she realized how... easy it was to talk to Nate. She wasn't blushing every time she spoke, and she could meet his eye, at least from time to time. She felt rather, bold, with how eloquent this conversation was going.

Nodding as how Luna began to reply with the same type of goofiness that usually only William had in the conversation, he listened intently to her words. He had originally thought that today's ball would have been a bit drab, but perhaps, the previous ones he had attended was just with the wrong people.
"Yeah, I mean you're tiny," He teased, while bringing a hand to hold out right above her head.
William stood in between thickly muscled and lean, and so with his height, he seemed like after a childhood of having lanky limbs, he seemed to finally have nicely grew them in. From years of working on his build and endurance, he found that he could rely on himself alone, and without his powers, in a fight. He hoped he wasn't too tall for Luna as he slid his hand down until it was a waiting gesture for Luna to take his hand for a dance.
"How about a dance from the lovely, mean girl that seems to like to tease me?" He suggested, as he made a pointed look to the growing population on the dance floor.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Luna wasn't pleasantly surprised that she was able to be herself with William. Normally she hid her sarcastic side, but he seemed like he would appreciate it. She looked at his hand sitting right above her head, "Ever thought you were unnaturally tall? Plus I'm wearing heels," she held her dress up slightly to show her five inch high stilettos and smirked looking up at him. She tossed her curls behind her shoulder and looked at his hand skeptically at first, but finally placed her hand in his, "Sure a dance sounds nice. And if it gets too boring we can throw fireballs at people's feet." She giggled letting him lead her to the dance floor. She felt butterflies in her stomach when his hand landed on her waist for them to start dancing. She smiled being this close she could smell his cologne and she tilted her head trying to place the smell, "Sandalwood in your cologne?"

Nate smiled brighter, "I'm not sure I could take the tights that ballet would require." He winked at her. "What about you what would you do professionally that no one would guess?" He looked at her a minute debating, "Hmm I know! Secretly you are a punk rock chicks right? I bet you can play guitar, but you're always told it isn't lady like maybe? Or am I way off?" Obviously he was grasping at anything and he just wanted to make her laugh really. She seemed very unhappy being here and like he made her nervous. Or maybe it was something entirely different that he wasn't thinking of.

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maisie Offering a small laugh that slipped past her lips, she then straightened her features and nonchalantly replied, "I'd like to discover fame by becoming a burly wrestler that calls to the name of 'The Destroyer',"
Nodding her head assertively at that, she tipped her chin up as if to prove her point. Of course, she probably could do that if she could cheat and use her powers, but that was far from her dream. Edra had little talents that she found, and all that she wanted to do was travel the world and put them to use. She loved books, perhaps she could write one.
"But punk rock star could work as well," She added, nodding while pretending to mull over the two great, life decisions.
Peeking up to see what his response was, she tried her best to school her emotions so she could realistically play along. It was probably hard anyway seeing as how she was in a flowing gown, with her hair thrown up in curls, and the fact that she was much smaller than Nate, even with her on her heels.

"I'm not unnaturally tall," William scoffed, "I'm just tall. You know most girls appreciate my height,"
Frowning as he looked over to see if he had an audience, seeing as he almost always did. Trying to find a girl that he had caught the attention of, he tilted his head to the girl to prove his point. She had cast him a rather cat like smile, something that William did to others. Turning back to Luna, he lead her to spin, his arms easily reaching over her head to guide which way she needed to go. They were spinning this way and that, sometimes completely apart then coming back together. The dance was intricately woven, with long fingers reaching out in the air, while dresses were being spun to splay out in their grandeur.
"Quite honestly I'm not sure," Will answered with a grin that looked secret only between the two, "Nicked the cologne from my brother's closet,"

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Nate grinned when she heard her laughter. It was almost musical the way it twinkled out of her. "Hmm I could see you being The Destroyer. Question is, are you a destroyer of bodies or hearts?" He smirked a little. Noticing the dance floor becoming more crowded he looked down at Ed as she proclaimed a punk rock star may not be so bad either. Laughing he nodded, "I knew it, I bet you would be absolutely amazing at it too." He smiled at her as he got pushed closer. He laughed softly catching her before she got knocked over by his weight, "Woukd you like to get a drink or something instead? It's a bit crowded over here."

"Who said I didn't appreciate your height? You poke fun of my shortness I will poke fun of your tallness." She blinked tallness sounded odd, but she shrugged it off. She looked at the girl he pointed out that was most likely admiring his height and she rolled her eyes a bit, "I don't get jealous fair warning if you think I am going to be. Being what I am I'm used to attention too I just usually ignore it, but you're actually interesting," she smiled as they danced amongst the other sort couples spinning around the dance floor. She laughed at his admittance, "Well that works. I'm fairly sure it does, it's one of my favorite scents and I can never smell anything unless I am close to its source and you're the only one close to me. She looked up into his eyes noticing the flecks of brown in the blue and smiled softly. "You know if I wasn't wearing heels our height difference would be comical." She raised an eyebrow at him.

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maisie ((ahh good thinking lol :3 ))

"What? I can't be destroyer of both?" Edra pleasantly asked, though the calmness of the conversation swiftly changed as something became noticeably odd.
Widening her eyes as she realized that both her and Nate seemed to be toppling over in an unbalanced clutter, she stuck out a leg behind her to catch herself, but her foot never hit the marble as Nate, thankfully, caught her.
"That would be great," She agreed, acknowledging the boisterous throng surrounding them. It felt as if she would soon be overrun with high heels and knocked over with shoulders and elbows. Letting her arms fall from Nate's shoulder and hand, she then gathered the front of her dress in her hands, giving room for her legs to walk and hopefully not trip over either the dress or anything else in her path.

"Fair enough," William replied, "But me pointing out that girl over there was only supposed to be evidence of my argument. And besides, she seems like a dangerous type to mix with,"
Turning back to make another point, he observed the other girl's unnatural beauty, ranging from the oddly long hair to the amount of makeup that concealed rather than accentuated. But it was not his place to say how she should look, and smartly kept his mouth closed as to why. All in all, she wasn't much of what he would get himself into.
Laughing at the fact that they would indeed look strange dancing together without the girl's heels, he wondered out loud, "Yeah if you weren't wearing your heels, I'd be having to dance with you on my knees,"
Their conversation continued casualy, but the mention of him being interesting returned his almost forgotten arrogance as he played around some more, "But would you assume that I would try and make you jealous?"
Hoping to see a blush or smile, he looked down to see how she would respond.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments ((I was confusing myself. xD))

"Fair enough you can be a destroyer of both." He chuckled softly looking down at her.
When she agreed to get off the dance floor he placed his hand on the small of her back helping her through the crowd. Once free of the crowd he offered her his arm instead, "So a drink, food, or just a walk? Ladies choice so that you can't turn it back on me." He grinned leading her in a general direction as he waited for her choice. He kept glancing over at her surprised how easy joking around with her has been. He saw people staring as they walked, not guys and girls, "Hmm ever had the feeling you were a piece of meat rather than a being with thoughts and feelings?" He nodded pointedly to several people staring towards them.

Luna knitted her eyebrows together and looked towards the girl again, "Dangerous how? She looks more like a Barbie doll with her bottle blonde hair down to her butt and ten pounds of make-up on her face, that screams more I'm tricking you! rather than danger to me anyway." She shrugged not caring too my much about the girl. As she said jealousy wasn't her thing. And besides William was talking to her so what would there be to be jealous of? "Oh you think you're a funny man huh?" She couldn't keep the smile off her lips to pretend to be mad even if she tried. "I like being short. Granted when I get around full blooded angels it throws me off. Luckily I'm not around them often."
She debated his question for a few minutes. "Well honestly I'm so used to guys I dated before trying their best to make me jealous I began to think all guys were that way for awhile, but a friend of mine convinced me not all guys are because her husband wasn't like that." She shrugged a little, "Are you not the type to try and make a girl jealous?"

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maisie Her nerves jumped as Nate had placed a hand on her back, though on the outside, she was composed and quite relaxed. The dance floor was now quite crowded at this point, and with Edra leading, became a great struggle. She stood taller than most girls at 5'5, but navigating her way around people, and saying "Oh sorry!" to many of the people she was pushed against, it seemed to be a tedious and long task. Perhaps she should maneuver her way behind Nate, but that would also take a great chunk of time since she wasn't exactly sure where he was, just the hand on her back managed to tell her that he was somehow close. Finally free from the stress of people around her, Ed found an arm waiting for her, and soon she gladly placed her own on top.
"How about a walk?" She suggested. Edra did not trust the food here, especially considering there were many people here with abilities, and every year she hears stories on something vial coming out of the served drinks or snacks. Though curious on Nathaniel's suggestion then questioned, "Did you drink or eat anything here yet?"

"She looks so... dominating," He finally said, choosing his words carefully. Turning back to their conversation, he nodded as Luna spoke, though still filtering his emotions as she continued. Despite his friendliness towards Luna, William did not yet feel comfortable enough to express all that he felt towards the world, or even just her, yet. He liked to take his time, and as of now, they were having amusing verbal battles. He liked this one, and hoped to keep her as an ally even during the games.
"I usually prefer to stay single," He shrugged, quietly disliking how serious questions were being directed towards him, "You know, keep it simple, and fun,"
William now felt a bit uneasy with the questioning, and began to recoil in alarm. On the outside however, you would see a handsome face that seemed to be in his element.

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~Nightingale~ | 4162 comments Nate nodded, "A walk is fine by me. There are plenty of flower gardens to walk through on these grounds." He looked down confused a bit by her question. "Some champagne yes, food, no I haven't had any yet. It is always too stuffy at these things to try and eat anything." He leaned down and muttered, "Plus the food looks beyond inedible if you ask me." He smiled as they walked out into the fresh air. "This is much better," he sighed taking a deep breath for the first time all evening.

"Dominating?" She scrunched her nose up, "I suppose. I still see a life size Barbie personally." She sighed a little to herself as he spun her out and in doing the dance some what choreographed for that night. She just nodded slightly to his next statement. The first time a guy actually kept her interest and he has no interest in dating or soulmates in general it sounded like. She looked down slightly as they continued to dance beginning to chew on her lip as she always does when she is nervous. Luna pushed a curl out of her face before returning her hand to his shoulder. "Everyone has their preferences," she said quietly not sure he could even hear her over the music and swarms of people around them.

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maisie ((Hey when should we start the games? I was thinking that they were a separate event but Idk how to organize this lol))

"Huh," She sighed out, but when recognizing that Nate looked confused, explained herself, "Sometimes people slip in things into the food or drinks with their abilities, or at least that's what the rumors say,"
Last she heard, a wizard of some sort had turned somebody into a skunk, at least for momentarily. She wondered how she would respond in a situation if Nate had suddenly turned into a smelly creature. But perhaps he could fend for himself, if he had the right ability at least. And at the mention of ability inside her head, she looked back at Nate to try and figure out what he was. All Edra saw in front of her was a relaxed man who seemed to know that he was plenty handsome, though played it down a bit. Following him, she tipped her head back a little so that she too could allow mother nature to soothe her riled up senses.

"You know I have a great talent of saying the right things at the perfect moment," He responded though frowned inwardly, "But I suppose I've made a mess of things. You don't look as delighted as you were before,"
William never cared how others felt around him because he always had a way of making them feel exactly how he wanted them to feel. This could either be dazed, ecstatic and such. Luna, however, appeared as if he killed her pet or something of the likes, and very reluctant to place her hand back on his shoulder. Mayhap she understood his uneasiness to her rather pointed questions, but he had doubted this at least until now. Girls were intricate creatures, especially the vibrant redhead before him. Tonight, his social skills were exasperatingly off. This is what a normal person must feel like out with others.

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