Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)
Chamber of Secrets

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Yesy (The Book Vagrant) (thebookvagrant) Got something you wanna get off your chest about Chamber of Secrets? Maybe how Hagrid has managed to live such a long life even though he loves creatures THAT CAN KILL YOU? Maybe you have a better use for the Polyjuice Potion? Discuss it all here!

Brianna | 11 comments Am I the only one who never wondered just how Hagrid managed to stay alive this long? Lol that's a great point!

message 3: by Aylin (new)

Aylin | 2 comments These are just random thoughts I had rereading this:

Harry is calling Draco his archenemy only to mention Voldemort a few sentences later. This really puts rivalry among children into perspective. I love how Harry is in doubt of how good of a person he really is, and that repeats itself in the fifth book too. This really adds to his character.

I also like how Ginny wants to admit to Harry and Ron that she is responsible. Then she is interrupted by Percy who is secretly going out with Penelope Clearwater and is anxious to make it official. So indirectly Percy is responsible for the abduction of Ginny into the Chamber of secrets.

Professor Binns is just hilarious and such a scientific man. What really stands out to me is the 'subcommittee of sardinian sorcerers'. I would really enjoy him in the movies. Also how does he touch his notes?

PS: How do the Hogwarts 'Out of Order' signs look (as it is mentioned in 'The Writing on the Wall' chapter)?

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