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Angelica | 3 comments Hello all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer :) I have been out of touch with the world of paranormal romance for about a year now and really need your help! My fav departments include vampires and werewolves but what I am REALLY craving these days is paranormal romance between a Djinn/Genie/Ghost and human girl. I would appreciate it so much if you can take a moment to read my criteria for a book(s) recommendation :)

First of all, I don't want any book with a dead human turned spirit/ghost etc but rather, something with a male Djinn/Genie falling in love with a human girl and an interaction between both worlds. It would be awesome if the Djinn is an Alpha male and the girl is some damsel in distress typa deal/college student or ther heroine could also be stubborn/fiesty. I have been watching this TV show lately with a sweet love story between an Alpha Djinn (he is the son of a powerful ruler in the
djinn world) and a broken hearted girl. Fate makes them meet one night when the girl was ditched by her husband on her wedding night and since then, the Djinn follows her home, shape shifts into a hot human guy and becomes her friend/lover to be.

I'm sorry if I bored anybody with the TV drama plot above but I wanted to sort of provide an idea what I'm looking for. Ofcourse, all suggestions for anything even remotely similar would be highly appreciated. Please feel free to give me your opinions/suggestions, whatever you may have come across :D

P.S. I am not sure if this is right forum to post in but if it isn't, I would alternatively appreciate suggestions for the right groups on here that I can join to get some help :P

Thank you all!

Much love, Angel

ᑭIᑭEᖇ⒤ᗩᗰ (piperiam) | 46 comments I have just the series for you!!
The Secrets of the Djinn series, by Bonnie Lamer
Marked (The Secrets of the Djinn) by Bonnie Lamer
Bound (Secrets of the Djinn) by Bonnie Lamer

message 5: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) | 451 comments Maybe Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4) by Thea Harrison

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