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message 1: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Marsh (meowscapades) | 17 comments Is anybody down for a discussion about "Down and Out..." or "Keep the Aspidistra..."?

message 2: by Everyman (new)

Everyman | 56 comments Nathan wrote: "Is anybody down for a discussion about "Down and Out..." or "Keep the Aspidistra..."?"

I'd be more up for a discussion of some of his essays. I find him a much better essayist than novelist, personally (with the possible exception of Animal Farm, which is really more of an essay than a novel anyhow).

Some I particularly appreciate: Politics and the English Language. Shooting an Elephant (painful to read, but powerful ideas). Such, Such were the Joys. Reflections on Gandhi (with its wonderful opening line "Saints should always be judged guilty until they are roved innocent, but the tests that have to be applied to them are not, of course, the same in all cases.")

message 3: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6554 comments Nathan, I've moved your post to the non-group reads/ buddy reads discussion folder. Hopefully you'll get more interest here from others who want to join you. Our author folders are only for books that we've read as a group :)

I've read Down and Out, but not Keep the Aspidistra Flying, so I could be tempted by that one. When are you thinking of reading it, or have you read it already and just want to discuss?

I agree with Everyman that his essays are great too.

message 4: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen | 4163 comments I would love it if there was a discussion of either of those, Nathan. I read Keep the Aspidistra Flying quite a few years ago now, and just loved it. It has really stayed with me, and I'd be happy to re-read it. Down and Out in Paris and London has been on my list forever.

I just found, where you can read ALL of his stuff. I thought I'd take a look at some of the essays Everyman mentioned, but in the meantime found this intro to Aspidistra so true I just had to share:

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Marsh (meowscapades) | 17 comments I'd love to dive deeper in to his essays. I've read quite a few of them, but never as closely as I should.

I really love "Down and Out...". Especially since I've been in the restaurant industry for about ten years now. It makes me feel very fortunate for not having to see what he had to see, as well as dining at such despicable establishments.

Everyman, I will be reading the Ghandi essay today. I had no clue there was such a thing by Orwell.

message 6: by Pink (last edited Jul 31, 2016 12:30PM) (new)

Pink | 6554 comments If anyone wants to read more of Orwell's essays, Project Gutenberg Australia also has 50 available to read online for free. This is where I read most of his essays.

message 7: by Nathan (last edited Jul 31, 2016 01:21PM) (new)

Nathan Marsh (meowscapades) | 17 comments Thanks, Pink! Maybe I'll do a fifty days of Orwell challenge for myself. :)

message 8: by Pink (new)

Pink | 6554 comments They're all worth a read, some of them are really brilliant and they're all different lengths too, so you can easily fit them around other readings.

I think I might get myself a copy of Keep the Aspidistra Flying, as I don't own that one. I'm actually still working through a collection of Orwell's essays, but haven't picked it up for a while. So I should do that too!

message 9: by siriusedward (new)

siriusedward (elenaraphael) | 2058 comments Thanks for the. links Pink and Kathleen...

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