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Elizabeth Tyree | 22 comments Mod
This is where we will be discussing the reading for pages 100-200(ish). If you, like me, are reading in the MMP version of the book and prefer to end at a chapter, the page numbers are actually 109-202 (in my copy anyway).

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and rants about this section. Happy Reading!

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Elizabeth Tyree | 22 comments Mod
So I just finished up this section of the book and a LOT of things happened! Here are my top thoughts from pages 109-202

1) WHAT? THE WHAT? HE DID WHAT? (that was every chapter...seriously...but the chapter where Joffry attacks Arya and all that stuff goes down, that chapter made me want to reach in the book and shake the princeling into submission.)

2) The description of Dragon's and how their bones and teeth look/what they're made of is AMAZING...it was a very short piece of a short chapter, but that felt very interesting and important and has stuck with me (so far)

3) BRAN! BRAN BRAN BRAN - I think he has a third eye type thing going on now...BRAN!!!! Bran and Birds and Summer. WOOHOO!

4) I still don't like the Lannisters or Catelyn Stark...but I like Catelyn and Tyrion slightly more.

5) Jon Snow better get it together because he's about to be in hot water at a cold wall.

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Cherrie | 2 comments I've ordered the first 2 books so hopefully they'll turn up soon so I can catch up and join in :)

Elizabeth Tyree | 22 comments Mod
Cherrie wrote: "I've ordered the first 2 books so hopefully they'll turn up soon so I can catch up and join in :)"

YAY! I'm excited to see how you like them :D

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