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ivy (cunning239) The puppet master- a powerful and extremely dangerous evil witch who uses his powers to manipulate the human brain, bending it to his will. He needs to be stopped, and brought to justice or else who knows!!!

(Note- The puppet master is incredibly powerful ( lol), and he uses a magic staff that can hypnotize anyone and everything with a brain. They say the only way to avoid being hypnotized is to wear a tinfoil/ metal hat? Either way, you will need to take him down.)

(Rp- The role of the puppet master, will be taken on by me {Alex} :D. The rp takes place in the puppet master's lair- located under the city. )

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori practically was itching to go on this mission, but the butterflies in his stomach were making everything a whole lot more difficult. This was his first official mission, and he would be doing it with his first partner, Niko. They were trudging through the streets of death city in search of the Puppet master, one of the most dangerous witches today. "Have you ever been on a mission, Niko?" he asked, turning his head to face Niko.

(( omg my post is so lame, sorry.))

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Niko looked at his nervous partner and smiled. "Nope!" He changed his face to a serious one. "Are you afraid to do this?" Niko asked him. ((Nah mine's lame XD))

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol nuh uh!))

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori looked up at Niko and frowned indecisively. "I'm super excited and really scared at the same time, and I dont know why." he said, laughing a bit. "It says that the puppet master is extremely powerful, and...." he paused, blushing. "I dont want you to get hurt." he m, looking into his eyes.

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Niko chuckled a bit and looked at Hinomori. "Don't worry. My main concern is for you..." He said with a kiss on his forehead. "Let's keep looking."

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori grinned appreciatively, glad to know Niko was thinking of him as well and he wasn't just overreacting. "Ok, but I'm not sure exactly where we are going." he said, grimacing. Tjry were in a dark and shifty area of town, where no one with a sane mind would venture.

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Niko frowned and looked around. "Should we look for a map?" He asked still looking for any signs of life.

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori nodded, and smiled when Niko pecked a kiss on his forehead. "That'll be helpful, although I dont think we'll find a map anywhere over here" be said, frowning and holding closer to Niko.

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Niko shrugged. "That's probably true.." He smiled down at Hinomori. "So, what's the plan?"

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol what should the plan be?))

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((Maybe they get ambushed before he can say it?))

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ivy (cunning239) (( say what?))

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((The plan))

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol, ok, maybe? I'll post later tho))

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((Oke doke))

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ivy (cunning239) (( All this smiling is Making me sick lol)

Hinomori shrugged, he thought Niko would have thought of a great plan by now, but maybe he would have to be the brains of the two. "Well, seeing as the puppet master is a witch, he'll have some kind of soul protect over him. My soul perception skills are a little rusty, but maybe we'll be able to find him with that method. Or maybe track down a witch who can help us, although that'll be unlikely. We can go from there and launch a sneak attack on the puppet, but that probably won't work. Either way, were going to win.... hopefully" he said, nodding his head. God, I hope I dont die on my first mission. That'll be pathetic he thought.

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Niko nodded. "Hopefully.." He grimaced. He started to walk around and sighed. "I can't sense any life so we'll have to look harder." He muttered.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol. ))

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori agreed, following Niko. After about 30 minutes, they determined that they were completely lost, Hinomori hadn't ever came across this part of town and apparently, neither had Niko. He groaned, and looked around. The street was almost desolate except for a small dark shops, that seemed to be quite disgusting-looking. A sign above read "Esmeralda's grove-The market for all your "medicinal" herbs".

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Niko frowned and sighed. "I just realized I have no sense of direction.." He read the sign and saw a dim light in one of the shops. "Can you keep watch real quick?" He started walking towards it.

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori hesitantly walked up to Niko, careful to avoid the rats that were scurrying about. "No, its creepy out here, we'll go in together, Niko-chan." he said, eyeing the dirty shop.

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ivy (cunning239) (( Esmeralda should be a witch and they should threaten her into helping them find the p.m? Just an idea))

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ivy (cunning239) (( ok lol! Yay!! we gonna fight!))

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Niko looked at Hinomori and nodded. "Please stay here. I don't want you getting hurt" He said with a serious tone.

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ivy (cunning239) (( This doesn't relate to this post, but does your character have like a negative side, he seems really nonchalant and "Ok, Alright!" to everything?.))

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((He does actually))

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((Hold on i wanna change the post))

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ivy (cunning239) Hinomori looked up at Niko's pleading eyes and huffed. He really didn't wanna stay out here, but maybe he could just keep watch and make sure Niko wasn't hurt. "Ok, boo. I just didn't want you getting hurt without me to back you up, but it would be best if you go in alone. Just do me a favor..." he said, reaching up and kissing him. "Dont die on me.Ever" he advised.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol i have a feeling this rp will take a while, idk where its going to go))

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((Lol same))

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ivy (cunning239) (( XD!!!))

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Niko sighed and kissed him back. "You know I won't die!" He said a bit confident but looked off at the distance. "Alright, i'll be back." he said to him.

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ivy (cunning239) Esmeralda the small, and warty witch shop-keeper was inside her small, dirty shop trimning the vines of a long green plant.

(( Its short, because Esmeralda is just a like....not a main character if you know what I mean.))

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Niko walked in the shop. "Is anyone there?" He asked loudly. He looked around and saw a small figure. "Hello." He said to her.

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ivy (cunning239) Esmeralda stopped cutting her vines and glared up at the boy, her one eye bulging out significantly as she eyed him. " What are you doing in my store, handsome." she asked.

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Niko smiled at her. "Well, actually, I have some questions to ask you." He tried not to stare at the eye and looked around the shop.

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ivy (cunning239) (( omg! lol!))

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ivy (cunning239) Esmeralda licked her teeth less gums and looked him up and down. "Why do you wanna ask me any questions, I'm just a little old witch." she said, suspiciously.

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Niko gave a small laugh. "Something for school." He said to her. He wasn't lying but he just didn't say the full truth.

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ivy (cunning239) Esmeralda scoffed, seeing right through him. "I dont need to have 500 years old experience to know your lying, boy. Now, how about you tell me the truth" she said.

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He widened his eyes a bit. "Fine. I'm from the DWMA and looking for the Puppet Master. Do you know where he is?" He asked without further explanation.

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ivy (cunning239) Esmeralda's one eye glared dangerously at Niko. "The DWMA you say? Do you know what I like to do to those that are affiliated with that cursed school." she said, giving a sour grin.

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Niko frowned at her. "No. i don't know." He said to her. Without Hinomori Niko could easily be killed.

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ivy (cunning239) (( is that his cue?)

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