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Lexie | 664 comments Mod
Where people go to buy goods and often spread gossip. Filled with buyers, sellers and stalls of everything imaginable, it can become a very busy and crowded place. Only opened in the day.

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Night | 435 comments Mod
Ariella looked around, hoping to find some treasures as vendors called out to her from every direction. Something shining caught her eye, and she wandered to where a vendor was selling jewelry.
"Anything you like?" The vendor asked her. Ariella cast one eye, surveying it all.

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Night | 435 comments Mod
Her eye kept wandering over to one particular bracelet, with a polished Amber set in a chain of delicate gold. "That one." She said, paying for it.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Because he was always one to make his presence known, Selene Jakobsen felt the suspicion rise in her stomach when she saw her twin brother slinking carefully down the cobbled streets, ignoring the swooning girls that were eyeing him carefully (though, she did see a wink thrown their way and shook her head, partly in amusement and partly in disgust).

She watched him as he danced up to a vendor, sending a trustworthy, innocent smile to the mustached man eyeing him warily. She couldn't blame the man for turning away, eyes scanning the crowd for suspicious characters, unaware that her brother was one of them. Leo looked around carefully before swiping two shiny red apples, stuffing them into the sleeves of his jacket. Giving the vendor another sweet smile and whistling a cheery tune, he strolled away from the stand, suave and slick as ever.

"Brother," she called to him, though she supposed she needn't waste her breath. He could sense her anyway: call it twin telepathy, intuition, or perhaps his keen nose that could smell her lightly sprayed perfume. Whatever it was, he turned before her call, his grin mischievous as he tossed her an apple, one she caught easily between her palms. "You really mustn't make a habit of this, stealing whatever you can get your hands on. You will not always be able to get away with it and I will not always be there to save you."

He scoffed, reaching out to play with her hair before biting into his apple. "You worry too much, sister. I will never be caught."

She rolled her eyes but bit into the apple anyway, swatting him away in a playful fashion. Leo grinned, moving his fingers from her hair to the tree behind her, leaning against it peacefully. The twins watched the bustling of the marketplace, both chewing on their apples.

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Night | 435 comments Mod
((Is Ariella allowed to see him stealing? We could do an RP))

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((sure! just don't get them arrested or anything, that would suck (x))

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Night | 435 comments Mod
((Thanks, I won't :) ))

Ariella watched out of the corner of her eye as the foolish boy snuck an apple from the vendor. She snorted under her breath. Idiots. She walked over and tapped the boy on the shoulder, hand to her hidden weapon. "I wouldn't be so sure of myself if I were you." She said in her light accent.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo turned, his lips curving instantly at the sight of the small blonde girl. Taking a final bite of the apple before tossing the core away, he crossed his arms, leaning his head against the tree. "And who, might I ask, is going to stop me?" he asked cheekily, throwing in a wink for good measure.

Selene gave her brother a look, one that seemed to say Lord have mercy, Leo, is now really the time? mixed with a cocky I told you so. Standing to her full height and elbowing her brother away (she ignored his pathetic oomph of surprise), her hand went to her own weapon, tucked away in the folds of her dress. She didn't say anything but raised an eyebrow, silently challenging the blonde.

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Night | 435 comments Mod
"I'm not going to warn you again." Ariella said, though she noticed the girl's hand going to her own weapon. "You know full well the consequences, and I would think you should listen to your sister. At least she has more sense than you, stealing plain sight while flirting with every idiot that looks at you. They're practically drooling. It's disgusting, and ruining my day of shopping for my next Performance."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo looked more amused than abashed, straightening and pushing himself off the tree. He regarded the girl carefully, taking extra time to note the hand at her weapon, before speaking again. "Love, next time I want someone to harass me for my life choices, I'll call my sister. Not everyone was born with extra money in their pocket for," he glanced at the gold bracelet and his mouth split into a wicked grin, "frivolous items." He wrapped his arm around Selene's shoulders and, with a carefree shrug, added, "it's not my fault the ladies love me. Can't blame them for having such a good eye for men. Don't deny it, love, I didn't ruin your day, I made it."

Hold your tongue, now, Leo Jakobsen, Selene thought darkly and her brother wisely followed, the smirk still on his face. She watched the girl carefully, looking for any signs of attack, before she spoke. "Forgive my brother," she began icily, her words clipped and cool, "but this is none of your concern. You are not an enforcer of the law, so it would do you well to hold your tongue. You go about your business and we'll go about ours."

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((They shouldn't be supposed to see her weapon, it's hidden))
Ariella tilted her head, unfazed. She had been waiting for that. "It was not extra money. This is a gift from my mentor. He has passed on, and it is a Performer's ritual to get one thing resembling their dead and sending the dead on their way. And the idiots have bad taste, because I wouldn't date you if it were a choice between you and my brother's dead body."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((He didn't actually see the weapon, but he saw her hand go to it and made the connection. I can change the sentence though if it makes you uncomfortable :D))

"Mm," Leo mused, untroubled by her declaration, "then let me rephrase my earlier sentiment. Not everyone was born with enough money to buy gifts for their loved ones. My sister and I certainly couldn't when our parents passed on. Nor could we afford a decent patch of land to bury their bodies." He tilted his head, a slight smile on his face as he added, "and as for choosing between me and your late brother, wouldn't that be incest? And desecration, might I add, both of which are worse than a petty crime like stealing." Despite his harsh words, he felt a slight stab of pity for the girl; after all, he knew what it was like to lose a loved one. And he wasn't completely heartless.

Selene reached out to squeeze his hand sharply and he withdrew again, his eyes never leaving the blonde. She stepped forward, her hand clenching the hilt of her weapon. "While I quite enjoy this bantering," she stated darkly, her words swimming with sarcasm, "I have better things to do. Let me repeat my earlier statement: This is none of your concern. You are not an enforcer of the law, so it would do you well to hold your tongue. You go about your business and we'll go about ours."

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Night | 435 comments Mod
Ariella sighed. "Why must adults all repeat their sentences. It's unnecessary. If someone ignores you, it means they really don't have the time to listen to what they have to say. Also, bodies of our dead are burned, their ashes offered to remembrance and let go of. And besides, since you decided to let me see you stealing, it is my concern, because you made it so."

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "That was not a request," Selene snapped, her patience peeling away, "and it would do you well to listen to your elders. Others may not be as forgiving as my brother and I. Besides, you have no proof. Do you really want to take this to the authorities?"

"As for our parents," Leo added, crossing his arms, the charm leaving his face and frustration replacing it, "they did not receive the proper treatment. Enough is enough. Leave us alone."

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Night | 435 comments Mod
Ariella sighed. People. "I never said I would take it to the authorities. Though do you request payment for the entertainment and banter?" She meant it as a literal question. After all, it was how she made her living.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo shot a confused look to Selene, who dropped her protective stance, though her hand did not leave her weapon. "If you will not take it to the authorities, why aren't you going about your business?" she asked cautiously. And, after a moment's pause, she added eventually, "as for your question, nothing in life is free." It was a vague response, but Leo squeezed her hand, knowing full well the meaning behind her words.

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Ariella shrugged. "The Burning is not until later, and I have no intentions of seeing him in... The state that he is." She said, looking slightly uncomfortable. "Here." She handed the woman a handful of (I have no idea what the currency is, so I'm going to say gold) gold, and bowed low. "I perform for the Court occasionally. Perhaps I may see the two of you again." She said, and disappeared like she had never been there.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Leo stared at the spot where the girl had disappeared, not quite believing what he had seen. He rubbed his eyes once, and then once more. She was still gone. He turned to Selene, to confirm that their conversation was real and not just a figment of his rather wild imagination, but she was staring at the gold in her hand, eyes wide with confusion. He squeezed her shoulder gently and she jumped, startled back into reality. "What a strange girl," he remarked, glancing back uncertainly at the spot where she once stood.

Selene snapped out her daze, turning to her brother helplessly. "I didn't mean... I didn't expect..." He understood the words she could not say and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her to a side hug as she stared at the gold in her hands. They stood in silence for a while, listening to the sounds of the market, before Selene finally collected herself, her eyes hardening coldly. She shoved the gold into her brother's hands, and he slipped slightly, fumbling to catch the coins. He gave her a bemused look, to which she replied coldly, "I, no, we, don't need it. Find the girl and return her money. I have to go to work." Spinning on her heel, she stalked away.

Leo sighed, flipping a gold coin in the air and watching it catch the sun, sparkling gaily, before he caught it back in his palm. Storing it safely in the pouch he kept on his belt, he set off in the opposite direction, whistling as he walked. He winked at a girl who eyed him and, after a second's pause, swiped another apple from the vendor. He disappeared, the girl with the blonde hair still on his mind.

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