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Jillian Quinn (httpswwwgoodreadscomjillianquinn) | 34 comments Mod
August is Harry Potter Month on Hype or Like Friday! With the release of J. K. Rowling's book, I know a lot of bloggers have already pre-ordered this book and cannot wait to get their hands on it. I know I have. So why not read it as a group? I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I'm expecting to see a bunch of Rave Reviews!

Book of the Month: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Discussion Topics:

August 5th: If you could choose 3 magical items from any Harry Potter book, which would you choose and why? Explain what you would do with them and how you would use them to your advantage.

August 12th: Imagine it's the apocalypse, whatever magic is left in the Wizarding World is slowly diminishing, and you need to assemble a team to help you survive. Which 5 characters would you choose for your team, what roles would they play (i.e. Team Leader, Most Cunning, Most Skilled, etc.), and how would they help you survive. You can do whatever you want with this topic. Get creative and have fun with it.

August 19th: 10 Things I Like About Harry Potter: Name 10 things you like about any of the books in the series. You're not limited to a particular book. You can choose whatever you want from any book. It's completely up to you. This category is wide open, but here's a few ideas: favorite characters, spells, magical items, plot twists, villains, etc. You can do whatever you want with this.

August 26th: Review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I hope you guys have fun with this month's discussion topics. I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone about your weekly posts as well as the book.

If you have any questions, you can find me on my blog at rantandraveaboutbooks.com or on Twitter @jillianquinn7



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Savannah (the_book_prophet) | 15 comments I'm excited! I am definitely doing this upcoming month's! I have a question. For the 12th, can I choose any character from any book or am I strictly confined to the Wizarding World?

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Darnell Louis | 33 comments I know its been a while but here is my list: https://darnellouis.wordpress.com/201...

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Alex Here's my list for this week :)

Happy reading!

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Savannah (the_book_prophet) | 15 comments Here's my discussion post!

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Jasmine (paperjasmine) | 3 comments This is awesome! definitely going to join in, though I'll be a little late getting in my first post. And Ive already written a review for The Cursed Child so I'll just be linking to that at the end heh

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Ami (ami-luvtoread) | 23 comments Here's my post for the Three Magical Items I'd Like To Have: https://luvtoread.com/2016/08/05/thre...

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Jasmine (paperjasmine) | 3 comments My post for the three magical items I'd chose:

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Zoe (thewordwanderer) Here's my post for my apocalypse team:
Hope you guys like it :)

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Alex Here's my apocalypse team :)


Happy Friday!

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Jillian Quinn (httpswwwgoodreadscomjillianquinn) | 34 comments Mod
Hello Everyone,

As the host of the group, I published a quick post where all of you can share the links to your Harry Potter discussion posts, reviews, and tags. Feel free to add your links here so that other people can check out your post, same as any other meme.


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Jasmine (paperjasmine) | 3 comments Here's my chosen 5 for my apocalypse team :)

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Lynn Williams | 3 comments My team here - a bit delayed:

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Ami (ami-luvtoread) | 23 comments Here is my apocalypse team! https://luvtoread.com/2016/08/12/the-...

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Makayla D | 1 comments Hi! What if I haven't read the Cursed Child by the 26th?

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Zoe (thewordwanderer) Hi guys! Here are my 10 favourite things about Harry Potter:
Hope you all have a good friday!

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Alex Hi everyone! Here's my post for today :)


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Lynn Williams | 3 comments Today's post - bit late :D

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Zoe (thewordwanderer) Here's my review on the cursed child :D

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Alex Here's my review-

Happy Friday!

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Jillian Quinn (httpswwwgoodreadscomjillianquinn) | 34 comments Mod
Hey guys,

Here's my review for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Feel free to stop by and drop a link in the comments. https://rantandraveaboutbooks.com/201...

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Ami (ami-luvtoread) | 23 comments Here's my review! All hype for me I'm afraid .... https://luvtoread.com/2016/08/26/book...

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