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message 1: by DelilahW (new)

DelilahW (delilahwilson) | 5 comments Does anyone have a good Western themed Bodice Ripper they could suggest? I've read Sweet Savage Love and its sequels already.

message 2: by KatieV (new)

KatieV | 112 comments Mountain Mistress by Nadine Crenshaw
Golden Fancy by Jennifer Blake

message 3: by Deb (new)

Deb Stover (debstover) | 2 comments Rebecca Brandewyne Rebecca Brandewyne wrote some good historical romance westerns that would fall into this category. There's a list here on Facebook. My No Place For A Lady might appeal. It was first published in paperback and hardcover in 2001 by Zebra. I think you already have Rebecca Hagan's books on this list. A lot of these historicals are still on my keeper shelf.

message 4: by Sharon (new)

Sharon (sharjonm) | 193 comments Jeanne Williams A Lady Bought With Rifles I thinks there's a discussion here on the site.

message 5: by Sahara (last edited Aug 04, 2016 09:45PM) (new)

Sahara (reviewerofallthingsromantic) | 1 comments Linda Howard's The Touch of Fire. She has other westerns

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate | 34 comments I second the Rebecca brandewyne comment. Love, cherish me remains one of my favorites

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