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Hey! Sorry I just woke up

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No I just want to do a MxF Romance...

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Ohhh. Fantasy!

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Yeah I was hoping for the angel anyways

Do you want character sheets?

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Alright. I'm going to fish one out from an old group so if it has some things pertaining to that group in it, please ignore them.

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Name: Haven Price

Nickname: Heaven

Age: 15



Not sure about the setting and stuff for this, so...

Mother: Betty Price {fallen angle; alive; open}
Father: Vixen Price {holy angle; alive; open}
Brother: Rich Price {half and half; alive; open}
Brother: Conner Price {fallen angle; dead; N/A}

Holy or Fallen: Holy

Other: When she is annoyed she accidentally uses her powers.

Personality: Haven likes when people get along and relaxing. She doesn't like it when people annoy her, but doesn't do anything about it. She is very sweet. She is nice and patient.

((Sorry people just got here and I gtg))

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Ok wow Haven is young, but who cares xD

Ok are we just gonna jump in?

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((Sorry my first post wont be that detailed))

Haven smiled lightly as she sat against a tree. She watched a bird hopping near her. She reached out her hand and it hopped onto it. She brought it near her face and smiled at it. She lifted up her hand and it flew away. She closed her eyes and listened to the other birds chirping around her and the tree leaves rustling in the light breeze.

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((Wait Haven is on Earth and he's in the underworld... Did he go up to Earth or anything yet? If he did I didnt pick up on it.))

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((Ok I get it. Sorry I was sleepy))

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Haven looked around sleepily. No one was here so she thought she might as well take a nap. She lowered herself and positioned herself to lie on the ground. She looked around before closing her eyes and falling into a peaceful sleep. She made no noise except for the sound of her gentle breathing.

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Haven saw or more like felt someone was approaching. She stirred slightly and blinked rubbed her eyes. She propped herself up with one arm and looked around quickly.She combed through her knotted hair with her fingers. It looked alright, but it annoyed her that is was tangly. She tucked her legs closer to her. She began looking for the person approaching her. There. It was a boy who seemed to be walking out of the ground. She looked at him interestingly.

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Haven smiled at Lucifer. She got up and shook out her angel wings. "Hi. Im Haven. Who're you?" She brushed some hair out of her face. She clasped her hand behind her back. And rocked back and forth on her heels. She studied him from head to toe. He looked different from boys on earth. "Where did you come from? I saw you walk out of the earth."

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"Well Lucifer, my eyes don't deceive me. Where did you come from besides right out of the earth?" Haven pestered. She put her hands on her hips but she was still smiling. Even though she never wore makeup her features were still striking on their own. The sun was shining, making her look as if she were glowing a bit.

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Haven shot him a little glare at the angel comment. "Ok. I get it. You're from the underworld. Whatever. I dont care." She rolled her eyes. "Just cause Im an angel doesn't mean Im super pure and stuff." Her wings flapped in anger. "Those babies always give me away. Thats why Im in this forest. No people are here to tease me." She gave him another glare. "So dont you start too!"

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Haven smirked at him. "Ah, well I ran away from all my boring angel duties to come live here for now. It was only a few days ago and if they find me, the rest of my life will be miserable. I should probably ditch the white dress and hide the wings but I dont have anything else to wear." She looked up at. "Sorry. I got kinda off track there. Im Haven by the way." She looked away, deep into the forest and didn't look back at him.

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"What makes you think I want to stick with you?" Haven asked. She crossed her arms and attempted to raise an eyebrow at him, but it didn't turn out too good. "Why would I trust a demon I just met?" She studied him carefully, debating on weather to follow him or not.

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Haven caught up to and walked next to him. "I have a name you know. Im not just any old angel." She said bitterly. She started tucking in her wings as much as she could. Sadly they we're retractable. To make matters worse they were a thick pair, curse her father's stupid genes. She sighed and tried to find something to cover them up with.

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She wrapped it around her back and shot a glare at him. "I wish. They can be so annoying sometimes. I hate being an angel." She walked, her eyes on the ground as they went. She did not like this Lucifer guy. "So, Lucy, where are we going?" She smiled inwardly at calling him Lucy. She hoped he hated it. She looked up, but not at him, hoping to orient herself.

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Haven ignored everything except for the 2000 years part. "You've been down there for 2000 years?! I've been up in the sky for 15 years and you've been in the sky for 2000! 2000 years!" Haven looked at him, awestruck. She knew that he was probably older than her, but 2000 years seemed like a lot more than she would've thought. He should look 35 or so in her opinion. "Goodness, you poor soul. I wouldnt want to be stuck in that dump for even a few minutes. Let alone 2000 years."

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((Im loving this xD))

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Haven snorted. "Being young doesn't mean anything. It's just another number." She replied to him saying stuff about her. "Yeah. I've heard of them. Why haven't you ever been to Earth if your mom is Persephone? She lives up here half of the time." Being with the angels all the time, there was often stories randomly being told, mainly greek mythology so Haven was very up to date with her 'myths'. They also liked to talk about, 'When the Earth used be pure.' Haven doubted there was ever a time like that.

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"Well," Haven said, "I don't see why he would keep you down there. I think it's way more peaceful down here. Plus, he's a god so he won't be dying anytime soon." She smiled slightly at Lucifer and pulled the cloth she was given tightly over her wings.

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"Why do you even want training when you can just live up here, under the sky?" Haven asked. She looked up and smiled as a flock of birds flew over their heads. "We have grand trees and little creatures and the cities are incredible!" She exclaimed. "The grass is soft so you can roll around in it and the water is pure and beautiful." She smiled brightly at him.

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"What are you doing?!" Haven exclaimed. "We can't just break into a store and rob it! This is do against the law." She glared at Lucifer. "I never signed up for this." She began to pick out a few pairs of jeans and t-shirts as she muttered stuff under he breath. While doing so the cloth covering her wings slipped, revealing them without her noticing.

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Haven turned around as soon as she saw Lucifer changing. "Well..." Haven started, unable to come up with an argument. She grabbed a backpack and stuffed all the clothes she had grabbed and a pair of flip flops in a backpack. She would wait yo change. "Whenever you're done over there, we should go." She said.

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"I don't know." Haven said with a sigh. "Is there a spell you can cast or something that will make them invisible? I don't want to be mortal though. That would be weird." She started to walk out of the door they came in through.

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Haven nodded. "Ok. Let's go- lead the way." Haven smiled as she walked down the streets. "Ok so who who is this wizard-demon that you know of?" She asked. Haven was a bit nervous about her wings. Even though they gave her away she did like them.

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"Oh..." Haven said with a little nervous laugh. "That's a wonderful backstory." She was also nervous for the sake of her wings. "What will she do to my wings?"

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Haven stepped into the doorway and inside, unsure of herself. "Uh, hi. Im Haven." She said to the demon lady. She took the cloth off of her wings to show them to Isabella. She glanced over at Lucifer. "Are you sure she can help?" She asked him.

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Haven shut the door behind her. She looked at them, disgusted. "Just because I'm an angle doesn't mean Im a perfect little angle." She scowled. She folded her arms and looked very upset.

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"Just for now." Haven said. She was too attached to them. "What are you going to do?" She asked netvously.

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"What are you going to do?" Haven asked, louder and bolder. The witch or whatever she was had not answered her question. She seriously began to wonder why she had trusted a demon boy and why she was trusting some witch voo doo lady. She scowled to herself and gave Lucifer a deadly glare.

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Shrink them?" Haven asked while giving Isabelle a questioning look. "Like shrink them to how small?" She eyed her wings, worried.

((Sorry for the short post))

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"Umm alright." Haven said, worried. She cast another glare at Lucifer. "Do I drink it or what?" She asked. She studied her feet as she kicked them around.

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