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Nate Summons the chaos is not your average journal,but don't take my word for it. Hey what do you have to lose? You can't sleep anyway...

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Nate Random read selection from 'Summons the Chaos' - Genre YA -

Tags: Humour

The poor cat stumbled back, sat down and gave the wall a dumbfounded look, as if to say ‘Where the F*ck did you come from?’ Meanwhile I laughed my ass off. What can I say, I’m easily amused.

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Nate June 11th (2011)

Blind Side

Horses are not exactly my favorite thing. So having to spend my entire Saturday surrounded by them wasn’t something I was looking forward to, but mum is big on the whole – ‘sometimes you do things for the ones you love that you may not particularly enjoy’- You owe me one Angie.

My sister Angie was competing in a dressage event, which meant we’d be spending the day watching horse and rider do, whatever it is that the horse and rider do. I’ve heard some say that dressage is like horse ballet, a sophisticated equestrian sport dating back to Renaissance period. All that may be true but I find it dull and unentertaining.

Sitting in the stands I flipped through the program listing the horses and riders. The program was listed in alphabetical order according to horse’s name. It suddenly occurred to me that I don’t even know this animal’s name.

“Mum, what’s Ang’s horse’s name?”

“Aristotle, though she calls him Ari for short.”

“I like their clothes.”

There was short burst of laughter from Mum, Alex and Cassie.

“That’s Aeropostale, idiot.” Alex corrected.


Hey I was close.

Scanning through the program I found that Ari wasn’t scheduled until very close to the end, an involuntary groan escaped me.

Sitting still isn’t one of my specialties, after a while I was growing restless, which leads to impatience which then results in irritation and finally ager. To break the cycle I decided to take Cass and go explore the area. We went for a long walk but eventually ended right back where we started from, sitting in the stands. I had the use of Angie’s IPad to entertain me but once again I grew tired of sitting still, so I grabbed Cass and ventured back to the paddock area, I figured the change of scenery would be good.

We found Angie in the first stall as we entered the stables. She was brushing the stallion. We were hanging out keeping her company until it was her turn to perform.

This girl leading a white mare, shot my sister a look of disgusted and uttered a few unkind words.

“What was that all about?” I asked

“She’s got an attitude because this is the stall she’s had in the past years.”

“So what difference does it make?” I asked

“That was my opinion, I even offered to switch with her but the stable hand said no, that they assigned this stall to Ari because of his handicap…this way he’s able to see anyone entering the stables. He’ll be more relaxed.”

The girl once again past us, and once again had few snide comments to make, she mumbled the words just loud enough for us to hear.

A stable hand came in and announced the next three horses to proceed to the paddock area just off the arena. Aristotle and Angie were among the three he listed. I watched the nervousness set into my sisters expression as she took a deep breath. She turned to her horse, rubbed his nose , kissed him wishing him luck and whispering calm words. I took note to how well the horse responded to her, he seemed totally at ease. Unlike the horse I saw a week ago that reared up at the sound of an unfamiliar voice.

Angie smoothed her outfit and asked how she looked. Cass took a moment to help her adjust the jacket, straightening the lapel, then give her a hug.

Alex Hoisted Angie up onto the horse. My sister took another deep breath, and leaned down to pat Aristotle on the side of the neck.

“Oh, my riding gloves. There in that bag can you hand them to me Nate?”

I grabbed the gloves and started to approach the horse.

“You need to approach him from the left.” She informed me.

She must of taken my hesitation as a sign of unease and felt the need to give me further instructions. “He’s just like any other horse, he just needs to be aware of you, the right is his blind side.”

I think I said something but as to what I can’t recall, I let my hand gently sweep the left side of the animal’s neck and handed Angie the gloves. To my surprise the horse didn’t back up, whinnie or rear up in freight.

The disgruntled girl with stall issues, was also one of those to be called to the paddock area, and yet again she had some rather unfavorable commentary to voice. I watched my sister clinch her jaw and choke down the words she wanted spew towards this chick. Perhaps it was the occasion of the day or the fact that the girl was a few years younger, but for whatever the reason my sister seemed to be more tolerant and ‘lady like’ than she’d normally be, or maybe that’s just my assessment. In any case if I were the insulting stable girl, you can be sure that Angie would not have been biting her tongue.

“Do me a favor, I don’t care if you totally blow this, just beat that bitch ok.” I said to my sister. Her jaw dropped slightly at my word choice -it’s rare that I use such derogatory term in reference to a female- but the smile that followed told me that had used the word she herself wanted to say. “Don’t falter, you see that white mare, she’s all yours if ya beat her.” I whispered to Ari.

We wished Angie and Aristotle well and watched as they were lead to the holding area. Angie & Ari placed 6th out of 24 I believe.

There was a standing ovation at the end of Aristotle’s performance, as the announcer informed the audience that not only was it a brilliant performance, yet it was even more so, due to the limitations that horse and rider had to overcome. The presenter went on to explain how Aristotle had suffered an infection this past winter that left him blind and deaf on the right side. Through hard work, dedication and a strong bond they had managed to prevail and triumph over his handicap in just a few months.

I may have rolled my eyes at the time. It’s a shame how, we don’t always appreciate the moment when we’re in them, but looking back as I recall the memory now, I have to admit it was a rather touching ‘Kodak moment’. The crowd on their feet clapping, mum choking back a sob, the proud glint in my father’s eye, and the look of accomplished delight on my sister’s face as she sat proud and tall on the back of that stallion. I swear even Ari himself had a certain look of pride, almost as if he knew those cheers were for him.

They may not have come in first place but they still won. I believe they won more than any trophy or ribbon could ever exhibit. As for the girl with the white mare they came in 13th. HAH! BOOYA! Whatcha got to say now! Of course she blamed my sister because apparently the last three years she’s had the stall that Angie was assigned to and always placed in the top 5. Can you say superstitious? C’est la vie wench.

© Nate Farren

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Nate This topic came up today...In honour of Ari

Random read: Genre YA

I was on the computer staring absently out of the window when a flickering reflection caught my eye. I squinted as if that was going to somehow help make sense of this odd shimmering light. Abandoning the effort I turned in the direction of the source; through the window across the sitting area I could see very clearly just what the cause of this flickering light was. The barn was on fire.

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Nate Random read selection - Genre YA

Tags- Humour, teens,

Stuck at the second traffic light I looked to my left at the car next to me. The car was being driven by a young girl. I’d estimate her age to be about 18, give or take. She had long blond hair with shades of brown throughout the golden locks. She wore a pair of oversized sunglasses and a low cut shirt. I wouldn’t consider it slutty, though it definitely accentuated certain aspects of her figure. She gave me friendly nod and smiled. I returned the same gesture then glanced back towards the light. It was still red and would be so for quite some time. It was one of the towns major intersections. My attention once again was drawn to the left. She turned her head just as I had turned mine and we both smiled knowing we had caught each other looking. She lowered her glasses to the brim of her nose, gave me a wink and a smile then threw her head back with a girlish laugh. I let out one soft laugh and shook my head.

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enjoy ...maybe idk

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Nate Random read - genre - YA

Tags - romance, jealousy, daily life, Cass & Nate, emotional, ...

I was aware that my eyes had lingered a little too long, though the clanging of Cass’ fork as it dropped against her plate was the indicator that someone else was just as aware.
I turned my head, fully expecting to see playfully glaring eyes, with a hint of a smile, and a shake of a head, but to my dismay I was met with a set of hurt filled eyes with a genuine glare and a very sorrowful expression. Totally caught me off guard. It was extremely out of character for Cass to display such jealousy and I was at a total loss as to what brought on such an emotional display. Before I could even ask, she rose from the table and headed to the back of the restaurant, presumably, towards the restrooms.

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Nate Random read - Genre YA

Tags - Teen, life, drinking, humourous,

Was my reasoning for having a few drinks that night a good one? Probably not to anyone other than me, but this is not an ongoing activity or a developing habit. I hadn’t had any type of alcoholic beverage since New Year’s, given it was now the end of April, I’d hardly say this was the routine of an alcoholic.
Normally I only drink on rare or celebratory like occasions but on one particular night I was desperate for an escape from reality and myself. (I know, not a good reason to drink..spare me the lecture)

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Nate The Mad Hatter (a.k.a. Dominique, Queen Aelin Shadowsen) wrote: "NATE!"


The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 214 comments Mod
What's so bad about me saying NATE?!

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Nate I thought you had a question. Hence the '?'

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Nate Random read - Genre - YA

Why annoy my siblings? Hmm, well for one it’s entertaining - you’d have to see the flustered look on my sisters face to totally appreciate it - quite frankly sometimes ya just hit a lull, and what else is there to do? Which leads to reason number two, boredom. Reason number three, they annoy me as well, what comes around goes around. Reason number four, they seem to always be in my business; and reason number five, because I can.

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Nate 12/10/16

Nothing will sober you up quicker than a cop having his hand at the ready on a holstered gun…

On the drive home from the party, if you can call it that, I dropped my phone on the floor and it promptly slid under the front seat. Try as I might I couldn't seem to reach it, even removing the seatbelt didn’t aid in my attempts at retrieval. Up ahead we noticed several flashing lights and Cass urged me to hurry up and put the safety belt back on.

It was clearly some type of check point. As we edged forward I was still trying to reach my phone, but the seatbelt was making it a worthless effort which was really starting to bug me. We approached the officer, Cass rolled the window down and he shined an extremely bright light into the vehicle. I swear they put the brightest damn bulbs in those things. It’s like they are intentionally trying to blind you. I slinked back away from the light with my forearm shielding the blunt of the rays and yelled “I’m melting!” then promptly burst out in laughter.

“Good evening Ma’am, license and registration please.”

“Good evening, yes sir, I have to reach into the center console for the registration.” She informed him, though it sounded more like a question.

“He called you ma’am.” I chuckled.
He promptly shined his light back on me as he spoke to Cass. Again I tried to retreat to the safety of the darkness. “That’s fine ma’am,”

Cass handed him the required documentation. As he examined the registration he continued to ask some general questions.

“Coming from a party this evening?” I get the feeling he already knew the answer to this question.

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you had any drinks this evening?”

“No, sir.”

“But I have!” I piped up. Again he hit me with that Godforsaken light, pushing me back to the opposite side of the car. I think I heard him laugh. "Can I do the sobriety test?!"

"I don't think that's necessary." He said still looking over the information.

"Fine," Not gonna lie, I was a bit bummed. I seriously think I could have passed it. Yeah I had a few but I wasn't totally hammered or anything....then again maybe I was a bit past buzzed, but not quite sloshed.

“Who is Nathaniel Farren?”

“Present.” I said with a slight inebriated blech. “Excuse me.”

“May I see your ID sir?” He asked.

As I dug for my wallet Cassie quipped “He called you sir,” she ended with a mocking laugh.

I handed the officer my ID and then prayed he was in a good mood, cus I am a few months shy of the legal age. (well in the states anyway, if I claim England citizenship I could play it off as ignorance…possibly?) Though I had the impression they were on the look out for much more serious offenses.

The officer handed all our documents and ID’s back to Cassie. "Soon as the car up ahead pulls forward you guys can go. Have a safe evening."

“Thank you officer.”

“No problem.”

“I have a problem.” I said more loudly then I had intended.
The officer leaned down get a better view of me in the car. “I seem to have lost my phone and can’t reach it.” I said this as I undid the safety belt and opened the door.

“Nate!” Cassie yelled. I recognize that tone. It’s the ‘what the hell are you doing’ tone…or perhaps it was the ‘really’ tone I get them confused.

Just has I exited the vehicle and was about to bend down to get a better view under the seat the officer yelled. “Stay where you are!” There was no mistaking that his hand had moved towards the holstered gun. Needless to say - I froze…still in a crouching position and a bit wobbly since I was half leaning forward. It was an impromptu ‘Mannequin challenge’, I only hoped that I didn’t fall forward cus this guy was clearly a bit spooked by my sudden exit. The harder you try to remain perfectly still the harder it is to do so and that’s on your best day, trying doing so drunk. HaH a new Mannequin Challenge!

“Slowly place your hands on the roof of the vehicle.” He instructed. I’m guessing this guy is a rookie? His demands and the fact that his hand was still hover by his gun had attracted the attention of another office who started to walk towards us.

“He really did lose his phone under the seat officer, I wouldn’t let him take the seatbelt off to get it.” Cassie said with a shaken voice.

“Everything alright over here Riley?” the other officer asked. He was a good 15 - 20 years older the the officer standing by Cass' window.

“I just want to get my phone.” I said with my hands on the roof. Nothing will sober you up quicker than a nervous cop with is hand hover over his gun.

The other officer approached from behind me. “You have any weapons?” He asked. I was tempted to give him a smartass answer but the lighthearted buzz I had going was evaporating quite quickly and I decided it was in my best interest not to test his sense of humour or lack-there-of. Whichever the case may be. “No, sir.”

He gave a halfhearted pat down and told the other officer all was clear. “What seems to be the problem?”

“I just want to get my phone, its under the front seat, or it may have slid to the back, I dunno, but I figured since we were stopped,” I could hear the distress in my own voice now and I was trying hard to not to cop an attitude. Hah Pun, cop an attitude, get it? ...ok that stupid. I am usually a lighthearted drunk though that can change on a dime..then again that's just me even stone cold sober.

“Ok, relax.” The officer said and patted my shoulder. I want you to keep your hand on the roof and step to your left.”

I did as he said, the officer turned on his flashlight and bent down to have a look under the seat. Within a few seconds he rose with my cell phone in hand. “Here ya go.” He said handing it to me.

“Thank you.” I replied. Though my words were almost a whisper.

The other officer had relaxed too. I was instructed to get back in the vehicle. why must they always be so official and call it a vehicle? What’s wrong with car? After a short explanation of what my sudden actions caused , and an apology from the officers we were sent on our way. I got the impression that even though they had apologized, I really wasn’t owed one. And...well admittedly it was my abrupt and suspicious behaviour that lead to such measures.
Even though it was a somewhat terrifying <(Err sobering) and humiliating experience I have to take into consideration that these guys are putting their lives on the line and they don’t know me or what I had under that seat. So yeah the officer had a point and….well quite frankly if he really wanted to be a prick he could have booked me on other charges. Not to mention they could have just slammed me on the hood of the car cuffed me and then tried to sort it all out. So I'm thankful that it wasn't escalated to those extremes. .... So that was my night, how was yours?

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