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A popular and busy part of town. Festivals and celebrations that aren’t just exclusive to the castle are held here.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments It really was no surprise, Selene thought, partly amused and partly irritated, that Leo Jakobsen caused commotion wherever he went

"Honestly Leo," she began, flicking him hard across the forehead and ignoring his yelp of surprise, "you have fulfilled your quota for mischief today. Perhaps you should stay home."

Leo grinned, though it slid off his face as quickly as it came when he hurried to take shelter behind his sister, disregarding the fact that he had at least six inches on her. A girl, a pretty one with brunette hair, stalked past them, her eyes dancing with determination. She shot a suspicious glance toward Selene, who smiled drily in return, before she stalked off. Leo flinched when she disappeared, re-emerging with a slight shake of his head. "It's a shame she took it so hard. She's quite lovely, really, when she's not..."

"Trying to take off your head?" Selene finished, rolling her eyes. "She hit you very hard, brother, it's sure to leave a mark. You should avoid this spot for a few days as well. There were quite a few eyes watching your struggle."

"Oh well," Leo shrugged and Selene noted that his tone was one of cheer and not despair, "it was an experience, one might say." Selene shook her head but remained silent, staring at the bustling crowd.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Face it. We're lost." Valence put a hand on her hip and gave her brother a pointed look. They had come to the city for lunch after getting kicked out of the kitchens at the Palace for causing a ruckus. For some reason the castle staff wasn't fond of them.

"You might be." Ronan replied with an eyeroll, not even stopping to look at his sister. He knew exactly where he was going and didn't give a damn what his sister thought.

"We've been wandering around for an hour looking for this mysterious restaurant that you said was only ten minutes from the castle. If you're not lost, then you're just purposely being a prick. Not that you'd mind of course." It was no secret to Valence that Ronan had little fault with being called names.

"And what are you going to do about it?" Ronan snapped back sourly.

"Ask for directions." Valence replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Ronan snorted, but Valence ignored him turning to the closest people. "Excuse me, do you-" She gave the two people a once over, then did a double take. A boy and a girl, fairly similar looking, so probably siblings, but extremely attractive. "You know what, nevermind, I don't mind being lost anymore." She grinned flirtatiously.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo turned around, glancing at the girl smiling up at him, a flirtatious smile on her face. He returned it immediately, stepping forward, sore cheek forgotten. "Well hello there," he began charmingly, running a hand through his hair. "If you're lost, love, I wouldn't mind giving you a personal tour of the city."

Selene huffed, thoroughly exasperated. Pulling him away from the two, a rather attractive couple, she noted, she elbowed her brother in the stomach. "You just got your ass kicked for dumping a perfectly innocent girl," she paused, throwing in a scowl for good measure before adding, "at least, she had been innocent before you played with her heart. But do you really want to go down this path once more?" She glanced over at the girl. "Besides, she looks like she can do a lot more damage."

Leo shoved her away, still grinning. "Forgive us," he said to the duo, throwing in a wink for good measure, "my sister seems to have forgotten how to use our twin telepathy powers." Turning back to Selene, he added, "don't you know, Sel, it's rude to have side conversations when there's company before us." She shook her head in disbelief, but turned an apologetic look to the couple.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Valence's eyes flashed with renewed interest at the mention of twins while Ronan crossed his arms. "Twins? You hear that Ronan?" Ronan raised an eyebrow, obviously to say that he wanted Valence to shut up, but she took it as a signal to continue. "I hear twins are supposed to be good luck." Her voice was dripping with double meanings making everything she said sound like an innuendo when there wasn't one. Ronan resisted the urge to club his sister over the head.

"You're insufferable." Ronan muttered, shooting his sister a look. Valence only grinned.

"You love it though." Which was only half true. Valence's unpredictable nature made Ronan's life infinitely more interesting, but sometimes she was more trouble than she was worth. He glared at Valence in response and she shrugged. "So do you guys know where a good place to eat is? Ronan here seems to think he knows everything and had us wandering around for an hour." Valence asked in her regular voice, deciding to give Ronan a break for once.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Selene shrunk back, her discomfort quite obvious, but Leo laughed at the girl's quirky (and perhaps, slightly uncomfortable) demeanor, throwing an arm around her shoulders. "Oh, I like you, m'lady. We should go for lunch, get to know each other. Sel works at a restaurant, she can get us a discount."

Selene rolled her eyes, snatching her brother by the collar and pulling him away. "Stop invading her space," she ordered grumpily before turning back to the couple. "You were going the wrong way. The restaurant is," she gestured to the opposite side from where the twins had emerged, "that way. We can take you there."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Oh? Then lead the way Prince Charming and tell me what it is I just have to know about you." Valence's voice fell back into it's flirting shamelessly octave and Ronan just decided to give up on any pretenses, falling into his own confrontational and antisocial demeanor. At the castle he had to pretend to be polite and kind, so sometimes it was refreshing to just be himself.

"Just ignore her. She's not going to be anything but obnoxious." Ronan told the girl. Normally Ronan wouldn't have bothered with politeness, but for some reason she reminded him of an old friend and he felt compelled to be nice. "Ronan." He introduced himself curtly, not bothering with specifics.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Mm, I don't know, love, I don't think you can handle it," Leo grinned wickedly and thanked some Higher Power that the other one, the man, had captured Selene's attention. Had she heard him, she would have sent him flying to the moon. "But let's give it a trial run, yeah?" He ran his fingers through his curly brown hair before adding, "I'm Leo, by the way. And my sister, Selene."

Selene glanced over, momentarily distracted. Leo had conducted his introductions, so she gave the girl an awkward smile and a small wave before turning back to him. She smiled faintly, examining the man before her. He was handsome, no doubt, and though his words were short and to-the-point, he was attempting politeness. She could try to do the same. "I'm Selene," she replied and glanced over at her brother, who was flirting shamelessly with Ronan's sister, "and that's my brother, Leo. I apologize for him. He's only encouraging her advances." Shaking her head, both fondly and exasperatedly, she turned back to Ronan, gesturing towards the restaurant. "Shall we go?"

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Valence laughed. A trial run? Who did this guy think she was? Some delicate flower? "Valence, and if you don't think I can't kick your ass seven ways to Sunday, you're in for a treat. The only thing I can't handle here is how you think I'm unable to handle myself better than your ex back there, got it?" Valence liked brief physical encounters before dumping men, and women, on their asses, never to hear from her again. She'd never had the pleasure of knowing someone just as flirtatious and salacious as she was, and so far she wasn't liking the treatment. She could find better lays if she wanted.

Ronan snorted, highly amused. "Trust me, Valence'd advance herself anywhere she pleased even if he wasn't just as bad as she is." He nodded in the direction of the restaurant, signaling they should go. If Valence really was hungry, she'd have the sense to follow. It wasn't Ronan's job to babysit whenever she wanted to flirt her way into some stranger's bed. She was a grown woman, which meant if she caused any trouble, she could solve her problems on her own.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo regarded her carefully. He had misjudged her; she was definitely the type to hit-and-run, not one to stick around for any emotional ties. Good, he had that in his last ex and the only thing he received in return was a bruised cheek. The physical part wasn't even good, never mind the emotional part. If he had to see himself in a relationship, an emotional one (and he shuddered at the thought), she'd at least had to be a good lay. So he smiled again, shrugging his shoulders. "I don't doubt it," he responded evenly, "and it seems I misjudged your character. But you can't blame a guy for being a little cautious, especially after the last girl I picked up. She was a just as charming as you, and a trial run for that matter, but you can see how that turned out."

His explanation was cut off by Selene, who had reached over to flick him on the wrist. He turned, momentarily distracted as she gestured to the restaurant with a raised eyebrow. "Please, can you get your head out of your ass for one second," she muttered, low enough so that the twins wouldn't hear, "and start walking?" Unlike Ronan, she mothered her (slightly) younger twin. After all, he would probably flirt himself to death rather than having the sense to stop and eat. Ignoring his response, she glanced over at Ronan, just to make sure he would follow, before taking off.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Valence huffed, not quite ready to give in, she was rather prideful after all. She grinned at bit back a laugh at Selene's mothering before following them with a smirk towards the restaurant. This was getting more and more entertaining by the minute.

Ronan followed closely to Selene, not wanting anything to do with Leo and Valence's flirting. He didn't care much for superficial conversation, which was ironically the thing that set him and Valence apart from each other the most. Sure they loved each other, that was what twins did, but to the outside eye it appeared he and Valence barely tolerated each other. Although, many people have tried using that to their advantage, only to have come back and bite them in the ass when they realized he and Valence had an extremely close bond that didn't need kind words to be conveyed. Neither of them were the touchy-feely type anyways.

"So what kind of restaurant are we going to anyway? Please tell me it's not Faruguan, I don't understand how the Moon Kingdom can eat that stuff. Or anyone for that matter." Valence asked, suddenly curious. She was a bit of a foodie and knew her stuff when it came to eating.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Selene's quiet demeanor dissipated immediately as her faint smile twisted to a disgusted scowl. "I despise Faruguan," she spat, crossing her arms and turning sharply on her heels, facing Leo and the twins with a dark glare, "the chefs there are all pig-headed and prejudiced, born into power and money. Let me tell you, all the chefs only got their jobs because of their parents and their bribery, which is why it does so well, and--"

"Moving on," Leo interrupted, wrapping his arm around his sister's shoulders and turning her back the right way, "remember Sel, the last time you walked backwards, you ran into the lamppost."

"That was you."

"What did I just say? Moving on." He rubbed his fist against her head, watching as a few hairs stood straight up, and she scowled, shoving him away. He turned to the twins, grinning, and lowered his voice, "if you didn't already get it from her little outburst, Sel's pet peeve is when people get good things without putting in the work."

"Oh, hold your tongue Leo," Selene countered wearily, her moment of anger forgotten. Leo held up his hands in surrender, but the grin on his face didn't waver. Turning back to the twins, he added, "Sel works at La Lune. She can get us an employee's discount."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Two of my favorite things. Food and discounts." Valence grinned shamelessly and Ronan rolled his eyes. "Oh no need to judge brother, just because I have money unlike most women in this day and age that let the men in their lives control them, does not mean I have to spend money. Maybe I want to hoard it like a dragon."

"Yeah, with your fearsome fire breath. Oh wait, did I say fire? I meant morning breath." Ronan slugged his sister in the arm, rather hard too, but Valence took it in stride.

"Well at least I bathe after training." Valence shot back.

"I like the aroma." Ronan replied, something kin to a grin, but far to violent looking to be considered a smile. Valence only glared and muttered something about where Ronan could stick his aroma before turning back to Leo. She decided to forgive him in light of her brother being a terrible conversation partner.

"So what can you do for me?" Valence asked, her words almost lost in her overuse of seductive tones.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo and Selene both grinned identical grins at the banter of the twins, but when Valence sauntered over to Leo, suggestion written all over her face, Selene put her foot down.

She yanked her brother by the wrist as he opened his mouth, his eyes dancing with something a little too dangerous for her liking. "Excuse us," she murmured politely to the twins before she dragged to her brother out of earshot, the expression on her face resembling a severely angered mother scolding a child. "Might I remind you," she began darkly, poking her brother none to gently on the cheek (and forcing back a wince when his eyes flashed with muted hurt), "but you just got dumped five minutes ago.

"I didn't get dumped" Leo started to say, looking highly affronted, but Selene cut him off with a wave of her hand and a murderous glare. He gulped, for once, looking rather nervous. "I'm sick of your constant flirting, so for once in your life, sit your ass down. I'm trying to make friends, and making friends should not mean I have to hide from her every time I see her in the markets." Releasing him from her grasp, she walked back to the twins, falling into step beside Valence. After all, she had been talking to Ronan; she would have liked to get to know the brash girl.

She tolerated her brother's flirting, she really did. As long as his pleasures didn't get in the way of her life, she really didn't mind. But she was also tired of having to avoid every girl in the city and was in desperate need of some friends, seeing as though her brother wasn't one she wanted to spill her heart out to. She saw a potential friendship with the twins, and she didn't need her brother stepping in to ruin it.

Leo sulked.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Ooh mama! You got some fire in you!" Valence grinned, automatically turning her overenthusiastic socializing to the girl beside her. "I like that. Bring down the patriarchy and all that jazz."

"That's treason you know, considering we have a King." Ronan interjected, his tone amused as he fell into step behind the girls.

"Tomato, Tamahto! Besides our Queen is way cooler than her husband will ever be. Best damn choice he ever made was marrying her." Valence replied with a casual wave of her hand. "Now if you don't mind, I was about to teach Selene how to use her superior femininity to disarm sexist values, both figuratively and literally mind you." Ronan put his hands up in mock surrender and fell a few more steps behind with a sulking Leo. "Now you see Selene, you first gotta..." Valence threw her arm around Selene's shoulders and began conspiratorially whispering to the girl.

Part of the reason Ronan tried to stay in conversation with the girls was because he didn't like the idea of talking to Leo. He reminded Ronan a lot of Valence, but none of the sibling trust was there, making conversation difficult to approach. Ronan was under no illusion that if he and Valence were not sibling, they would like each other. In fact it was very likely that in that scenario, they would hate each other's guts.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo scowled as Valence dragged her sister over to the side, filling her mind with things like 'feminism' and 'overthrowing a patriarchy'. It wasn't as though he didn't support those things; he was often on the receiving end of Selene's rants about sexism, especially when some disgusting male attempted to pick her up at the restaurant. Of course, she could take care of herself, but he was always there to provide backup. Or, at least, clean off her knuckles afterwards. He was more upset that he had been left alone with the other one, Ronan. He wasn't quite sure of Ronan's character and wondered briefly if the other man would bite his head off if he attempted to make conversation. He wasn't an idiot; he sensed Ronan's apprehension towards him. But, in the end, loneliness won over pure fear. He toed closer to Ronan, clearing his throat. "So... what do you do for a living?"

Selene was pleasantly surprised at how the conversation turned. She had expected Leo to immediately resume his flirting; after all, when had he listened to her when it came to girls? She enjoyed Valence's animated energy; she hadn't had a female companion in so long. She listened to her conspiring whispers seriously and found herself smiling, smiling, and nodding along. "Working at La Lune is nice," she admitted cautiously, "but there are men there who seem to think that a female worker, such as myself, only works to pick up rich men."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Ronan raised an eyebrow in Leo's direction. Assessing and reassessing his character. Yes his sister was flirting with him only mere minutes ago, but Valence would flirt with anything that moves if it meant getting laid by someone hot so that told him very little about how he should react to Leo's question. In the end Ronan decided to do what he would normally do, which was to be honest and irritatingly blunt. "Kill people." He replied, not even bothering to hide his normal intimidating demeanor.

"Bastards. All of them. Although my problem is usually completely the opposite, men usually assume I prefer innies rather than outies in my line of work if you get what I mean. " Valence shrugged. It was the reason she didn't get much at the palace, all the hot, sweaty, and shirtless knights thinking she was a lesbian was typically a turn off, although the friendships she had among her fellow guards were quite nice. The flirting was never serious and she never had to worry that one of them would think she was using their professional relationship as leverage to sleep with them. Don't get Valence wrong though, girls were seriously hot, she just preferred dudes in bed.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo blinked, not sure if he had heard quite right. Dammit Selene, of course you leave me with the homicidal maniac. He glanced longingly at the two girls, who were chatting animatedly. He turned back to the Ronan, weighing his options. He could, of course, run. But that would mean leaving Selene behind, and he valued her life more than his own. He could create a distraction, warn her with a form of twin telepathy, and watch her flee while he watched valiantly. No, that wouldn't be effective; Selene would never believe him, nor would she run if she did. He tried for humor and forced out a pathetically weak chuckle. "Dude, me too! Homicidal bros unite, am I right?" Okay, not his best work. He was better with girls than he was with boys.

Selene hummed in response, nodding seriously. She had gotten that vibe from Valence, so she wasn't surprised. "Men are pigs," she announced, crossing her arms before glancing at Leo, who was blubbering something about homicide. She wrinkled her nose, before turning back to Valence, adding, "and idiots too."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Ronan blinked, once, twice, and burst into raucous laughter. That had to be the first time someone other than his sister even bothered coming up with a response to something intimidating he said and it was rather refreshing. "Relax. We-" he gestured to his sister and himself "-work at the palace. Nothing too sinister." Although it probably wasn't very obvious considering neither he nor Valence were wearing uniforms or carrying weapons. They blended in well in the city despite not knowing it well because they grew up in a very similar place on the outer edge of the kingdom about a day and a half's ride away.

Valence turned towards the boys when she heard her brother laughing, seeing Leo smiling meekly at the larger man. "Oh man, it hasn't been an hour and my brother is already being social enough to be intimidating? He must like your brother, although I pity him, Ronan once made a man soil himself by glaring at him, not the kind of person you want to be intimidated by." Valence laughed good-naturedly like it was all a big joke, but the way she said seemed far too serious to be for a laugh.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo felt himself deflate, his smile weak before it grew considerably, spreading across his face, until he, too, was laughing. "You got me there," he admitted, throwing his hands behind his head, "so you work for royalty? Don't tell Sel, she'll just go into another rant about how royals are all privileged bitches. No offense."

Selene raised an eyebrow, not quite fearful of the odd couple, but slightly intrigued. "I can't say the same for my brother. He can be intimidating, sure, but he has too weak of a heart to keep that kind of demeanor. He'd end up laughing. But it's good that they're becoming friends, God knows Leo needs some." She watched Ronan carefully, unsure, re-evaluating his personality, but coming up blank. She let out a puff of air, frustrated. "Oh," she added, momentarily distracted as she took a sharp left, "we're almost there."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Oh they are." Ronan replied easily. Yes he was a massive hypocrite for scorning his sister for committing treason while in the same breath doing so himself, but he'd rather be in trouble himself than let his sister be there because at least Ronan had a good reputation with the crown and it would be believable if he denied accusations against him. "The eldest princess has a stick so far up her ass she waddles when she walks." What could Ronan say? He hated playing at uptight guard when he was such a laid back asshole himself.

"Hmmm. Well he'll probably be fine then!" Valence laughed, following Selene around the corner. "Ooh, where? I'm so ready to eat, I'm starving at this point! I swear my stomach started eating itself a few hours ago." She wailed dramatically, very in character for a typical Valence reaction.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo laughed in response; it was quite rare that he met someone so obviously against the royal family (other than Selene, of course, who made her stance known at least once a week). Thinking back on all the gossip he had collected about the royal family, which was not much, considering everything he heard was positive feedback, he added, "apparently, the youngest one is a kiss-ass. Probably hasn't worked a day in her life."

Selene smiled at Valence's dramatics. "Don't worry, it's just at the end of this street," she promised, "look, you can see the sign from here!"

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Hmpf. She's a brat, that one. Her twin brother too. Once put ivy in all of the guards' socks. Valence got a rash on her feet so bad she couldn't get her boots on." Ronan was a little more fond of the youngest prince and princess, not only because they were twins, but also because they reminded him of his sister. All of them troublemakers in their own right. It was also nice to see Valence get a taste of her own medicine after growing up with her 'harmless pranks'. Turns out they were quite hilarious when he wasn't on the receiving end.

Valence spied the restaurant at the end of the street and grinned. "I'll race ya!" She whooped, slapping Selene on the back before taking off down the road giddily. Ronan never raced her anywhere so she was always excited to meet new people that she could be childish with. Even though Valence was the older one, Ronan liked to think himself the adult, which meant no fun and no play all day long. Of course Valence found other pursuits of interest to occupy her time.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Selene took off behind her; she wasn't much of a runner but she did enjoy the wind in her face as her feet slapped against the pavement. Valence had a few inches on her and she strained to catch up, laughing.

Leo grinned at Ronan's story before turning to his sister, watching her take off. "I guess we're almost there," he commented as the sign came into view. "What're you in the mood for?

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Valence laughed, not running at full speed, but not going easy on Selene either. She was smart enough to know not everyone was as in shape as she was, training for hours on end every day, but she was competitive enough to not just give Selene a win for the race. In the end, they slipped through the door of the restaurant at the same time, Valence with the biggest smile she's had in the longest time.

"Chicken." Ronan shrugged, casually swaggering the rest of the way to the restaurant. He wasn't at all fast, but damn did he look good doing whatever he was doing.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Selene laughed breathlessly, leaning over the doorway to catch her breath. She didn't remember a time when she ran like that, even when she was younger. "Ready to eat?"

Leo grinned, strutting after him (although he probably looked like an idiot compared to how suave Ronan was being.) "Cool, cool. I think I'll get the steak and potatoes."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) ((Yikes, took me long enough, but I'll post first.))

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((Haha, no worries! Sounds good x))

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Halina sat in the town square, tarot moving swiftly from hand to hand, a sweet smelling smoke softly clouding the air around her, hopefully drawing in potential customers. People knew her babula better than they knew Halina, but still, her grandmother should not be out in the streets under the harsh rays of the sun. She hummed one of the enticing songs, the foreign words alluring as they began to roll off her tongue, before she sang them in the common tongue, "Hey beauty, beauty, If only I had you. I would have a boy who I wanted too." She eyed the people as they walked past, cards flicking softly against her fingertips as she willed them to look at her.

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Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) Carswell jaw clenched as he wondered if anyone was doing anything remotely dangerous or reckless. He made his way around, not really interested in what the people around here had to offer.

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"Choć urody nie mam, ale czyste serce." She sang quietly, fixing her eyes on a tense looking man, a boy really, whose eyes scanned the crowds gathered in the commons. There was something about him that seemed to stretch beyond the physical, beyond the facade that he gave off. "Fortunes told here," Lina said, her voice drifting among the tendrils of smoke. "Life's losses and lovers, red as berries and blood. All told here."

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He looked over at her, shaking his head. "I do not wish to know anything of the future. I prefer to live it instead, woman." He muttered, unclenching his hands.

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Halina grinned a soft, enigmatic grin and flipped a card over anyways. Ten golden chalices made an arc over the worn brown background, the edges lined with gold. "Instincts, control and maturity and avoidance of difficult emotions. The desire to restore harmony. But you must learn to have empathy, be warm."

She flipped the edges over each of her fingers, the sound mimicking a bird's wings. "Reunions. Remember the love that brought you and her together. You're family, after all." Lina cocked her head. "Who is she?"

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He froze mid turn, clenching his jaw again. He stiffened, straitening. "How do you know about her?" He said instead of answering. He hadn't told anyone about his sister, yet this woman...she spoke of her as if she knew it all.

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Halina spread her hands open in a gesture to the cards spread in front of her. "They do not tell lies, sir. The cards show you your truth, but it is up to you to interpret. I merely provide assistance in that manner." Her smile softened as she stroked the ten of cups card. "She is lucky to have someone so devoted, a protector of sorts. Do you like protecting people, sir?" Her tone was taunting.

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) Carswell narrowed his eyes at her taunting. "Thats what I swore myself to do till the day I die." He put his hands on her table, "And what you are doing can easily be mistaken for witchcraft. It would be such a shame to see you burned at stake, wouldn't it?" He asked, pulling away. He knew what he said sounded threatening, hut he wouldn't do it.

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Lina huffed. "Witchcraft, he says. Anything outside of their own culture and they believe it to be witchcraft. Like sheets of paper and bundles of herbs can hurt anybody. No, sir. No reason to threaten me with the flame. You just looked like you needed a little insight, that's all."

She flipped over another car, the visage of five swords surrounded in a line of red. "But you need no luck. You've so far won most battles, kept the harmony you desire. And you shall continue on in the same vein. Remember though," She sent him an intimidating look, "confidence and cockiness are not the same." That'd teach him not to threaten innocent people on the streets.

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He scoffed. "I just gave you a warning. You on the other hand give people things that can taunt them forever." He replied.

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She laughed, a sound like steel on stone. "And your bonfire doesn't hang as a threat over me for life? No, you can pick your battles quickly, the future comes in a blink. A way of life, that's forever. I can no more change my trade than you can your love for your sister."

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He narrows his eyes. "The difference is that you make them know of it, and i have the power to make it happen before you can blink." He said, voice gone cold.

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Halina's face was stony, eyes expressionless as she shuffled her cards once more, tugging and shifting and stacking the cards. Before reaching and feeling and picking what she knew was her own. The World stared up at her, the ambiguous figure wreathed in laurels grinned enigmatically. Her face took on a similar gaze. "I'll bet you do, sir."

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) Cardwell leaned back, staring at her. "Then don't mess with me. As you yourself had said, I have one little helper, someone someone you don't want to anger." He said

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She shook her head. "I'm not scared of you. I know you want to do what is right, and I have done nothing wrong, so I don't see why we have to quarrel." She shrugged, eyes half-lidded.

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) "Because you anger me. All you told me? Its something I've heard before." He said, taking a step back.

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"Because it's your life. You make the connections, I just tell you the meanings of the cards. If it's familiar, that's because you associate events with the meanings. There's nothing magical or personal about it... just don't tell paying costumers." She grumbled.

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He raised an eyebrow. "They already know that. They just like feeling as if they hadnt been wrong." He said, taking out a few gold coins. He put it on her table. "So you dont say I did it for free.'

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Halina shook her head and smiled. "Much obliged, sir." She slowly slid the coins off of the table and into a box by her feet, once more singing the tune she had before, already staring past him into the crowd. "Choć urody nie mam, ale czyste serce."

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He raised an eyebrow. "What does that mean?" He asks, confused.

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She did not deign to look at him, still searching the crowds for the next lucky someone to hear their fortune. "'Although I do not have beauty, I'm not worried about that'. It's part of a song my babula sings when she works."

Evelin ☪️ Queen of Witches  (evelinwitchleader) He nods slowly. "Well...okay." He muttered, walking away from her.

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