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Esmerelda sat in a tree in a fruit orchid. She swung her legs over the branch she sat on and smiled as the sun fell on her face through the tree canopy. She was in a normal farmer girl's dress so that no one would recognise her as a royal. She loved the thrill of running away from the castle. And stealing fruit from an orchid was even more rebelious. Her mother said it was dangerous because apart from being amoung 'commoners' The Fae Kingdom was a central hub for merchants and travelers from all the realms to come to. Elves, trolls, faerie and other mythical creatures mingled and the chances of her getting kidnapped were aparrently 'extremely high'. She bit into a peach she pulled from the branches and sighed as the sweet juice ran down her throat "This is the life" she said out aloud, sure she was alone.

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Empress_Of_Books wrote: "Yassssssss! Fae Kingdom!"

Ikr? But theres no one to role play with :'(

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I know this is a fae kingdom but I'll roleplay my mermaid with you:-)

Aquamarine couldn't be around her family any longer and that's why she'd left. The sea seemed to choke her and her family's expectations were bottomless. So she'd run away. Her tail would transform to legs if she was on land. So she'd surfaced and simply walked away from the mer-kingdom. The only problem was every night at sunset her tail would come back. She had to find water before it did. It was midday when she passed a gorgeous fruit orchard. There was a whimsical girl sitting in the tree. She was he first person Aquamarine had seen in the three days she'd been on the run so she yelled out a friendly greeting.

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((Aww really! You're so sweet! Thankyou ^-^))

Esmerelda turned her head at the friendly voice and looked at the girl that approached. She knew all creatures like the back of her hand having studied them for her 'future ruler training'. It took her one look at the goregeous hair and perfect complextiom of the girl to tell it was a mermaid. She waved to the girl with a bright smile on her face "Lovely day isn't it?" she yelled back before moving down a few branches to become better visible to her.

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"Beautiful! I'm Aquamarine," she said cheerily as she approached the friendly girl in the tree, guessing she was probably a fairy. She noticed another girl coming towards her and waved.

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Esmerelda gracefully jumped down from the tree and landed softly on the ground. She greeted the girl with a beaming smile "Esmerelda, nice to meet you" she replied before offering her a peach from the deep pockets of her skirt "They're really sweet, try one". She smiled at Aquamarine "So what brings a mermaid like yourself to the fae kingdom?" She asked curiously.

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Aquamarine gratefully took the peach and bit into the sweet center. 'I ran away," Aquamarine said quit simply. "I decoded to come here because I've always wanted to see magic!! Do you have any powers? Mine are only dumb things," Aquamarine asked hopefully.

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I'm aquamarine motioned for the girl to join her and Esmerelda's conversation.

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Esmerelda waved to the faerie approaching, instantly recognising her as a noble, but decided to say nothing if it. She looked to Aquamarine and humbly looked at the peach in her hands "I don't have any really amazing powers" she replied meekly. She was pretending to be just a mere farmer girl, not the true blood she was so she refrained from showing her powers

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Esmerelda waited till Aquamarine wasn't looking at her and gave Ariana a mischievious nod but then put a finger to her lips to tell Ariana not to tel Aquamarine.

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I'm Aquamarine naively gushed about magic. "Oh I love magic!! *sigh* the only magic I have is my mood based color changing nails," Aquamarine continued to ramble on about seemingly meaningless stuff, trusting the two faeries way to quickly.

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Esmerelda moved to Ariana's side and leaned into her ear "Nice to see a noble such as yourself here aswell" she smiled. At this proximity it would have been easy for Ariana to recognise her. Even without her crown she still had the aura of royalty Her ever-changing spectrum of eye colour and caramel reddish brown hair were also characteristics of a true blood that would also have been a dead giveaway.

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Aquamarine shot a confused look between Ariana and Esmerelda. Was she missing something?

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Esmerelda smiled warmly at Aquamarine "So you were saying you ran away?" she asked in genuine curiosity " Why would you run away from home?". She felt that as a royal it was her duty to make sure Aquamarine wasn't in any deep troubke and that she was running from it.

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Aquamarine was unsure whether she should share her royal identity with the two girls. She decided it wouldn't do any harm. "I'm a princess', she said breathing a sigh of relief. It was all out in the open now. "My parents were very strict and I just wanted to feel normal. I couldn't do that underwater because my father controls the whole ocean so I became a normal human," she said shyly.

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Esmerelda was surprised about how much they both had in common. She opened her mouth to receal her identity, but then hesitated. She was a bit hesitant about trusting someone she just met "Wow, jealous!" she smiled "I'm just a regular farming girl. My parents own the orchid". She felt horrible telling a fib, but that was the one condition het mother set on her freedom. And she valued it far to much to break her promise "The workers here get so mad when they find me eating the peaches" she grinned rebeliously. That part was the truth.

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Aquamarine smiled at Esmerelda. "Is there any water around her," she asked uncomfortably. Not sure if she should reveal why she was asking.

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Esmerelda nodded and pointed in the direction of the fence that bordered the orchid "There's a stream not far from here. Its where the farmers get their water from for the orchid". She smoothed her simple dress and looked at Aquamarine with a smile "Come, I'll show you the way" she added before looking to Ariana and gesturing "You should come too!" she added befire hesitating "If you're not busy, of course"

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"Alright," Aquamarine said hesitantl. She'd just be super careful one drop of water means hello tail goodbye legs.

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Esmerelda hooked her arms in theirs enthusiastically "Ooh this is exciting!" she beamed as she lead them toward the river "I've never really hung out with friends before". It was the truth. She never had anyone her age to talk to in the palace, and outside among the other Fae, she looked too unapproachable. There was a small spring in her step as her bare feet brushed against the soft meadow grass

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Aquamarine smiled at Esmerelda. This was the first time she'd hung out with friends too.

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