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message 1: by Rells (new)

Rells (gingerwolfie) i just found my history teacher is making me do SUMMER HW!! like no. NO!!!!

Bluewaterstorm ~ Skeletons ~  Evil and Sassy Girl ~ For a reason ~ To be known as a Legend ~ | 79 comments Mod
The worst thing, intruding on the holidays. I mean isn't the holidays meant to be for relaxing and taking a break from school?????

The Mad Hatter ~I'd rather have my kingdom fall than lose you to hatred's call~ (darkhatter) | 43 comments Mod
YES!!! *points finger at BlueWaterStorm* SHE GETS IT! YOU'RE RIGHT!

message 4: by Rells (new)

Rells (gingerwolfie) Omg agreed!!!!!!!

message 5: by Nicolina (new)

Nicolina | 31 comments Lol I know JUST the feeling! I have to finish a packet of Qs for 6 DIFFERENT CHAPTERS in history and 2 books to read for English! Oh and let's not forget the essays for both

message 6: by Nicolina (new)

Nicolina | 31 comments Also, Ariella, u JUST found out? Isn't summer break almost over...?

message 7: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) Ugh. I swear teachers meet up when school's over and arrange to give everyone homework and assignments and exams at the EXACT SAME TIME! I have a Music performance to practice, a Music composition to write, an Elective History project to complete, a Maths exam to story for, a Tournament Of Minds problem to sort out, a Geography assignment to complete and a whole lot of Maths homework to catch up on. *bangs head on desk* Why, teachers? Why?

Bluewaterstorm ~ Skeletons ~  Evil and Sassy Girl ~ For a reason ~ To be known as a Legend ~ | 79 comments Mod
I have a Music Assignment, a 30sec History Presentation on Samuel Morse who created morse code as well as the telegraph. And just handed in a sport assignment that was due in term 2. So yea.......... why do the bombard us with this monstrous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 9: by Rells (new)

Rells (gingerwolfie) When the teacher gives you a glare for laughing. Like, excuse me, no.

Bluewaterstorm ~ Skeletons ~  Evil and Sassy Girl ~ For a reason ~ To be known as a Legend ~ | 79 comments Mod
OMG how true is that!!!!
Happened to me today. Was meant to be reading the book The Outsiders but a friend of mine walked outside of the room and started reading aloud and I started laughing so much It was so funny! Then the teacher glared at me.

message 11: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) That happened to me too!!! My friend was talking about a movie and she made a really funny expression to describe one of the characters and we started laughing. Then, another teacher walked in and immediately glared at us. Like, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!??

Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 22 comments I just dislike some of my teachers. One time I left my book in my last hour and asked my teacher if I could go get it. She was all like, "do you want a tardy," and gave me this look. I was like "no" she was all mean and then said "fine go get it." WHY GO THROUGH ALL THAT? I didn't really need to read it but my book had a paper in it that I was dead if anyone read it, especially my teachers...

message 13: by Shay (last edited Jul 30, 2016 10:22PM) (new)

Shay (shayreader) I don't understand why teachers pile homework on the students when we already have too many classes with too much homework! What exactly is the point?

message 14: by Shay (new)

Shay (shayreader) Empress_Of_Books wrote: "My mum is pretty awesome though. Her class was doing a unit on poetry and she let them listen to "appropriate" bits of rap songs and explained the similarities."

That's fun. I love poetry! My music classes are the only ones where I don't do much h.w, but music is still what I'm good at.

Ravenpaw/claw~Raise a Glass to Freedom (ravenpawclaw) | 22 comments Is it just me or does anyone else wish we could just have a hang out camp/school thing over holidays, summer especially? Cause I am dying of not seeing my 'love'

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