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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 145 comments It has been altered, so I'll withdraw my comment.

message 2: by Marissa (new)

Marissa Hatlen (marissahatlen) | 20 comments Hi Jillian,
I've just started looking for beta readers for my contemporary fantasy novel. If you'd be interested in giving it a look, it sounds like what you offer and what I'm looking for in a beta read are a pretty good match; I'll leave a blurb here. If it catches your interest, shoot me a message (or reply if you'd rather I emailed you) and I can send over a copy.

The Prophecy of the Blackened Crown centers around Mark Dastrow, a boy who discovers he is not human but in fact half-elven, and tangled up in a decades-old battle that divides the elven royal family. He must learn to accept his mixed heritage as he learns to control his newfound magical abilities, which may be the only thing standing between a dictator and her deadly plans for his family and his home.

For a little more info, here is the thread where I posted advertising for beta readers:


message 3: by Lea (new)

Lea McKee | 36 comments Hi Jillian, what sort of books do you like to read? I've got a YA dystopia (sci-fi) which is complete at 68k. I would love for you to give it a read since you are in YA age group (my target audience).

PM me if interested !


message 4: by Bob (new)

Bob Collopy (bobcollopy) | 16 comments Hello Jillian,

I've written a book! As you can imagine. I'm interested in your help as it's likely a bit controversial and touches upon many different situations in the world. One of them being a young woman trying to make it in America.

My book is dystopian, apocalyptic, sci fi so just know that everything in the main society is rotten and I condone none of it.

Here is the Query Letter. Let me know if you're interested!

We are surrounded,
That’s why the walls went up,
To separate us from them,
But the monsters are still here.

This old world died, leaving New San Francisco alone to choke in a fog of ash. Our city is not ruled by the people. It is ruled by the games. Games The General forces every 18-year-old boy and girl to play or not to play. The Games are brief, but the fallout lasts a lifetime and has formed every one of our shattered identities.

Because of The General we want the buzz of fame not the bore of love. Because of The General we want to trend online for anything but yawn at standing up for something. Because of The General some sleep on silk and others in tubes. Because of The General we are forced to choose between monstrous glory or perpetual defeat.

So, a bullet lodged in The General’s brain will not be enough to save this city. We must also revive its soul. We must join Mom and smelt together the broken pieces of ourselves; and bring forth something more beautiful and more powerful than the blades of The General's City Guard.

But until we do, the true function of these walls is keeping the monsters locked in here, not keeping them out.

THE PHOENIX CYCLE, complete at 110,230 words, is a dystopian novel that will appeal to fans of Brave New World, Fight Club and The Hunger Games.

A chapter of the book has been published in Stoicism Today (Was ranked top 10 for philosophy books on Amazon). Stoicism Today is a book as well as a group composed of Philosophy professors in England. My chapter is used as the modern example of Stoicism. Nearly every main character is discretely based off a philosophy, enabling this story to become more than just another fight between rebels and something evil. It becomes a war over how all of us develop and come to identify with ourselves and those we care for.

My book was made as part of my graduating thesis and was said to be their thesis of the year at The Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University among my thesis board. Members of the board included the Head of Marketing and The Head of Virginia G. Piper Creative Writing department. The thesis was judged on the combination of writing a superior and unique book while at the same time ensuring the book is marketable to a mass audience.

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