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Dungeon of Illusion (Tales of Vantoria #3)
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message 1: by R.J. (last edited Jul 27, 2016 08:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 33 comments Now that the political conventions are coming to an end and the dust is settling (as much as it can), I think it’s safe to run another free promotion for my latest science-fiction/fantasy adventure, Dungeon of Illusion.

The theme of Dungeon of Illusion is a city torn by political unrest, kind of like the current situation in much of our own world. I did not write this as an attack against any particular political candidate or leader, and I did not intend for the plot to so closely imitate reality (hopefully it doesn’t get any closer to reality before the end of this election year). I would, however, like to encourage as many readers as possible to consider the story I have told before the time comes for us to choose a side.

Even if you cannot read it this weekend, pick up a Kindle copy, FREE from Friday the 29th through Sunday the 31st. Reviews would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 33 comments Just a quick note to say my latest sci-fi/ fantasy adventure, Dungeon of Illusion, is free for Kindle readers this weekend only.

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 33 comments Free this weekend: a different kind of political thriller!
Dungeon of Illusion (Tales of Vantoria 3) by Robert J.A. Gilbert
With all the division and uncertainty in today’s political environment, I’d like to offer a refreshing twist for those readers who are “caught in the middle”. My latest fantasy/sci-fi adventure, Dungeon of Illusion, from the Tales of Vantoria Series, is available free for Kindle readers from Wednesday through Sunday, November 2nd through 6th.

Inspired by the impact of divorced families, broken churches, and political infighting, Dungeon of Illusion finds Wenchel, and his friends caught in the middle of a deadly struggle for control of a high-tech city atop—and beneath—an alpine mountain. Can they escape the deadly army of security drones and its cyborg leader? Can they help bring an end to the fighting?

Dungeon of Illusion presents a startlingly relevant illustration of the devastation that power struggles often bring to those who are caught in the middle. Though it was not written with today’s political strife in mind, I would like to recommend it for consideration to any and all who must soon choose for themselves whose side they are on.

Reviews are always appreciated, although I am mostly seeking, at this time, for those who read to gain wisdom from the story.

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 33 comments Also free for a limited time:
The Lucky and the Strong
The Lucky and the Strong (Tales of Vantoria book 2) by Robert J.A. Gilbert

A “paranormal” adventure/romance with a liberal-conservative twist.

In light of all the political divisions between liberal and conservatives, I would like to present a refreshing, romantic adventure that brings the two extremes together. Mary is a carefree fairy, almost reckless in her faith that God will always rescue her from disaster. Renaud is a battle-hardened swordsman who has no desire for Mary’s joyful perspective. When brought together by sinister forces, they must set aside their differences and find a middle ground, before the entire kingdom is destroyed. In the end, Mary and Renaud discover that there is more in common between them than the extremes that threaten to drive them apart.

Through April 30th, The Lucky and the Strong is free at Coupon Code: VS65F

message 5: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (virtualexplorer) | 7 comments Thank you!

R.J. Gilbert (rjagilbert) | 33 comments For those who have been following the news, we are living in an age of wars and rumors of wars—not so much between armies of nations, but between charismatic leaders, factions, and ideals. I had no idea, at the time I wrote it, how prophetically relevant my latest fantasy adventure, Dungeon of Illusion, would be regarding this subject, but here we are, watching the plot unfold in real life on multiple stages around the globe.

Though it was not written with any particular world event in mind, Dungeon of Illusion has become a startling parallel to the drama playing out all over this groaning planet. It was not meant as a political message, but in light of the strife I have been seeing this year in the news, I would like to offer it to readers who may be considering which side of a conflict they should join or what faction they should oppose—or even those who think themselves merely bystanders on the sidelines.

If you are interested, Dungeon of Illusion is free for the Amazon Kindle from April 26th through the 30th.

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