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Where people go to buy all kinds of goods. It can become a crowded and busy place. It is open even for a couple of hours after night falls.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Flour, flour..." Noelle muttered to herself as she wandered through the market searching for a stall that sold what she needed. Apparently the youngest princess was craving pastries, but the kitchens were almost out of the most important ingredient. Noelle was sent to do last minute shopping so the chefs could make pastries for dessert. As was typical, Noelle was sent by herself and she had no clue how she was going to carry the flour back to the castle.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments Ro kept her head down, dark hair cascading down her face. As she walks by different people, her eyes lock in on her target and she walks by her, "accidentally" bumping into a young woman, quickly grabbing the bag of coins from the woman.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle, used to being jostled in the crowded markets, kept walking. One step, two steps, three steps, she made it all the way to ten steps before noticing that her money was gone and whirled around. She could not lose that money, especially because it wasn't hers in the first place. Noelle used to live on the streets and knew how to spot a pickpocket, so it didn't take her long to zero in on the unassuming girl with raven hair weaving between people. Noelle marched right up to the girl and grabbed her wrist. "Give the money back or I'll scream for police." She whispered harshly, knowing the penalty for theft was harsh in the markets.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments Ro freezes, eyes wide, realising that she's been caught out. The hand round her wrist felt like an iron grip. "Damn" she whispers, slowly turning around to face her victim. She wraps her hand around the strangers and pulls her into an alley away from the eyes of speculators. "Shut up" she says, twisting round to get the woman in a compromising position with her hand covering her mouth.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle immediately began to struggle against the thief's grip. Looks like that plan went tits up, but Noelle was no pushover. She knew how to handle herself and how to bite. Hard. She bit the girls hand, hard enough to taste blood, and shoved her away. "Look. Just give me my money back and you can go steal from someone else. If I go back without the money or the things I'm supposed to buy, it won't end well for me." In all likelihood, Noelle would be executed for stealing from the crown.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments "OUCH!" Ro yells grabbing her hand and looking at the blood. "B*tch" she mutters. She looks from the woman and back to the money. "I haven't ate in a few days. "I'm sure your being a drama queen" she says, looking at the woman suspiciously. "So your work at the palace?" she smirks.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Well considering I'm wearing the uniform." Noelle replied snarkily, gesturing to her servant's clothes. She wasn't in the mood for this. She needed to buy flour and somehow get it back to the palace before Eleanor found her to be late, the spiteful hag practically raised Noelle, but had zero tolerance for tardiness. Noelle needed that money back. She made a swipe for the bag.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments Ro lifts the bag away and snickers. "There's no need for the attitude. I'll give the money back...on one condition" she smirks again.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "For the love of- What do you want?" Noelle asked desperately, her mask of aloofness cracking under the pressure of having the money so close, but just outside her grasp.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments "The magic word" Ro says with a wicked smile.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle had no pride, she'd lost it a long time ago, so it took very little effort for her lips to form the word. "Please." She surprised herself when she realized she hadn't just said the word, she'd begged. Noelle had no pride, but she didn't beg for things. She was not worthy of things that had to be begged for usually, so it was rare for her to get the chance.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments "Very good" She says and hands the bag of money over. "I am Callie" Ro lies, still holding the woman against the wall, not trusting her.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle clutched the bag of money tightly to her chest. She wasn't going to let it be stolen again. "Noelle." She replied, her voice tight with anxiety and from being so close in another person's space. She didn't like being so close to people, it made her uncomfortable.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments "Nice to meet you. I should go. Don't let me regret letting you go" she replies.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Noelle nodded nervously, just glad to have her purse back. It would have been terrible to return to the palace without either the money or the food.

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments Ro stares after her and feels her stomach growl at her. "Damn" she curses at herself for showing compassion

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments (Wait it is though)

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((Sorry, I was thinking of something else. :p))

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments (Haha it's cool XD)

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((I think Night means it shouldn't be as present tense. Like say stared instead of stares or cursed instead of curses.))

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(( :) ))

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments (AHhhhh gotcha mates)

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Lexie wrote: "((I think Night means it shouldn't be as present tense. Like say stared instead of stares or cursed instead of curses.))"

((Yeah. :p That was what I meant, but Lexie says it better than me.))

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 59 comments (Haha sorry I shall never do it again)

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((Ok. :) Thanks))

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((Haha :) ))

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Ivan didn't normally come to the city, but when he did, he was always visiting his best friend. He was dressed in common clothes so he could blend in and not be an obvious target of pick-pocketing. Also because he was a Duke now that his father was dead and it would be bad for his family if anyone of notoriety found out that he liked to traipse around with commoners. Not that Ivan cared because he liked seeing Izzi. She was his friend and he wouldn't abandon her over something stupid like that. "Hey Iz!" He called out, seeing her long hair through the crowd. "Wait up!"

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) ((Yeah probably. I figure maybe they met when they were super young because Ivan ran away from home and it was obviousfrom his clothing where he was from.))

"Yeah well the manor is absolutely stifling with people crying over my father's death and offering me condolences, trying to get on my good side and whatnot, when they barely even knew my father. It's hogwash and I'm going mad." Ivan replied as soon as he stepped close enough that their conversation wouldn't be overheard.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Oh? And how is entrepreneurship treating you? I actually heard something about your business last week from one of my sister's friends. It was hard to try and get any information about what she thought of it without seeming like I had a personal investment." Ivan laughed and slyly took Izzi's basket from her to carry it.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "That was really good. When are you going to tell me your secret ingredient? Because I dream about that jam sometimes." Ivan replied remembering when Izzi had given him a jar. He had to hide it in his desk so the maids wouldn't find it and ask him where he got it.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) ((I'm about to work on a character for another group so my replies might start taking a while just fyi.))

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) ((Yeah, pretty much. I might have cried because I'm sort of a perfectionist when I use my own templates, but I finished my first character!))

"But Iz! I'm dying to know!" Ivan whined despite being a full grown man. He dragged his feet and pouted to add to the effect, hoping that his puppy dog eyes would work. Unfortunately he knew Izzi better than he knew himself, which meant he knew that it sure wasn't going to work.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "You wound me." Ivan said, clutching his heart, but had a shit eating grin spread across his face anyway. He sobered up a little at Izzi's question. "Well now that the funeral is over and done with, my time has mostly been spent trying to remove unwanted guests from my house without seeming rude. People only seem to want money from me."

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) "Eh. I have to maintain a modicum of social decorum if I want my family to keep their standing in the court, which really is just a pain." Ivan shrugged. He readjusted his grip on Izzi's basket and grinned. "How could I, a well mannered man, force you to carry your own things and still call myself a gentleman?"

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) If there was one thing Ivan felt terrible about, it was the fact that he couldn't risk people knowing he was friends with a commoner. He felt incredibly shallow and repulsive because Izzi was so sweet and he treated her so terribly without her knowing it. "Ugh, please, I hate it there and I don't want to see anybody but you at the moment." It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the truth either.


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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments There was no denying it; the bustle of the marketplace seemed to quiet slightly at the sight of the Maddox sisters.

Even as children, the trio seemed to possess a certain charm. After all, they were known to bring out the best in each other, in a way no one else could. It was common knowledge that Raina Maddox was the only one who could get Maeve's eyes to soften and the smile to spread, crooked across her face. Margot Maddox's stoic and meek demeanor only dropped around Maeve. Margot had the ability to let Raina shine in the way only she could. The list could go on, the way the three complemented each other, but there was one thing every civilian who had the pleasure to meet them agreed solidly on:

Together, the Maddox sisters were unstoppable.

"There she goes, the little dear," a shopkeeper cooed, using her rather large pink fan to blow the heat away from her face. "It has been a while since the Maddox sisters emerged together, hasn't it, Patricia?"

The woman beside her nodded, watching carefully as Raina Maddox darted out onto the street, vivacious and charming as she turned in circles, giggling as her brown hair spun out, catching the light, and her dress twirling around her ankles. She curtsied at a lady who had to jump away to avoid getting hit, and at the sight of Raina's smile, her own scowl dissipated. Maeve and Margot, as Patricia noticed, kept a close distance behind her, hands clasped.

"Raina," Margot called out reproachfully, her voice only a meek whisper, but her eyes were shining with something like fondness, "don't get into people's way. You're going to trip and fall on your face."

Raina grinned, cheeks pink as she waltzed back to her sisters, taking Margot's other hand. "Oh Mare, don't be such a stickler," she teased, but she stayed relatively still (or a still as a Raina Maddox could be.) "You know, Mother said we weren't s'posed to be in the marketplace. What're we even doing here?"

"Mother doesn't need to know," Margot shot back, rather uncharacteristically, letting go of Maeve's hand to tap Raina on the tip of her nose. She shied away, wrinkling her nose.

"I'm looking for something for Calida's birthday," Maeve explained, shaking her head at their antics (but the smile never slipped from her face). "And as a good older sister, I decided to bring you two. But if you'd rather lounge at the castle, be my guest."

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Kael had lost count of the number of times he had visited the marketplace in the last week. He found it wonderful to talk to people that hadn't known him his whole life, and hadn't been brought up with the same privilege as he had been; it was enlightening, and taught him things no lessons could. He stopped short, however, upon catching sight of Maeve Maddox, and two other girls who he assumed were her sisters. He didn't know whether to quickly leave before she noticed him (though he couldn't do that, simply because of his pride), or to say hello. Instead of doing either, he took a moment to watch her interact with her sisters. She looked like a completely different person; she seemed to be more free and happy, and he hadn't realised how radiant she looked when she smiled.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve rubbed a bracelet between two fingers, examining the engravings on the metal before dropping it back into the pile with a sigh. Calida wasn't much of a jewelry person.

"Holy shit," Raina yelped from behind her and Maeve turned to give her a disgusted scowl and a motherly "Language!". Raina rolled her eyes (it was to no one's surprise that she had picked up her foul mouth from Maeve), and tugged Maeve's hand, pointing off into the crowd, "Mads, the Crown Prince is looking at you. Actually, the Crown Prince is in the marketplace. Doesn't he have servants to do his shit for him?"

"Language," Margot repeated, flicking Raina's nose. "And it's rude to point, Rain, especially if you're pointing to royalty. He might not take it kindly."

"Ignore him," Maeve interrupted sharply. She had turned back to the stand after Raina's statement, possibly to hide her red face (and since when did she turn red? Stupid stupid Crown Prince) before he could catch her staring. It had been a few weeks since he had seen in her the woods, and she wasn't too fond of bringing that memory up (after all, she replayed it in her head too many times to count). "You're delusional Raina, he's not looking at us. He's just admiring the crowd. And stop swearing."

Raina raised an eyebrow and Margot shrugged in response. She, as the observant sister, had picked up that there was something going on between her elder sister and the prince, judging from the stories Maeve decided to share. Margot was tactful enough, however, to turn to the stand, forcibly turning Raina around and using a finger to close her gaping mouth.

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Kael knew he had been caught looking at them, and it would be strange if he were to leave without greeting them now. Ah, well. He had been curious to meet Maeve's sisters, after all, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Besides, their last interaction hadn't ended on unfriendly terms (in fact, they had been getting along quite well, and it had honestly been refreshing to see a more vulnerable side to her; though he didn't doubt that Maeve would probably want to forget the incident), and they had also been friendly the last time they had talked in town.

So, Kael walked over to where the girls were standing and gave them a charming smile. "Good afternoon," he said, observing the sisters. They all seemed to be quite different, yet it was obvious how much they cared for each other.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments "Oh my god he's coming over," Raina squeaked in a hushed whisper (she had stared at jewelry for a good five seconds before ignoring Maeve's command and turning around). Maeve felt the dismay rise in her body as she dropped the bracelet, squeezing the edge of the table. The shopkeeper, a friendly man with a rather large mustache, gave her a quizzical look, one she returned with a faint smile.

Collect yourself, Maeve Maddox.

She turned smoothly, tucking her hair behind her ear and keeping her face carefully polite. "Raina Maddox, she muttered under her breath, pinching her sister's elbow, "don't you dare flirt with him or I'll kick your ass."

"We get it Maeve, he's taken. You don't have to go all green eyed monster on me," Raina shot back, the grin splitting her face. Maeve gave her the stink-eye, pushing away the redness in her cheeks before Kael finally approached.

Margot curtsied, prim and proper as ever, and Maeve managed to sink her knees slightly in what would pass as one. Raina however, manners forgotten entirely, stood on her tiptoes to peer into Kael's eyes. "Damn! So the rumors are true - your eyes are dark blue. Holy shit, you're kind of gorgeous. That's so unfair, ya know?"

"Raina Maddox," Maeve began as Margot dropped her face into her hands, "what did I just say?"

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Kael grinned at the girl, not fazed in the least by the comment. Why would he be? He appreciated it when people spoke their mind (possibly with the exception of Maeve herself), and he always enjoyed it when people commented on his looks. "Thank you," he said instead. "I take it that you already know who I am, then. But would you do me the honour of introducing yourself?" he said, winking at her to accompany his exaggerated statement. He had to admit that he was only partly using so much charm because he could tell that it was bothering Maeve, and he found that incredibly amusing, for some reason.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Margot groaned aloud, Raina swooned, and Maeve glared, reaching over to swat Kael across the arm (it was reflex really, one she had trained into herself the day boys started noticing Raina Maddox and her sex appeal). "Don't even think about it, Kael Absollon. She's sixteen."

"But that's never stopped me," Raina sang under her breath, but grinned good naturedly and backed away at Maeve and Margot's combined warning glares. "I'm Raina Maddox, but everyone calls me Rain." And, as though on impulse, she added," but you can call me-"

"Margot Maddox, Your Majesty," Margot interrupted as Maeve pulled Raina's ear none too gently, leading her away from the conversation with a frown. Raina just laughed, plenty used to her sister's form of punishment. "Excuse the youngest, she gets her brazenness from..." Margot paused, biting her lip, before turning to Maeve. "Where does she get it from?"

"Calida, most likely," Maeve muttered, shaking her head, "I never should have left them alone together." Tugging Raina's ear one more time, just for good measure - and she laughed and darted away in response - Maeve turned back to Kael, crossing her arms. "So, what brings you to the marketplace?"

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"Oh, you know, I'm just out and about." Kael said, smiling mischievously at her.

Well, isn't this just priceless. As it turns out, Maeve Maddox actually has a heart.

"Have you told your sisters about our history?" he asked Maeve, though his eyes darted over to Raina and Margot. They didn't seem to show any of the prejudice Maeve had treated him with when they met for the first time (though, to be fair, he had acted quite rudely), so he wondered whether Maeve hadn't mentioned their heated arguments. Or maybe they hated him and just didn't want to show it. While both sisters seemed to be genuine, he had learned enough throughout his life that people often faked being friendly to him when in reality they hated his guts (luckily, not many people he knew of didn't like him. He probably wouldn't have such a large ego if he had more enemies).

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments Maeve blanched as Raina squealed, jumping in front of her to look Kael straight in the eye (she was getting taller, surpassing Margot by a good inch and a half and shying away from Maeve by an inch). "Crap! I knew it! You guys are totally getting down and dirty up in the castle. Damn Maeve, I didn't think you'd be the type to go for the Crown Pr-"

Maeve lunged at Raina, effectively knocking her off-balance and practically slamming her away from the conversation. Margot swiftly and efficiently stepped in front of the squabbling duo, hiding them from Kael's view and gazing off into space, humming quite loudly (as though it would staunch the argument). After observing Kael for a few seconds, she nodded. And when she spoke, her voice came in a low whisper. "Raina's a lot of things, but she's not a idiot like everyone thinks she is. If she thinks something's happening between you two, something probably is." Her whimsical expression hardened and the smile dropped from her lips. "You know, if you do anything to hurt her, I'll cut your fingers off."

"Margot," Maeve snapped, emerging from the fray as Raina giggled behind her. The only sign of their scuffle was Maeve's hair, strands flying away and sticking up around her face, and Raina's ears, which were bright red. "To make myself clear, before both of you jumped to conclusions, I punched him in the face the first time I met him because he was being an obnoxious asshole."

"Ooh. Sexual tension."

"Raina Maddox, I will cut off your tongue." Maeve's cheeks were unnaturally red and she cursed, glancing away from Kael and taking a quick second to push them back to their natural color. If anyone else had made the accusation, she would have been as stoic and reserved as ever. But, of course, her sisters always brought out the softer and sillier side of her.

Damn them.

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((soooo sorry for the delay!!! i'm probably going to be online a little sporadically until i manage to sort out my school life XD urgh i just can't even i need to finish a 4000 word essay by wednesday and it's literally the worst D': on a better note though, i love love love the sisters interacting!!!!))

Kael was having trouble suppressing a grin as he watched the scene unfold. He had never had such an open and carefree relationship with any of his siblings, and he had never been especially close to them, either (mostly due to the age difference, and their upbringing), so this was an amusing and interesting encounter for him.

"I wouldn't worry about me hurting her," he told Margot, "since she's more than capable of taking care of herself. Besides, she scares the hell out of me half the time, if I'm honest." he added jokingly. "My nose still hurts every time I think of that punch." he shot a smile at Maeve, deciding to ignore the comment about the sexual tension. The more he was around her, the more he was seeing how many layers Maeve had - and he was becoming increasingly attracted to her. Which was very bad. And besides, he could definitely not just forget about the time they had apparently tried to out-seduce each other.

It still made his heart rate increase when he thought about it.

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jade (juliaskim) | 278 comments ((it's fine!! i'm sorry, that sounds terrible :( but i get you, school just started & college apps are happening so i'm living in the calm before the storm atm xD thank you!!))

Maeve could've sworn her heart dropped when Kael shot her a small, genuine smile. Raina nudged her knowingly, wiggling her eyebrows - it was so annoying, how her sisters could read every shift in facial expressions and know exactly what they meant. "Damn straight I do and damn straight it should," she settled on saying, returning his smile with her own, just to show that she was only playing along. Margot rolled her eyes ("you tell Raina not to swear - Hark, who's talking") but smiled at Kael's comment, knowing full well that there was 100% truth behind his words.

The atmosphere from the previous scuffle settled as a companionable silence fell among them. That is, until Margot's smile slipped off her face as she realized what, exactly, Maeve had confessed and Kael had confirmed. Maeve realized the exact moment Margot's expression turned from cheer to fury; she exchanged a panicked glance with Raina before darting behind her, then Kael.

"Take cover," Raina warned in a sing-song type way as Margot lunged.

"You punched the Crown Prince?" she shrieked, balling her fists and lunging again. Raina covered her ears, grinning widely as Maeve gave Kael a half mischievous, half please-don't-kill-me-for-this-because-she-won't-hurt-you kind of look before gripping his shoulders and maneuvering him into Margot's line of attack. True to her look, Margot skidded to a stop, giving Maeve a baleful glare over Kael's shoulder. "Foul play! You know I'm not going to hit him."

Maeve peered over Kael's shoulder, sticking her tongue out at her sister rather childishly. "Why not? I did."

"Maeve Maddox!"

Raina grinned, stepping out and assuming an air that felt akin to a referee observing foul play. "Maeve, you know hiding behind the prince is cowardly. Come out and take it like a woman!" She laughed as Maeve pouted, before Raina turned to Kael. "If you thought Maeve punched hard, Margot's would feel like death. Blame our dad, and Maeve. She got training from both of them."

"The grasshopper surpasses the master," Maeve confirmed with a large grin but stayed safely behind Kael, giving Margot a teasing grin. She was only doing it to rile her up; she had gotten into enough fights to take one of Margot's rarely used hits. But she enjoyed coaxing her sister out of her usually shy and quiet shell, even if it meant infuriating her a bit more than she usually did.

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