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message 1: by T. (new)

T. Kozumplik | 3 comments Hello All,

I'm new to the group. I'd love to hear your feedback on two of my poems

colours running in the rain
see our tears were just painted on
do not mend the levy
I'd rather live in Atlantis
our ship is waiting
weighing shadows

painted in rain
inside the shell
a song is being sung
I have stolen horses
let's race the planes
such horses
are too beautiful not to fly


A storm of horses adorned with tears
the breath of Northern seas
the eye-rolling fates
this permanent twilight
of smothering snow
of glaring reflections
winter's teeth are left hanging on the eaves
icy fangs
froth frozen
stars too far to melt
thorns guarding no flowers
wolves lullaby the moon
life is so long
sit by the fire
gently fall to sleep

Best wishes,

T. Kozumplik

Clarissa Simmens | 64 comments Hi TK,

I'm not the spokesperson for this group, and I don't think it's been very active, but just wanted you to know that I like your poetry immensely. The imagery is original and graphic. Some of the lines are memorable such as "wolves lullaby the moon." A lot of us have poetry blogs on Wordpress (free) and I eventually publish on Amazon Kindle and Create Space when I have collected enough poems that I like. Absolutely continue writing poetry! (Clarissa)

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan Langer (susanlanger) | 3 comments Very deep and moving poem.

message 4: by Michele (new)

Michele | 106 comments Thank you, TK. Vivid images. Lovely poems.

message 5: by Laura (last edited Mar 25, 2020 04:22AM) (new)

Laura Crean | 246 comments Mod
I do apologise - I have forgotten to keep an eye on here - the real world takes over and I focus on life routine. I know it's actually been years!!!!! However - just read these poems and I thought they were so beautiful. I find them to be dreamy, romantic and just my style - fantastical, pretty and leading one on a journey to another dimension. The rhythm and flow is also just lovely. Beautiful. Just my sort of thing, I must say. <3

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