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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments I forgot that I also read Greek Gods: The Olympians (Zeus - Poseidon - Athena - Hephaestus - Dionysus - Aphrodite - Hera - Demeter - Apollo - Artemis - Ares - Hermes), so I added it to the list.

Just finished Anna Dressed in Blood and I really loved it! Can't wait to get my hands on the next book. Until then, the next 2 books I'll be working on are Odd Thomas and The Story Of Bacchus. Then I will have completed my reading challenge :)

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Finished with my 2016 reading challenge! Updated OP :)

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Have been in a slump and still haven't finished Odd Thomas. May drop it for a bit and read something else before coming back to it.

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Started Love Poems today and will probably finish it today too. :)

EDIT: Finished!

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Winter (winter9) | 4673 comments You're doing great!:-)

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Thanks a bunch!

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Currently reading The Girls.


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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Read Girl of Nightmares. Not as good as the first imo, but good nonetheless.

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Currently I am reading This Savage Song with my TBR twin, Frankenstein for the advent calendar, and A Christmas Carol for the holiday movie classics challenge.

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Just finished A Christmas Carol and will be finishing Frankenstein tomorrow, then my goal of 15 books will be reached! Phew!

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Finished Frankenstein, so my goal is complete :)

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Lisa Grønsund (gullita) | 3273 comments Congrats on reaching your goal Jordyn! Hope you have a great reading year in 2017 aswell!

How are you liking This Savage Song so far? It's one of the books on my TBR that am hoping to get to in the new year. Hope it lives up to my expectations :)

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Thank you, Lisa!

So far it is really interesting. I'm enjoying it.

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battie (lavenderquartz) | 3 comments Finally finished This Savage Song! Man, the holidays have been a doozy. I need to start and finish At the Mountains of Madness before tomorrow night so I can complete the Holiday Movie Classics challenge!!!

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