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D.L. Osment (goodreadscomauthordlosment) | 4 comments You can view this book trailer at BECOMING THE WOLF, the first volume of "The Peter & The Wolf Trilogy" is currently in competition for an Amazon Kindle Scout publishing contract. You can vote for it at I think this is a dynamite trailer and the feedback tends toward "Awesome!!!". My beautiful and talented writing partner, Kathryn M. Hearst, created it in about half an hour at I found some free pics on Pixabay. She threw in a few we already owned. The free music is from Animoto and we used the Inkwell template. The amazing Kathryn, by the way, is a Kindle Scout winner whose book THE SPIRIT TREE is currently killing on Amazon.

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D.L. Osment (goodreadscomauthordlosment) | 4 comments If you were one of the dozens who rushed over to to read about Wolfie's "first time," hustle over there today to read about one of his hottest times.

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